[] Cold PRM Mage Hunter


Panetti is nice skill,which got buffed and open possibility to create decent build around it.Mad_lee has created great lightning one and ya aether version.Overall they are lot better than cold.Lighnting can use Invoker set and in aether build all elemental is converted via the medal.I found only one cold version,so i like to present my own.There are number of problems for cold PRM.Lack of Dps,low OA,no procs and worse sustain than lightning.So i try to fix these specifics,but my build also have some problems like shortage of skill points.

Some items are standard for PRM build,Eastern set is here for massive OA.Rings for their great proc(weapon damage for sustain too),medal for OA,racial damage,belt +1 to both classes,boots to cover resistances.

All types of RR and Seeker for extra aoe damage.


I clear Gladiator 150-170 for 10 minutes,but my times are way slower than top players,so this build has potential to do it under 8 minutes for sure.Overall piloting is not that hard.Seal+Sphere+Heal+Mirror and life steal on top.



Idk my levelling is optimal.Start with OFF and Fireblast form component(upgrade to greater later) up to level 60.Respec to Easter set combine wit TSS and Ice rune.At level 94 current setup.Devotion rush to get elemental storm-quil,hawk and purple point.Later is optional.Aura of censure is good for trash clearing,so i take it early-28 level i reached it

Overall pannetis are not best being served cold,but not that bad considering no end game set is used.This build is not even min maxed to perfection and i have low rolls on cast speed and still is easy to finish Gladiator.Pics are from campaign with buffs,withouss procs.


I changed the build via suggestions and cut around 1 minute off the time.Use Dying God and Amatok.Rings are Invoker burning hand and Band of eternal haunt.You can use Ice and Fire instead of Inovker one.OA and proc compensate for lost points in distortion,but i need casting speed.Thanks to all for helping me improving this build.

New youtube-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wssKWWIyaF8&t=7s
new grimtools-https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jw8o0V



  • permanent buffs

GT :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aEDpx2

Changed quite some stuff. Still not very fast in Crucible. Fastest run was 8.10 which is slow for Arcanist build. Cold caster is not super convinient and Nemesis like Moose or Zantarin need like 20 sec to drop dead.

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Nice build. And thanks for throwing in a reference. Two points of feedback:

  1. Im not sure how good Seekers are here with only about 40% dmg being cold… Amatok could get you more oa (DG), da (Tower) or sustain (Bat) from other devotions.

  2. Hardcapping base node and proliferation is priority and imo is even worth dropping Ignaffar relic.

This should be faster maybe: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2Jzzn72

I don’t know if you saw it but there was a discussion about cold panetti there.

Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire may be better ? Twice the chance to proc and better stats.

Here’s what I did with Cold Panetti but for Campaign (I don’t play crucible). Good enough to facetank Lokarr: grimtool

Hi, yes an interesting take on the concept. It’s always good to see different ideas of devotion paths and equpment selections.

There was a cold panetti thread discussion on this with various ideas. If you don’t mind, I’ll attach it here as your build will probably be the only recent cold panetti in the registry. It’s good for ideas.

Nah, Reign is only good for runes. I don’t especially like op’s choice of rings since there’s little output for all that flat but they’re ok. Invoker rings with their skill bonuses might still be worth testing. PRM is all about ultimate ranks. Below certain threshold it’s shite. But EB with their proc add a tiny bit of sustain, too, so there’s that.

As for the medal, a Wendigo Eye of Readiness would do supergood in op’s setup.

Nice build

Did you try Blizzard proc over Elemental Seeker?

Hey, thanks for giving my guide a shout out.

Few advices:

  1. Amatok with that amount of cooldown reduction is an absolute must. Overall you can try and squeeze in Ultos + Amatok + Dying God
  2. I would go for a Band of Eternal Haunt + some other ring, maybe Ice and Fire (both craftable too) since cold damage absolutely needs that extra RR for enemies like Kuba or Moosie or Zantarin in Crucible
  3. Hard capping main skill is an absolute must. Hard cap 2nd and 4th nod if you have a chance. Iskandra’s relic is just great for that matter.

Otherwise, good guide!

Thanks for advices guys.I picked rings for great proc,but i can try reign of fire+band of eternal haunt.For devotion i am aware of the route taking Dying God,Ultos and Amatok,but i want to try for this build Sage-good nodes and proc.For medal eye is great,cause the DA debuff stacks with Storm Box too,but i dont want to use mi items.I am interested in creating other builds,but i am going to try different devotions,rings and Iskandra relic and compare results.

This is what I’m aiming for: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWkkbLV

PRM feels unusable without the Harp proc to me, occasionally running out of energy with potion on cooldown without it and it helps with cc resist.

Missing quite a few mythical pieces including the helmet so won’t give it a try in crucible just yet. Maybe completing the blue set isn’t a bad idea since the bonus to lightning is still decent and the proc doesn’t look too bad, + some physical resist…

Yes,nice setup but i dont know why are you needing Harp.With 60 energy regen in main game and early waves on Cruci i barely have mana problems,absorb from spells and energy leech are enough.I will try setup with Dying God,hard cap 4th node of PRM also.For helmet non mythical Spellgaze can be crafted also.Rimetongue is better for chest,i think-conversion and huge OA.[

Hey Nery, you could give something like this a try: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqyyL5Z

If you can get the boots and medal it might be decent.

just here to +1 this. I don’t think seeker route does you much good here given lack of lightning/fire rr and low % damage, though they always look sweet :smiley: I run ultos/amatok/dg/ghoul + rr devos on mine. I use eternal haunt cause I think it’s a must and reign of ice n fire, because wtf else are you gonna use :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes,I will try definitely that.Sadly I don’t have access to PC,so i will update this build next week.What’s your opinion about weapon components/augments.

There is also the Invoker’s pair of rings:

  • +6 to applicable skills,
  • another few % cast speed,
  • energy boost/s,
  • better resist selecton imho,
  • another 120% cold damage and ~200+% more lit damage (which still is a significant portion)

I haven’t done the exact numbers but my gut tells me that it’ll be close to the benefit of Haunt’s 10% RR +RoF&I. The Panetti conversion is at the skill level so the ring conversions have no significant impact.

But if you use both rings and Iskandra relic tho build will lack rr.Maybe the ring with bonus to Distortion and Haunt with double Seal of night and Creed cunning to compensate for lost OA.Combine with Arcanust relic PRM will be hardcapped,same for proliferation and distortion at level 18.OA will be around 3k

The pair gains ~100% to cold which maybe works out to a 5% damage increase and eternal haunt does +10% (when RR is active…and it has a 6s cd and the spread isn’t instant + it is a proximity spread)

But the increase due to skills of the 2 middle nodes of panetti means more aether, more fire(pre-convert), more crit%, more elemental %

and then you get some 200% lit bonus for the unconverted 70%

Hmm,I choose devotion map(have to level DG),but rings are still undecided.For PRM boost to node there is completion bonus from relic,too.

This is probably the best combo. I was thinking that the pair has +100% cold but in fact % is about even. Supercharged doesn’t make enough difference.

You could also gain +1 more to distortion with an Arcanist’s Wendigo MI.

I respecc my character,devotions,relic with bonus to Distortion and added second seal of night.DPS increased to around 83k without procs and with all of them 100:rolleyes:Distortion is right now at level 20 and proliferation 22.

Update for the build.Now it’s better-excelent suggestions;),but decide to keep both.