[] Murciélago de Fuego - Fire Bat: 6:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, 7s Mad Queen, SR 75-76 no greens melee Fire Strike Shieldbreaker [c+][sr+][g3][vid]

Ha! I figured that I forgot to complete the magi (somewhat ignored a point at his hand)! Looks solid even without the full Justicar set, the medal, etc. as I’m using items from an old savagery Blazerush build that I’ve stopped playing with after meeting Lokkar with THOSE ITEMS!

Thank you :wink:

Your link is full build tho :slight_smile:



god damn, that looks rough :rofl:

If you have extra Justicar gloves or chest you can transmute them into helmet/shoulders.

Retracting my words after meeting first boss with my low light res! :rofl:

Wait what? What is that sorcery? How can i do that?

Edit: NVM - found that I need to do a quest :smiley:

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Took a build for SR test, very tanky, recommend it to any melee builds funs


thanks for that test, will add this to the op!

Where are you getting the 25% stun resitance from the base build with no skills activated? I’ve been over every piece of gear/augment/devotions/etc etc and can’t find it.


It’s Serenity crafting bonus.

lol, just saw that. Looks like I need to craft some more serenity. :slight_smile:

One of the strongest and most underrated melee build
Died once to Theodin (shattered bosses are broken though)


Nice build as always by @mad_lee . I have an DW melee sorcerer and I experienced with it that dw fire strike builds are very underrated yet they are strong, I was thinking about using blazehearts then I decided Ortus and Nex. But it seems like everyone except me using camera abuse I guess, after watching the video of @Dmt I get now that’s why I can’t push more than SR 75 consistently and die in boss rooms because of tanking two nemesis at the same time with my builds. And ofc also I am not very good pilot either so maybe my builds are much stronger than it seems to me. I guess I need to hire a pilot lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the vid. It’s a shame @Zantai decided to destroy Flashbang Conduit for no good reason, it made this little melee warrior really special.

TBH, Sorcerer with melee Fire Strike and Nex and Ortus does not sound like a good build to me, mate. Melee FS has very poor leech and to make it work you need to pull a rabbit out of magic hat, or even two.

If I can somehow take the bosses one by one like you guys this build can do 85 with a little bit push and lucky mutators/boss combinations(I presume ofc) but especially in the centre of the conclave of the three boss room I always do combats 1v2+ and even in the valley of the choosen room I occasionally able to pull the first one alone. This build hasn’t die in MC even againts Mogdrogen while the build wasn’t finished yet, I died a lot in boss rooms after 65+ because some dual combinations are fatal. My computer has overheating problem along with bad gpu and it’s summer so I don’t even try crucible. I had few crashes and losing all that progress is frustrating. I maybe can try in the winter though.

Hey, man, I don’t know how to say it without sounding like an ass but that build you have linked is pretty bad on all fronts, sorry, dude.

Oh, don’t worry about it, you can be an arrogant ass you deserve it and I don’t usually get mad at people online so be honest, I appreciate it. I’m not trying to brag about my builds, I know it has limits, what it can do what it can’t as I know how bad a pilot I’m. I’m playing this game like almost 5 months, I always try to do different things(I never followed any guide or build, only asked some ideas from people like you) and keep things balanced because I play careless even in the dangerous moments. I am also not comparing it with yours’, I’m talking about my inability to do camera abuse and good piloting so I was just trying to say that a better pilot can do a lot better with that build just that.

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I can help you tune your sorc up a bit if you want. Also piloting in Shards is actually easier than in Crucible once you get a hang of it.

Thanks but no need, that build fulfilled it’s purpose :stuck_out_tongue: I’m avarage pilot and it’s enough for now because I’m not ambitious like you guys, I play to chill and also I need a better computer to be a better pilot because I adjusted some settings very low to just let the game keep running in some situtations so in those moments I don’t actually see a lot, just autopiloting or escaping. My ultimate aim in this game is to create a melee character which can kill ravager-calla and maybe crate (2/3 will be enough) without altering the setup for each encounter. If I feel to get close to it, I’ll ask your help :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for hijacking

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Hi mad_lee, this flaming blades dual wielding warrior looks pretty fun. Since Flashbang conduit is no longer a thing, what would be the best amulet now? A Vilgazor heart or Kaisan eye with many resists, maybe?

Actually, for a balanced and relaxed farming Conduit would still be better. It’s not a melee class after all, it’s just this build is held together by a lot of defensive layers and max res and hp from Conduit is one of them.

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