[] Krieg CT Spellbinder Gladiator capable


Overall Spellbinder is one of the top classes in Grim Dawn.Right now Agrivix Callidor Tempest is the king,but is it possible to build decent build,if you dont have top tier set?Malwiglenn created very good guide for begginers-http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80822
and the next logical step is to try build around Krieg set,because it is easy and fast to obtain it.Of course there are some issues like low cast speed,small regen and small amount of resistances.Still i try to cover the minuses with the items form my shared stash.


weapon,off hand
Code of Lies+Wrath of Ascendant combo is very good.Any aether off hand can do it,for example Vanity is nice.For weapon option is Warpfire.
Rings are flexible.Albrecht duality for conversion and crafted Eternal Haunt seems BiS.Blue Magelord are good too.I use two Albrecht,but i have some problems with rr.Amulet is Callidors Shard for fire to aether,but other blue items like Arcane eclipse and Essence of beronath are good too.Medal is crafted,jut like helmet.
Relic is Haunt.Cheap and usefull,plus spammable skill for rr.
Belt is mythical Cord of violent decay.Non mythical is good too.Pants are hard to be replaced,maybe Barbaros will fit.

Nothing crazy here.Hourglass,Dying god and Spear.Aeon reset mirror,MoT and Devastation

Grim calc

This build can clear fast and reliable Gladiator 100-150.My time is around
20 minutes on 2 buffs.Only hard enemy is Mad Queen.Higher waves are different story.Build have outsanding aoe,but subpar single target damage.Reaper is hardest nemesist.Alex is slow,but with nullification posses no threat,Grava is dangerous,but has small health.Kuba dies quick too.My clear times are slower than top players due to my mediocre skills and lag,My recording is with wrong skill activator for Aoen9forgot about Krieg’s wrath



If you want to play CT build,try Agrivix.Krieg binder can be used to farm Crucilbe on 100-150 for better pieces without random drop set or crazy Mi greens and is decent build

Build is updated for FG.Can do 3 runs in Crucible.Binders are not currently suited for SR.CT damage was nerfed,but buff to Krieg’s Wrath compensate,build is strongr than before



GT :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZodE3kN

Changes in build are minor, invest in overload for OA and aether res, also Bat instead of Fiend for better sustain.

Nice write-up dude! I will include this guide in my “further reading” section :slight_smile:

I think it looks decent-ish and it is nice to show off these “transition builds” for new(er) players

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink:

my version with green faction shoulders is disqualified :wink: lol

We have spoke this, move on.

It should be so easy for you just to modify the “rules” of your thread (that is not even a sticky) “you can use green items from faction vendors” xD

“We have spoken about this” btw

Nice to see another CT binder. But I got some feedback if you don’t mind:

  • the point in Foul Eruption (it does absolutely nothing)
  • overcap of Mental Alacrity (if it’s about energy then put those points in IEE - better returns)
  • off-hand (Reaper is probably the worst choice here, if you really don’t wanna use anything Agrivix then use Codex of Lies for rr, skill cost reduction and cast speed not to mention disruption res and better energy regen)
  • no flat RR (I would rather complete Krieg since you already got 17% adcth but I’m not sure how it would work - would surely be much faster though)
  • double Albrechts (makes little sense if you’re not using Agrivix relic or Eye of the Guardian - pick Eternal Haunt as the second)
  • armor augment choice (you’re prioritizing bleed and acid res overcaps over aether and vitality)
  • relic completion bonus

I made some changes to get more resistance reductions:


Also from a Bugdet perspective, I do like these off-hands that can be shopped from Hyram https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8613
They give some QoL when you dont use caster helm and chest

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. But now it’s got shit core stats… Try Viper and two crossroads instead of Lizard and Jackal but I don’t know…

Also, get rid of that Ectoplasm and use Arcane Spark on the medal. That’s ~50 oa/da and better energy anyway.

I did not do anything about the devos, but yeah you are right

2.9k OA and 2.8k DA is kinda “decent” I guess but not great.

Here is the build with your suggested changes https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrarpjV

Thanks for feedback guys.For sure you changed it for better.In my setup I used double Albrecht not just for conversion,but for oa and ele res.Eternal haunt and Codec of lies will cut clear time.Mental alacrity and jackal improve cast speed.With them and Dying God I reach 199%.My augments can be improved,should use maybe tainted heart.Ya,you are right vitality and aether are most important resistances for Crucible.I like Maw helmet for stats and added armor.Btw I saw your Agrivix binder and Crucible video,really impressive.

Thank you for your contribution.
I use your item set aside from the krieg helm I replaced by: outcast 'secret.
On your video I would like to know which potions you use?
Thank you

Outcast secret it’s definitely the best helm,but it is hard to reach nemesis in campaign and no drop for me in Crucible.I use aetherward oil to deal more damage against aetherials,and courageous tincture in tough waves for bonus DA and armor.I use Royal jelly essence for bonus health and energy.If you have Codex of lies,use it,same for band of eternal haunt,they will improve build offensively.

Update of the build is posted again after the reroll.Build is good in

Nice dude

I will update my even more basic CT spellbinder soon. There were some interesting faction gear in the FG expansion

Sometimes I am bit disappointed,that all the new players want to play with Krieg choosing DK instead of binder,this build is so much fun.It’s good to see update of ypur guide,if you have the time.I am thinking about starting some other budget guide or to update my Ritualist,there are some new items as well.

Perhaps you wanna do a Spellbinder Drain essence build?

gun is faction blueprint, off-hand you can shop from Hyram (vit > aether conversion) , belt is faction blueprint. I have testplayed this and its pretty good but playstyle is identical to Callidor but less energy draining. I also have no krieg version

Interesting and will work with Krieg.Krieg binder with PRM,but that has been done.Krieg Opressor is interesting idea.Probably will try different build.Is pierce BM possibel with faction/budget gear?

Im gonna try this out when I have time.
Was looking for something Spellbinder and this seems to tickle the right spots. Never been a fan of Ravenous Earth though, but i’ll figure something out.

Ravenous Earth is for devotion proc and also Decay decreases all incoming damage.