[] [HC] Leviathan Deathknight - 2h physical Cadence (sr65+, cr170, Mog, L, vids)

i see. thank you mate :slight_smile:

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another question then: why not wearing two of the black matriarch rings? missing OA?

Procs dont stack. Well chance will stack but not proc. Bladetwister could be interesting, would lack OA and maybe hard to get chaos res.

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allright. thanks again ! :slight_smile:

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@Ulvar1 thx for the answers :smiley:

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I’m new to this game so the following question might seem trivial:
Does the Bone Harvest tree serve any other purpose in the build than being an additional source of damage? If so I personally want to drop it and use the points to max out other weapon passive skills (And perhaps pick up Markovian’s advantage) since I prefer a one-button wonder player style.

I got a few reasons for your question. this “additional source of damage” you said is a big- permanent- flat 120 physical dam to all of your atk (just from soul harvest alone). And that damage bypass bosses’ armor (since they are converted to physical dam). you can always drop it if you dont like big DPS for some reasons. Most of AA build i played, the WPS skills mostly worth 1 point. Max those skills just a waste of points, since they have low chance of proc, and most important - Cadence hit cannot proc WPS like MA.The final part is if you prefer a one-button build play-style, then what did you use to proc devotion skills? with this build you need at least 4 consistent proc skills (Ulzaad, Assassin Mark, Maul, Shifting Sands). Dont tell me you gonna use those pitiful low chance WPS to proc these stuffs, its a waste trust me


I see, guess I will have to look into stuff like GDAutocaster then. Like you guessed, I had all of my celestial power binded to WPS like reaping strike and MA.

yeah dont do that. taking Maul for example, if you bind that to Reaping Strike, then if you want to proc it, you need 2/3 non-Cadence hit + 20% chance of proc RS + 15% chance of proc Maul (the chance of celestial power only increase with high cooldown skills, not WPS) -> total of 2% chance to proc Maul for every basic default atk. thats so awful to such a wondeful skill to shred armor like Maul.

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Do you know the reason behind nearly maxing out the node “Bone Harvest” instead of picking up “Markovian’s Advantage”? It seems to me that Upgrading Bone Harvest only gives it more damage while the reducing DA on target seems pretty good since the build has big crits.

you can skip maul, kinda useless for 2H physical builds.

Markovian advantage has, as far as I know, bad animation for 2H melee

the DA shred already comes from Blitz/Blindside (and they dont stack with MA). So you can always chose one. and 1 point to MA is good i guess. i played Leviathan DK without maxing out Bone Harvest (only max Soul Harvest for the buff). But the big %Weapon dam and mostly converted to physical dam from Bone Harvest is good for AOE

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i dont think so. i only skip Maul with build mostly dam converted to physical (since they ignore armor anyway). any pure physical dam (like Cadence) should use Maul now, with how multiple bosses’ armor work with physical dam, those 30% armor shred is super good. i did try with and without Maul, with a same set up, kill dummy time goes from 20s down to 17s, so its huge.

I have done tests against Ravager with warlord sword and shield where you have many small physical damage sources. But nice that you gain almost the same % increase of damage with big 2H builds too.

maybe because you skip Maul devotion then you got plenty of points to get more powerful devo (yeah the node of Bear devo is really bad, just the skill is good). i tested only with and without any skills bind to Maul

same, but I have hard time imagine any other devotion give like 10% damage increase

I definitely wouldn’t say it’s useless as @gutten_morgen showed:

You can always go back to my 1.1.6 devotions with Oleron instead of Bear and try that instead. Either way you will gimp your damage by a LOT binding actives to WPS instead of Bone Harvest and losing Soul Havest’s flat dmg. So yea there is no good way of not playing this build without Bone Harvest imo. @Nico_Pootato

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Did you try maul performance yourself? I only did with sword and shield warlord and the difference was only about 9,5% against ravager so i figured with 2H wpns it should be even less

It is certainly not as good for 2h than for 1h or dw, but it does help this build out a bit aswell. I haven’t properly tested bear vs Oleron across all content on 1.1.8 though. So Oleron version might be better for some content.

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It is good for physical pet builds too :wink:

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