[] Krieg CT Spellbinder Gladiator capable

Speaking of pierce,I almost never played ranged,there is beautiful factionpistol,Tactician or Infiltrator with Troll rage?

Yeah I know, never liked it for that either.
I know im weird, but ill manage :o

Stupid dragon have a faction tactician in the AoM compendium under beginner builds. I tried to make a budget ranged build with the new faction gun but I was not happy with it.

I did theory craft this budget build though https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYxbJlZ

blueprint guns and a 3-piece blue set that should be easy to get. Looks pretty strong

Added update to With Arcanist being way better, I wonder about true potential of the build. Any ideas? I summon @x1x1x1x2 who made excellent CT Binder recently for opinion.

UI!!! New build to try.
on my to do list right now:
dervish dw melee
krieg build - but no shield tank
and a fire damage caster

you often write UI, what does that mean? The common usage for UI in computer games is afaik “user interface”

its german :smiley

Interjektion - Ausruf staunender Bewunderung

Interjection - Exclamation of amazed admiration

I study German in school, but is long forgotten :sweat_smile:

Why the blue amulet? Is this one of the budget versions you were doing?

It was initially. I was basically newbie in Grim Dawn end game and didn’t have much gear, so it was posted with items in hand :slight_smile:

But do you think in that state have good potential in Cruci? DPS looks the same as your Agrivix binder.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BpR6jZ - I added agrivix ammy and redistributed excess points. It should be fine in cruci but it’s not gonna be as good since you lose a main proc in Agrivix Malice, tho that can be replaced easily. Also, your RR is also gonna be less effective since that 5pc Krieg bonus scales with weapon damage and the 5 pc skill isn’t always up and has less RR.

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Thanks, appreciated it. I am terrible when it comes to timing skills and Binder is the class, when you need to hit correctly MoT, MoE, Null, Devastation and etc.

Hy Nery! This link is broken http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80822. I really like this description. Would be interested in this beginner build for this description. Thx

Welcome to the forum!

It’s just new forum and the old links are leading to the main page.

EDIT: This build was deleted. @malawiglenn , do you have GT link?

Smart thank you for your help. My question to beginners is what build is recommended. I was watching a Rune of Haggarad Vindicator. How strong is the build now?

I never bothered in updating it for newer patches and for new forum, I have sketch here (not updated for 1.1.4)

Callidor’s Tempest Spellbinder https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZodqMEN (Aether damage) Classic spam caster with Devastation air support and devotions that lowers cooldown. Faction items and two MI’s (one you shop from Hyram). Epic item focused version originally made by @ya1 that I made some changes for FG https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j89jrZ (Uses a set that you can get quick nowadays with set-transmutation). Here is also @Nery 's Krieg set version [] Budget Krieg CT Spellbinder [g2/g3][c+][vid]

@Zynth what do you mean? CT spellbinder for beginners or Rune of Hagarrad Vindicator? Builds strenghts are also relative to the gear you use. If you are wondering what beginner friendly build in general is recommended it is just a matter on what kind of playstyle you prefer IMO you can find many beginner friendly builds with guides here ⚔ Nery's beginner build collection and here ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

Hy Malawiglenn! I just looked at your building RoH Vindicator as a starting building. I have read quite a lot of debates about being weak enough now.

those debates concerns fully geared chars in highest levels of crucible and shattered realm… for leveling and early farming for someone who has basically no previous gear found etc cold rune is still very good. With the gear my char has in the guide here on the forum https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqOQA52 , it can pretty much tank both Lokarr and Gargabol. Do you think that is weak? I’d say its very good for a build with that kind of gear :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a comparison video I made with my old RoH build before and after than “point blank damage nerf” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_VM05PtOBo its Lokarr and Mad Queen in 1.0.7 vs 1.1.0 patches

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All right: D Then I’ll start my first character, Roh Vindicator. Thanks for the help.

if you like cold damage and casters that is a good bet. What is good about Vindicators is that there are like 10 different builds one can do with them. So when you have pushed RoH to its maximum and have found other gear like Light’s defender set, Runebinder set etc you can do something else with it. Note that if you are completely new to the game, you can not blaim the build but only yourself since I have evidence that the build that is presented can do certain bosses in the game in the video in the guide :wink:

Also, if you wanna take the build further, you wanna get more armor and higher inquisitor seal rank.