[] [HC] Leviathan Deathknight - 2h physical Cadence (sr65+, cr170, Mog, L, vids)

^ingame stats with all permant and with soul harvest and Ulzaad’s Decree up, without other temporary buffs. DPS shown is Cadence, highest crit 935k.


up to date Warborn setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkmyPQV SR setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28xdG32

older setups:

SR setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZROY8xN

FG Warborn setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2Mn08QV

AoM Warborn setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g98XEZ

Krieg setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BnQqz2


YT playlist

Highlight video from patch

Build Update video from patch

  • vs dummy ~28s

first tries vs:

Gladiator Crucible of the Bog:

Gladiator Crucible of the Dead:


Feedback & Final Words

Buffs to Zolhan’s, Bear and items in recent patches were nice, but the active ability still feels very underwhelming and average DPS is kinda low compared to dw nightblades and also other 2hander specs like Avenger imo. Other than that the build is tons of fun, if you like big 2handers with big damage spikes.

@Maska322 Thank you for the Cadence song! :slight_smile:

Any kind of feedback is apprechiated and check out my other builds in my HC build collection! :slight_smile:


Thanks for update with new Zolhan skill! Must look on video

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Added two Crucible of the Dead runs.

Cool one, very tanky indeed. My Warlord’s setup is quite similar with Leviathan, stats are close too and I saw highest crit damage 1.46x.xxx something I don’t recall exact numbers. I guess it’s the effect of HC? Since I never tried, I thought monsters were more aggressive on the damage basis not more defensive

HC is literally the same as SC, no idea why your crit is that much higher tbh. But then again Leviathan is VERY spiky in damage so your 1.4M could’ve been against a heavily debuffed enemy with low base phys res/armor, beneficial mutators alongside a high roll on Leviathan’s base dmg. Either way your Warlord looks good aswell!


hardcore is same game as soft core but if you die you can not ressurect in town (at least not legit)

Yeah I know that, I was just unaware of monster stats since I never played. Though I see 1M+ crits very often in SR chunks with it’s buff stacked 10x.

You know what else is hardcore? That outro on the update video.

Great stuff as always! I really like the format idea of a concise update video as an amendment to the original build video. :+1:

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Highest crit I have for a realistic setup (no double rares) is 1.8mil , crucible though not sure what kind of difference crucible/SR besides I dont like SR lol.

username checks out.


Hi bro, how is it (Cadence DK) compare to Bladearc DK? In term of survival/clear/single target dmg?

You can PM me or ask in discord, I dont wanna hijack protoss thread unless that question was actually meant for him.

I have not played Blade Arc DK myself, but generally Cadence has better single target, Blade Arc better AoE. That said Idk how the two compare exactly head to head, I only know both are good :smiley:
You should probably PM crittrain about that or @Crittrain can also just answer here. I don’t care too much about that kind of hijack.


Blade Arc performs better as Witchblade with Gutsmasher, even though you focus Physical Damage rather than Bleed, Curse of Frailty provides both RR’s which increase your DoT damage, and inevitably single target damage. Spectral Wrath doesn’t have Bleed RR.

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Blade arc DK no sweat in SR 90:

Blade arc Witch blade struggle SR 75:

Its really pretty close now , blade arc wont get close to cadence for single target (without fantasy greens) but the overall fluid /bit more AOE gameplay that blade arc gives would still be preferable by most.
Survivability isnt an issue on any of the setups really (That I ever ran across) I dont think Witchblade is on par with Death Knight when it comes to either skill / physical damage in general.


have you considered using prime ring of morgoneth instead of Cornleys Signet? the morgoneth ring looks like the perfect match for this build imo. Whats your opinion to this? im really interested. Super Strong build btw. - playing it for a few days now. its insane

I have not understood why prime ring of morgoneth is “perfect match” for this build. What is the motivation?

at first i have to say: im not a “build theorist” as many others here. And i do not fully understand (yet) how the tons of stats all work. But the dmg reduction, OA, + cold and vita dmg which are partly converted to physical via laviathan AND additional Skillpoints to distribute seems the better option for me. Downside: No additional attack speed anymore. Pls correct me if i tell garbage.

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The OA is nice, yes.
The +2 to blitz and bone harvest is like … 98% of damage output of the build is still autoattacks
The damage reduction on the proc will not stack with war cry
The flat damage on the proc is not added to the autoattacks, and the numbers are so low that the damage skill proc will deal even when converted is extremely small.
For auto attack build, speed is king, specialy with 2H :slight_smile: