[] Indra – Cyclone Shieldbreaker, God of Thunder. Crucible 5:40. [c+] [sr+] [vid] [g3]

Glad to help!
And sorry if I accidentally drowned you in information… you just caught me a little off guard with your question :smile:

This build looks really good so amazing job. I’m just curious though, can it handle some of the celestials?

Hi @FCHatred – thank you, and welcome to the forum!

Honestly, I have no idea if this build can beat celestials, since I never tried…

Before I consider testing this I will have to see how badly the Cyclone set gets nerfed in the Hotfix that was announced to probably come down this week :confused:

If the build survives well enough, though, I will definitely check out good ol’ Ravager & Co & let you know how he handled them!


Ah, I see. I decided to go ahead and make it seeing I had all the pieces. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get nerfed too bad or else I’m going to be a tad bit upset haha. I guess I should finish leveling up and enjoying the brokenness as much as I can. Once again thanks for the guide!

Yeah, +1 to this…

A friend of mine once had a build nerfed literally 20mins after he put it together, he practically went through the roof :smile:

Eye of Reckoning builds have already survived 1-2 rounds of nerfs already, however, so… here’s hoping!

Patch notes just dropped and was wondering at first glance how much this will effect the build? I’m still new to Grim Dawn, so I can’t really tell myself.

Well, we lost 5% resist reduction on the mines, some lightning damage on Canister Bomb and ~2% physical resist, which is actually quite a moderate nerf all things considered :slight_smile:

I tested it only once in crucible afterwards (~6:10 without being properly warmed up), but I think it is defnitely still a tier 1 build. Maybe it lost some of its god-tier status, but those ranks never hold the same build for a long time anyways :wink:

I’ll do some more testing this weekend to see if the BiS setup might have changed a bit with the patch, but I think you can very safely still stick with the current one for now and be absolutely fine.

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Grim tools is down and I forgot to save the build unfortunately. Is there anyway you could list what skills to tie to the devotions?

Hello Cinder can you upload a savegame (gdc) of this perhaps, so we can load this up on an offline version of grimtools calc? TIA

Grim tools will be down until after nextweek Sunday, so that’s far off.

As far as I remember (Cinder do correct me if I’m wrong):

BWC -> Time Dilation
Canister Bomb -> Arcane Bomb
EoR -> Flame Torrent
Thermite Mines -> Ultos

(and then Ghoulish Hunger and Spear can be bound to whatever toggles of your choice)

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Of course! I’ll try to get it up during the next few hours. However, I have one thing to note:

Whilst Sparkly is definitely correct here, I must admit that I somewhat changed the devotion setup after testing the new changes coming with Hotfix (and not just the devotion setup, to be brutally honest).

The grimtools blueprint I’m going to upload will thus contain said new version of the build. Be sure to check it out if you’re curious! I think I managed to rebuild some of the power it lost with the patch (it does crucible 170 in ~5:50 with the new conservative, ~5:40 with the new aggressive setup).


Thank you, can’t wait :smiley: Update

The text below will also be added to the OP for ease of access.

New GT: The online version of grimtools is currently not available. To view the build, please download the offline version of GT from here: Grimtools...what happened

And then the build’s player.gdc file from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qWEzDatmTg8eAvvazAwbpHPdTwAdE2ix/view?usp=sharing

Be sure to change your skill activation order with the new setup so that Canister Bomb comes last! It now has Time Dilation bound to it. Also use Aether corruption more generously, since it now procs Ultos.

How-To: GT offline

After opening the gd-calc.exe, you can simply click on ‘File’ (top left corner) and then on ‘Load character from save file…’ to access the build’s player.gdc.

(Note: The offline GT is only updated to Grim Dawn v., so some of the values on display may be incorrect. The overall setup, however, remains the same.)

What changed?

Click me if curious


  • Mythical Legplates of Valor > Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings

  • Runebound Topaz component (rings) & Tainted Heart (Medal) > Bloodied Crystal

    • Since the Crystals got buffed in the Hotfix, this option gives us more damage, more DA and some very useful Skill Disruption Protection in exchange for a little bit of life.
  • Haunted Steel > Seal of Blades: due to a more refined devotion setup, we can sacrifice a little bit of AdctH for more armor, resists & DA

  • Changed some Augments to optimise resists & stuff; swapped Movement Rune to Rahn’s for more DoT.


  • Moved points from Improve Casing to Blackwater Cocktail and Blast Shield for better damage returns & defense.


  • Exchanged Hound, Scholar’s Light and Fiend for Imp & Bat (conservative setup). Imp gives the damage, Bat survivability.

Alternative, more offensive setup (gain in Crucible clear time: ~10-15 seconds):

Click me if greedy
  • Swap Bat devotion to Fiend, Seal of Blades component to Haunted Steel to counteract the loss in AdctH & possibly adjust your Augment setup to max your resists again.
  • Whilst this setup can still be fairly consistent in Crucible, I do not recomment to use it in the SR.

Possible changes for even more survivability in SR:

Click me if frustrated
  • you can try to use the conservative setup provided in the GT but also swap Seal of Blades for Haunted Steel (again, make sure your augments max your resists if you do this!). Then try to activate Bloodthirster whenever Ascension is about to go out.
  • HOWEVER, a more careful playstile always trumps slight build changes like this when it comes to survival! Try to never fight more than one boss at a time; always keep on the move to avoid ground effects (moving in circles around an enemy is a good option most of the time) and try not to spam your Mines, BWC & Canister all at once (whilst it ensures more dmg is dealt, EoR is your main heal and might be disrupted by this for too long).

Credits to:

  • x1x1x1x2 & mad_lee for their feedback.
  • Ya1 & Shoot2033 for min/maxing their Cyclone Sorcerers/Elementalists to absolute madness; they strongly influenced e.g. the new skill/devotion setup.
  • BloodGolem for pointing out a workaround for the current Grimtools-problems. I didn’t even know there was an offline version of GT before now…
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So – I guess the build is officially still broken?

https://youtu.be/I15ZLC9wKXw (Crucible 5:40)

(Done with the aggressive Imp/Fiend setup described in my update)

All right. After a few quick tests I managed to beat Mogdrogen pretty easily (downed a lot of potions though of course):

(actually my very first time killing the guy – :grava_yes:)

I also tried Ravager of Minds and Callagadra but died against them pretty quickly, probably because my resists didn’t even come close to being enough (in contrast to my lightning res which was obviously quite sufficient for Mogdrogen).

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now to adjust my gear/components for a safer second attempt at either, but if you want to try them out yourself, go for it! I’d suggest you go to the grimtools monster database (currently offline with the rest of GT unfortunately) and look up your target’s damage types (just scroll through their attacks). Then adjust your gear/components/augments to reach at least 60% overcap for each one that’s relevant.

If anyone does manage to beat Calla/Ravager, please, tell me! I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:

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The shift from other devotion to Twin Fangs tied to EOR helped my low level character immensely with its ADCTH. Level 80 now, and will further test some things out. I appreciate for updating the guide Cinder.

Yeah… I actually debated binding Arcane Bomb to EoR instead because it technically provides more consistent RR, but with Bat it’s just so much more comfortable to play :slight_smile:

Glad you like it!

So I’ve been playing this build for the past 2-3 days and it’s honestly amazing. The single target is pretty crazy especially with how good the AoE is. I tried Mogdrogen earlier and ravager, got Mog down to half before I messed up and Ravager of Souls just kills me in 2-3 hits but, I’m sure this build could do it with some tinkering to specifically do those fights.

For anyone leveling this build, I’d advise following Malawiglenn’s Skatebreaker leveling build. I started with demo and got to level 45 in a few hours but, after that on Elite, I could not kill anything. Switching over to Mal’s build up until 94 was the right decision and makes things so much faster, so don’t make the same mistake I made.

So once again thanks for the awesome build Cinder! Works flawlessly!

Killed Lokarr with ease with this build. Where did you get the Rune of Rahn’s Might from? Elite diff or Ultimate? Been farming SR ultimate for ages, but I don’t see it yet.

Killed Lokarr with ease with this build. Where did you get the Rune of Rahn’s Might from? Elite diff or Ultimate? Been farming SR ultimate for ages, but I don’t see it yet.

It’s a quest reward in FG for the Word of Rahn. You have to side with the Cult of Solael on Ultimate, reach Honored, and finish that quest to get the blueprint.

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