[] The Tribe Leader - Ludrigan + Invoker Lightning/Electrocute Caster Druid

The Build

With all permanent buff + savagery charges and elemental imbalance.
DPS shown is not important.

Build Feature


  • Insane cruci clear speed
  • Non clunky and enjoyable to play
  • Full spellcaster gameplay
  • Non Trozan druid :stuck_out_tongue:


  • You need to learn to kite
  • Using spear of the heavens, so arches will reduce your damage/leech effectiveness
Build Overview

Ludrigan seems to be forgotten since @ya1 and @John_Smith posted the vindicator version, which all of them said that it’s torturing to play due to totem’s long CD. So here is the druid version! High QoL, having 46% CDR, 2.7 sec CD totem, 1.6 sec CD panetti, and 13.5 CD giant’s blood! BTW, electrocute ticks in dummy is 350k max and dummy kill is 19sec. Pretty good for an AoE spellcaster.

I will not going into much detail here as some of the itemization is quite obvious.

On defense, we have prismatic diamond proc, decent wyrmscale proc, dawnshard’s proc reduced damage, 3.5 sec Giant’s blood downtime, decent 2.2 armor (only 92% absorb though), decent health regen, Mirror of Ereoctes for panic button, and nullification. Use nullification generously for both offense and defense.

Equipment Choices

Try to get maximum CDR, and Craft equipment at Kaylon for stun res or arngrim for +% armor or phys.

Core Items:
Ludrigan’s Pride Set
Invoker’s Will Set
Belt: Mythical Storm Shepherd. [Shaman’s lightning belt that convert Aether to lightning, get as max conversion as possible.]
Relic: Iskandra’s Balance. [Massive relic for elemental Arcanist, get +Star pact as completion bonus]

Supporting Items:
Shoulder: Mythical Dawnshard Pauldrons. [Increase bat’s leech, giving massive Aether res, giving phys res, and reduced damage proc. What’s not to love?]
Gloves: Cindertouch. [Converting some fire to Lightning, giving massive OA, and proc]
Pants: Mythical Legplates of Valor. [Just to cover Res and pretty good defensive pants]
Boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards. [Freshly buff in giving massive stun res. Perfect for storm totem build]
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use rune of Ultos’ Arrival at the moment.


*Lightning focus devo *

Twin Fangs > to Storm Totem
Arcane Bomb > to Aether Corruption
Elemental Storm > to Wind Devil
Hand of Ultos > to Grasping Vines
Giant’s Blood > to whatever permanent buff
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff
Spear of the Heavens > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Savagery
RMB: Point to move
Mouse Scroll Up: Aether Corruption
Mouse Scrool Down: Grasping Vines
Middle Mouse Button: Nullification
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Storm Totem
Keyboard 3: Panetti’s Replicating Missiles
Keyboard 4: Mirror of Ereoctes
Keyboard 5: Wind Devil

Standard procedure:
Summon wind devil, always have 3 active
Scroll Up to spread aether corruption and arcane bomb
Scroll Down to cast continuous Ultos’ thunder
Movement rune in/out.
Set Storm totem around you
Hold Panetti button while mashing savagery and totem button

Ensure enemies to always hit by grasping vines and Aether corruption
Use Nullification generously for offense and defense, particulary for shielded enemy, clustered heroes, madqueen red aura, any hero mage, and nemesis.

Cast Mirror of Ereoctes when you are surrounded by multiple nemesis or when giant’s blood is in cooldown.

Kite if necessary.

Build Performance

For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

6:25 clear time. Yes, this is a NO BANNER run.
The build is consistent around 6:20 to 6:40. Basically never hit 7 minutes mark.

Also worth noting that this spec kill mogdrogen without any drugs. Need to kite skillfully though.

Shattered Realm:
Will be check later, too lazy to climb higher shards

Another build with insane clear speed! Enjoy… :wink:

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Nice job!

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It’s nice as a small nuke and stacking electrocute, but that’s about it. The damage is far below iskandra’s TSS. Storm totem do most of the job though.

I was thinking of making this since the arcanist buffs. Nice job.

Some blind suggestions. Since PRM here is mostly for e-cute, and as a direct dmg nuke is weak, why not give up some ranks especially in Proliferation (to 12/12 where extra projectiles stop coming) or even the first node (which is elemental and gives you more fire than lightning)? So many things you could do with those points here (I’m thinking oa since your crit dmg is so high or maybe health or maxing up Raging Tempest or Tenacity?). I’m not sure but I got the feeling PRM is overinvested here for what it can do.

I was playing Druid with Ludrigan, before it was cool :sweat_smile:

Nice job on this build, 6.25 unbannered is really impressive time!

I think so too. PRM feels really underpowered here.
I am thinking to just softcap main node and Proli and give the rest of points to wind devil.

Is it? You didn’t post it right? Because I have done a search on druid before posting, seems no ludrigan druid posted before.

Thanks btw nery… :wink:

I posted it, but it was deleted during rollback and didn’t repost it, cause it sucks :smile:

Yours though is bossing around Crucible.


Just checked with this change. Clear time is very similar, but the build felt less comfortable and Panetti damage got even more unnoticeable (obviously). So I am gonna stick with this version for now.

How could I miss it, damn!

Great job, Jabrix!

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Thanks madlee.
Druid is an interesting class now that arcanist has become proper. So many things to test.

This is really solid. Druid was the first class I made back in vanilla and I sort of went down the TSS path and abondoned it because I hate that spell. This is much smoother and blasts cruci. Like I feel you can be bad at this game and still clear 7-8 minutes without much problem depending on Nemesis spawns. If the vanilla monster buffs didn’t happen you could probably do it with your eyes closed. Great job.

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Thanks tsurumah! Actually the build is not really easy to play in cruci. Or maybe it’s because of the cruci buff, idk. You need to know when to kite around the enemies while still maintain them in one place due to storm totem.

And yes indeed, as much as I love my iskandra mage Hunter, I actually don’t really like TSS as a skill.