[]Valguur's Wildblood Conjurer - Grasping Vine/DoT caster~6:30min 170 clear/SR+++/very safe

Nice video, what is the music/song name? Sorry for off-top :slight_smile:

Band is Dance with the dead. I would have to listen to it to tell you which album it is from and I’m at work :sweat_smile:
They are one of my favorites to listen to while gaming

that will do, thank you. Guess my Conjurer will remain pet-based, but yours is very good indeed.

Oh thanks! The life leech resistance helps too against her I guess, which is I was missing when I met her.

Should we still use Bloodied Crystal in both rings? 6% armor changed to +75 armor in latest hotfix. What would you recommend, how about Runebound Topaz?

Wait till Grimtools is updated. The 150 Armor might even be an improvement.

If not:
Runbebound Topaz for Life and DA.

i havent checked on this character yet, but most likely crystal will either stay at the same levels of armor or be a slight improvement from before since base armor is low on this build.

Hey. Leveling this awesome toon but since grimtools website is down i could use assistance from any of you already leveled this build or Valinov himself to post all the devotions used in this build since i cant remember them. The update ones

Would be really appretiated!

I will do this once I’m home from work :slight_smile:

Much appretiated Valinov:)

Sorry I didnt end up getting around to this yesterday. Ive been fighting a pretty nasty cold, and I was pretty spent by the time I made it home from work…

1 point chaos and eldricht crossroads, Hawk, Eel, Lotus, Panther, Bat (Bloody Pox), Kraken, Wendigo (Devouring Swarm), Revenant (Savagery), Solemn Watcher, Ratosh (Grasping Vines), Dying God (Curse of Fraility)

Also I recently switched to the Upon Rylok’s Wings medal movement augment. It has a lower cooldown, gives a nice bit of burst damage due to high 2h weapon damage, and gives flat oa/da shred which the build doesnt have.

I watched the video but couldn´t really see it…even Bosses/Nemesis are affected by the CC from Grasping Vines?

just a small part of the slow against bosses/nems… there is no -trap resist reduction on the set.

Tbh kiting isnt particularly needed unless playing HR or at high SR levels. Especially in the current version where I dropped storm totem. Also we got a healing buff in that the dark one’s gloves now give 3% additional healing to totem.

Would be nice if it had something like this for real kiting. :wink:

Thanks for answering. :slight_smile:

No worries at all. Thx for posting them:)

Hey again. I cant get the devotions to add up. Lacking points for revenant and dying god. Are these the latest devotion you posted before Valinov? Lacking 3 blues and one purple. Feels like it is missing constellation? Solemn watcher? Was bat also in the latest build you made?

yea my bad forgot watcher on my list

you have to take jackal to finish revenant, then unlearn it.

Ah makes sense:). Thx!

Could you maybe upload your player.gdc? preetty silly with that shutdown from grim tools.

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Orr anyone got screenshots 4 Gear, Skills & Devotions?

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