[] The Righteous Fire of the burning CT Templar


The burning Templar is finally here!


Credit to @thejabrixone for gear ideas, to @sir_spanksalot , @x1x1x1x2 for his VMTemplar.

I think that Templar is the worst class combo for Oathkeeper. It lacks on so many levels. But still can be decent. Here’s my build utilizing Templar’s strengths and using the beautiful Vanquisher set, which
pieces can be farmed from the all four dungeons. My focus in on fire/burn damage and utilizing CT and fire procs. Update

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25JmEBV

Decided to run this build again changed only few things:

  • Reorganize points to get Volcanic Stride at 17/12 for better burn trails.
  • Use Blazeseer ring, vitality to fire conversion and nice resistances.
  • Little bit of augments change, now Sanctified Bone in Chest and Annihilation in amulet.
  • Blazing Charge rune.

Video from Gladiator of 5:47:



  • stats with permanent buffs and Ascension. DPS for Stromfire


  • damage breakdown for Callidor’s Tempest.

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25JmEBV


Damage comes from fire procs with massive support with Spirit, damage and CDR. Also CT is used as nuke skill. Stormfire as filler.


Multiple skills with WD, nice life steal, Ghoul with low CD, Revenant. You AdctH so well. Also damage absorb from Maiven, Diamond and flat from Ascension. On nemesis waves, you have Mirror. Very solid and safe build for it’s purpose.

Star pact vs Mandate?

I tried both. In this concept CDR of star pact is more stable. Crit damage from mandate+burn is sweat, but Star pact is so cool.

CT transmute vs non?

CT with transmute is so much better actually. You have one big nuke+multiple small procs. WIthout it build kills Nemesis and resistant mobs much slowe.

Weapon+Off hand?

I think they are BiS. Warpfire provides excellent RR, Aldanar have both OA and DA and +1 to both classes. Consumption of Agrivix offers neither sadly.


Rings are ugly, I know. But blue one offers burn duration, valuable stat. Time flux covers DA, slow, resitances and cast speed. I dislike here Ice and Fire rings.

Relic choice

I like Iskandra better than Eternity. Damage proc is abslolute monste. Makes meteors and fissures hit even harder.


I like the big spirit dump. But you still need physique for DA. I craft items with armor, but that’s open fordebate.


In Crucible my times vary a lot, which is normal conisdering low RR. So fire mutators and Maiden can push your build time by a lot. So time is between 6:10(on luck) to 7 minutes with bad combos. So let’s say 6:35 on average. My success rate is 80-90% perhaps. Build is solid, but enemies like Grava or Kaisan can drain your HP quick, so you need to be careful. Also build have low ovecaps, so it’s dangerous if you are debuffed.

Video from Gladiator 6:18!

In SR, build is not really suited. You need more points in physiqe, more points in mirror, better resistances and such. I tried it in SR 75 and can claer it but with aether cluster. Damage on non bosses chunks is sensational though. So fun and quick build. Have a blast! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t remember contributing to this at all…or am I just so influential in your theorycrafting? :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S: Will read build later. About to finish lunch break.

I ask you a lot of things, so fair deal to give you credit. Oops video, I forgot about it :frowning_face:

Did I just start Spirit dump/Arcane Harmony leggings meta? :laughing:

Nice build, Nery! Few things that you have missed: an augment on pants and couple of Arcanum Dusts on rings to properly overcap Lightning (you don’t need flat from Forgefire augments).

I would also recommend using Mythical Light’s Oath instead of blue ring. You gonna lose about 20-30 OA, but gain more skill points, Pierce to Fire conversion to make Bat more potent and very nice proc that has flat OA shred.

Another thing - I would try different devotion bindings if I were you: Bat to Vire, Meteors to Guardians, Fissure to Judgment. Guardians proc Meteors as soon as it’s off cooldown, and Vire leave a trace from Volcanic Stride that procs Bat like crazy. I think that plus getting Light’s Oath will help you with sustain a bit.

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Who says build need more sustain? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But very good ideas, thanks. I like the 1.5k+ spirit, these noobs with 1k calling it a spirit dump :smile: I tried Arcanum dust, but in game have enough lightning overcap and am sucker for slighltly more damage. I like your idea about devotions. Although not sure ig Judgment can proc well Fissure. It have 0.9 seconds cooldown.


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Yeah, maybe CT to Fissure and Judgment to Skellies? You don’t need to pop skellies every second, in fact, skellies are a low priority proc since you already have flat RR on CT.

15% damage is really nothing. But having over 50% Lightning overcap is definitely worth it when Anasteria pops you with her ridiculous 50% rr debuff or even again Valdaran or Ram’Zul in SR.

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Great, just great. Even Templars got :clock630: 6:30 build now.

It is totally unbalanced. Time to unleash waves 180-190 upon you.


Thanks, thanks!

180-190 that sounds nice, but you kinda missed 170-180 :grin:

After the extra nemesis “bug” in the past Crate tried to teach me to count properly, but I found that skill ultimately counter-productive for my job position.

Or you can do naked cr + extra spawn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you will feel my wrath! No wait that was different line :thinking:

Enemies than unequip items and steal them from 171 onwards, got it!

P.S. As mad_lee says binding are not perfect, bat+vire and solael’s witchblade+judgement are best friends
Anyway, nice build

that are flying extremely slow?:rofl:
maybe prock are good in vacuum, but in real game it surely deserve to enhance it speed at least to +50%

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Even Templar hace somoething to offer. About bindings, I personally thinks mine are good but vire’s burning trail on bat is nice idea for extra sustain.

Bro. You need to stop spelling sweet as sweat. :rofl:

Arcane harmony became meta when disrupt somehow became more common :rofl:

@nery nice one! Can’t view everything on mobile (I’m about to sleep so can’t get to the pc) but is there anynway you can squeeze in more pierce and acid res so you can go phantom thread girdle? I feel like +1oathkeeper is worse than arcanist here and with the reduced physique reqs you can dump more spirit.

Sweat dreams :smirk:

That’s what I left on yo mama’s bed last night.


Sweat spots, that sound dirty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s unintentional. I know how to spell sweet. For heaven’s sake, don’t make fun of me for that! :frowning_face:

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Nery. You need to understand something about ol’ spanks.

The more I like you, the more I’ll insult you. <3