[] Chillheart Devotee - DW Caster Chillwhisper/Proc Infiltrator - 6min [c+][sr+][g3][vid]

I’ll update this post later with some formatting/screenshots… going to do yard work (I’ve already spent too much time on the computer this morning lol)

The build leverages chillwhispers dual cold skills, infiltrators cold rr/support, some creative conversion, and x3 tier 3 damaging devotions.
You very squishy outside of seal, and in sr sometimes you will get exploded even while in seal. Watch in the video below as I almost kill myself on 160 by jumping at moosi/leaving my seal.


5:48 crucible - https://plays.tv/s/MIrQGBaudap6
good spawns throughout the run and great mutators for 160-170.
all items were high rolled for oa%/conversion and crafted with %armor bonuses where able.


Interesting bit of variety on the devotion path, which is fun to see. It makes those legit Blade Spirits work hard, as well.


I think that devotion path is fun but is bringing your build down survivability-wise and I am not sure if it does more ramage then classic Ultos/Amatok/full or partial DG route. That Chillheart sword is also eating away from your survivability and damage imo. I think 19% cdr will outweigh the conversions for devotions.

This is not quite accurate. I have tested other setups… the dw version is pretty much equal to full dg/ultos/amatok caster/book (grasp of the dead for x3 spirits) so I went with the version with the cool non-standard devotion route and the un-orthodox setup. They kill the dummy within .5 to 1 second of each other… honestly that probably means the dw version is better because it is cancer to try to use pet attack on dummy kill times with arcane currents. 1/book with the proc setup is about 2-3 seconds slower.

dw setup nets me more phys res as well as 1 extra point in censure and inq seal… ie more flat aborb and %dr

But if it’s equal doesn’t it mean than it’s also safer? Because of lower Seal cd, lower Ghoul cd etc

yes, but taking ghoul would mean making it a little bit slower. I tested full offensive devotion route when focusing on dg/amatok/ultos. And oddly enough I felt like the book version had energy problems? But the dw never felt that way. Probably due to higher cast speed on chill spikes

although in practice im sure the 3rd blade spirit helps a lot with sustain as well… and as you said cdr for seal re position is huge. And the cdr probably would help the aoe in crucible, but the procs do pretty solid work there. CD goes from 1.8sec to 1.5 sec on RoH with 19% roll on book

Call me old-fashioned but I always preffered CDR from caster’s off-hand in my caster builds. Mana problem can also be solved with some augments re-shuffle I think.

I definitely enjoy different approaches. It’s one of the many reasons why I enjoy grim dawn so much.

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Long over due but hopefully tomorrow I will be updating this post (relevant since chillwhisper, chillspikes, and aom were nerfed a bit)