[] Another Leviathan Death Knight. SR 90/Ravager of Flesh

Hi everyone, Leviathan DK is a classic archetype done by lot of builders but I wanted to give it a shot, especially after physical changes and wps animation improvement. I also wanted to compare it with my Cadence Witchblade. I won’t explain anything in this thread since Rekt has already a good guide for it and gear options are almost the same.

Image from the game with perma buffs, Deadly Momentum, Soul Harvest buffs and Ulzaad proc

Helmet and Amulet crafted with %4 Armor.

:hammer_and_pick: GRIMTOOLS :hammer_and_pick:

I think this one is slightly better than Voldrak Cadence Witchblade but not much. I tested Cadence with no WPS, only Zolhan and NE and with all WPS and can say that WPS doesn’t delay Cadence hits that much anymore, thus results are quite close plus WPS provides more sustain and extra AoE with basic attacks that’s why I choose to use %100 WPS.

SR 90 Complete Run (with Armored mutator)

With a few deaths. Fabius is the real bitch for this build.

Ravager of Flesh Kill

No change maded, used onl OA consumables.

PS: I can’t kill Mogdrogen again with this character but I’m pretty sure build can kill him with lightning resist consumable and proper augment adjustment t have %90 lightning resist overcap.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


That sheet Cadence damage is crazy. Mine reached 297k or something i think (it’s been a while)
Death Knight, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator This is my build for a comparison.
I was using a good Gollus ring for sustain but i realized Livegiver actually has useful skill bonuses so thanks.
Also didn’t expect that the last 3 Deadly momentum points you get from your medal adds so much damage. Maybe it’s better than my medal.
A question : So you are using Tip of Scales for sustain only i think and you have vit to phys conversion and great weapon damage. How good it is you think? I can never tell how powerful it is but on paper, the lifesteal looks absurdly high. Lifesteal in this game confuses me since forever.

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Yes, it’s good enough though doesn’t make you immortal. And lifesteal is important on Cadence builds since with basic attack your leech drops a lot. When you increase your lifesteal toı %12, your leech basically will double itself, it’s not just %6.

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Is the attribute distribution 18 Physique / 88 Cunning / 1 Spirit, right?
Why are you putting 1 point on spirit??

Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database requires 399 spirit. I believe this value can vary depending the ring’s stats.

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First of all, please read this article from a beginner’s point of view.
Do you have any recommendations for other prefixes for Gutworm’s mask items?
I farmed for over 10 hours, but I couldn’t get a prefix for Stonefaced Gutworm’s mask of Protection.

Try to get stun resist and some defensive ability. You can fix the resistances by tweaking augments and components a bit.

How about this?

Sure it can work.

I was busy dying every time, but following this build, clearing SR 75 is too easy.
Thanks for introducing me to this great build.

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Not with the excellent Warlord though? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well that Warlord is for the ones who got bored of their S&B setup. It’s good for farming range ofc but not sure it can compete with other two in end-game.

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Well my build killed Moggy, haven’t done Ravager yet but it should.

Well ofc it should be able to kill it with consumables. I just made a theorycraft according to changes Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator and it looks good enough but even on paper DK has more weapon damage

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