[] Judgment of Doom (Bolt) - Fire Sentinel

[] Judgment of Doom (Bolt) - Fire Sentinel


This a Fire Caster with 3 main damaging abilities:
Doom Bolt (100% Fire and Fire FX),
Sigil of Consumption (75% Fire and Fire FX)
Judgment (100% Fire)

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Details on the build


LMB - Move to
RMB - Stormfire
K1 - Sigil of Consumption (Meteor Shower)
K2 - Curse of Frailty (Eldritch Fire)
K3 - Doom Bolt
K4 - Blood of Dreeg
K5 - Judgment
K6 - Ascension
K7 - Vire’s Might
K8 - Displacement
Note: Guardian of Empyrion (Elemental Storm)

There is a nice combo with this build: Judgment puts all trash enemies together, then Doom Bolt makes them explode.


Amulet + Medal: Fire conversion to Doom Bolt
Weapon: Fire conversion to Sigil of Consumption
Helm: CDR to Doom Bolt
Gloves: Fire conversion to Judgment
Off-Hand: every 20 seconds you get -5 seconds on all skills. This is very strong in this build with DB, Judgment, BoD and Ascension as your main abilities.
Medal: any Bloodsworm Sigil would do the trick as the build is already well capped in resistances and OA/DA. It is dropped by the boss guarding the door before the final boss of act 4.
Other pieces are debatable (Pants and 2nd ring especially). I chose a second Combustion because of the Destruction skill points. Light’s oath is a good alternative.


The obvious RR constellations for fire builds (Solael’s Witchblade and Rhowan’s Crown). And the godly god of godly procs, Meteor Shower. Solemn, Charriot and Giant for defense purposes.


I’ve made 3 attempts at SR 65. No deaths and it went pretty smoothly. SR 75 was a nightmare in the boss stage unfortunately.

Proof of SR 65

This is a solid caster build, greenless (no specific double rare) and visually pleasant to play. I hope you’ll like it! Update: with the new buff on Doom Bolt (cooldown decreased), the build is now even stronger. Update: Aldanar Off-hand has been buffed. Built iz stronk.

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Welcome to the Judgment club!But unlike my build this is with off-hand,Giant’s blood on resilience,smooth.

Stop judging me!

Nice job maxing the overcap on DB. Inventiveness +1

Creative build, I like it.

At last I’ve found something I want to play on my Sentinel.

Have you tried eternity just for the fun of it?

Yes, I thought about it a lot actually, but +1 to all skills and an emergency heal versus 1 second cooldown. For SR purposes, Serenity is the obvious choice. For Campaign and Crucible, maybe there can be a debate.

Also, my first idea was to go Empyrion Off-Hand for a Double Fire Bolt build but the chaos to phys. conversion messes it up unfortunately.

since DB build is rare… is this still good?

This build is even better now. Doom Bolt CD has been decreased 2 patches ago, and the Off-hand received a nice buff in the last patch.

Hmm i wonder how you’d level up this one since it’s based on end game conversion items.

You go Fire Oathkeeper: Vire’s Might (and/or Judgment if I dropped the right MI’s along the way) and Aegis. I’ve leveled all my Oathkeepers like this. Occultist is a nice class to support elemental damage, even without DB and SoC conversions.