[] The Pride of Ludrigan-Crit Storm Totems Druid, Gladiator 6:20 on average


One of my first builds posted in FG era was Storm Totems Druid, actually build was bad and was deleted during rollback. So this is the new chapter of the history of Ann Droid the Druid. I lack the creativity of making names, hopefully my build is compensating with it’s qualities :sweat_smile:

Oh and I am in a nice groove of creating lightning theme builds . This is my last though, next will be different damage type. But this one is lightning caster powered by big spirit dump.



  • permanent buffs only. DPS is for Savagery

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j3ey0V


Ludrigan set is the key. Also other items boosting totems and spirit.

  • Off hand - Groble effigy for extra totem. These affixes are BiS. Prefix Sandstorm is almost mandatory, suffix isn’t that important.

  • Amulet - Conduit offers defensive stat boost and also gives better up time on totems. Halakor is option but it’s painful experience to keep more than 2-3 totems to be honest. Conduit smooths the gam eplay.

  • Gloves*Shoulders You can use 2 parts Light Defender but they have huge physique requirement. So Cindertouch and regular(non mythical) Dawnshard are selected. Dawnshard proc gives small damage reduction and also physical resistance.

  • Others: Relic, Belt and rings are standard for any lightning Shaman. Pants are defensive ones, Stormcage have better skill bonuses.


5 totems with insane crit damage boost. Also lightning devotion procs powered by high spirit. Stormcaller pact is selected for further damage. I think on 6 totems Star Pact can be useful but here’s Stormcaller should be better. Savagery mainly for stats and sustain, WInd Devils are complimentary damage source and also Panetti for electrocute stacking.


The most important thing is to stay out of trouble. Just avoid nasty debuff pools and ground damage and avoid if possible dangerous mobs attack mechanics. Totemist style allows kiting. Also Bat proc, Ghoul, Wendigo totem, Maiven Prismatic diamond as passive defense. Active is Mirror+Nullification combo.


Build looks squishy on paper but surprisingly if piloted well can almost steam across in Crucible. Very rarely can die. Still Grava is very nasty opponent. Also Maiden can be annoying. Since build have low health, it’s good to avoid heavy hits.

Time is between 5:55 and 6:40, average around 6:20 or so. Here’s video from Gladiator, lucky run of 5:54!


Looks solid, Nery! I would recommend shifting points from Wind Devil to Maelstrom tho! Might be a bit faster.

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holy shit.


P.S: I tried making a ludrigan elementalist using halakor + pyran shoulders + those pants for 22/12 heavy ordnance.

Spec played like it was made of toilet paper.

If kuba so much so as farted at it, it’d just RIP.

EDIT: You should also change the conduit for wind devil mod. I don’t think you need totem mod to maintain the max number of totems.

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Didn’t know that Maelstrom damage scales better than the base skill, thanks for the input.


Actually I tried WD conduit, I couldn’t keep 5 totems all the time, this one is for QoL reasons. But most definitely both Devils Conduit and Halakor are good options.

It doesn’t. But unlike the base skill, damage from multiple maelstroms stack

@nery: Can you do me a favor and try dropping spear for eldritch sun? I feel like a huge portion of your damage is electrocute, and spear doesn’t give any %electrocute.

Eldritch sun? Do you think it’s gonna be good? Could you suggest GT with it.


I literally just dropped spear for eldritch sun :rofl:

Is it going to be good? I don’t know.

Theoretically speaking it should help with totems and maelstrom DoT stacking a lot more than spear.

You also get OA/DA shred, and better adcth.

EDIT: @nery - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b289nLLV

You can also try this with halakor. You should be able to upkeep 1 more totem.

You can use allagast ring to fix resistances too, seeing that you have no aether damage to convert.

Arcanoweave is also a good option now.

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Hmm, I thought it could be faster than my ludriggan Invoker with focused on totem and spirit dump. Turn out you are using stormcaller pact rather than star pact… :thinking: maybe because of less RR?

If you are using star pact, you can easily use halakor ammy for 6th totem though. Because it seems using stormcaller is not making the build much faster.

I discuss that in the topic, with Halakor Star Pact makes sense. But actually build is fast. What’s your time with Invoker+Ludrigan?

6:30 without banner, back in

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What is proc’ing the adcth on this build? I see a ton of adcth on constellations but only thing with weapon dmg is savagery. What am I missing?

Weapon damage on procs, you can leech through them too. Like Ultos devotion for example.

I was just thinking maybe skeletons too?

edit: oh, no weapon dmg on them

They wont benefit from life steal or WD though. But your best friend as caster is usually bat. And absorb…

Whats your opinion about your build in

It still should be strong.

New amulet have to be picked though. Conduit is doing great job for resistances, so random affixes Shaman one will be good. For offense though Halkaor is BiS offensively. Other than don’t think anything’s changed.

What is this?


Yeah, I know. Storm totems conduit was repurposed for aether totems. So now is no good here.

God… I mean Zantai, works in mysterious ways

Allagast Storm box and Totem Vindicator?

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I don’t think it’s posted but saw Aether Totems/Wind Devils/RE Ritualist. :astonished: