>< Fate of the Cadence, 2H Physical Cadence Witchblade. SR 90/Ravager of Minds/Mogdrogen

Sorry for amateur meme making…

Hi everyone; I leveled a Witchblade for another purpose, didn’t like that one then wanted to make a physical witchblade. Blade Arc version is made by mad_lee and it’s still good and up to date. In the end I wanted to give Cadence one more shot and here it is.

Image from the game with perma buffs, BoD and Ulzaad proc

Helmet crafted with %armor bonus, amulet has no craft bonus.

:rainbow::rainbow: GRIMTOOLS LINK :rainbow::rainbow:

Gear Explanation
  • Let’s start with why didn’t I use Gladiator belt to convert vitality>physical?

  • I tested it and OA was much lower and you need to use Serenity balance resistance overcaps or use different pants which causes even less OA. Instead I gained stats from both the ugdenbog leather and softcapped BoD. Dps loss is 20k, OA gain is 200, plus extra %10 RR and proccer from deathstalker.

  • 3 Piece Warborn and Voldrak Cursher are core of the build.

  • 2x Black Matriarch rings for Cadence and CoF skill points.

  • Mark of the Dreadblade is needed to hardcap Cadence if you gonna use Deathstalker.

  • Crimson Claws is BiS

  • Barbaros Pants is BiS

  • Avenger of Cairn for tankiness, there are some offensive alternatives, build definitely needs elemental resist and I don’t recommend to ditch it if you wanna push high SR.

  • Final March is for good stats and slow resist.

Constellation Setup is usual physical route with Azrakaa supported with Ulzaad. Scales is still worth without conversion due to high enough WD. And Maul contributes more than just stats.


  • Voldrak Crusher is for Warders but perform better with Witchblade?

Definitely yes, for Warders it’s just a leveling item till you get Avenger set because 2H Savagery+ WPS is better than any modded 2H Cadence. Occultist provides RR, Physical Resist and AS. In fact, if devs can add a health regen mod for BoD aswell without removing existing ones.

  • Can it work for Death Knight or Warlord?

Could be but for DK, there is already Leviathan with good mods and phys resist. And Warlord would lack serious phys resist with Voldrak.

SR 90 Complete Run []

Lucky mutators and lucky boss room.

SR 90 Boss Room

Only one death due to my stupidity, with lucky boss room and good mutators. It’s really hard to complete 90 boss room with bad mutators and bosses like IM, Grava Fabius without consumables or aether clusters.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

Changed one augment into lightning, used Stormshroud Ointment and OA/DA consumable.

Ravager of Minds

First try without heavy consumables failed, so I literally used everything; full facetank.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.


Ping me if you succeed, thanks :slight_smile:

We currently have this version in GrimTools from, but the achievement are similar - SR90.

Sure I will :slight_smile:

@Stupid_Dragon added Mogdrogen and Ravager of Minds kill.

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How does Mark of the Dreadblade compare to a Harvoul’s Mark with phys affixes? Could see the value in getting higher %phys on top of hardcapping Break Morale. The resistances also seem better, depending on the affix.

If you want to change the medal; then you have to use a relic with +1 soldier or +1 all skills to hardcap Cadence. Yes a good rolled MI provide better stats but Deathstalker relic provides %10 more RR and a proccer.

Hi fordprefect,

I have some small questions, is %WD on Scales really worth it?
Is Dire Bear ‘the shit’ now to have for 2H phys builds?
I’d like to try a route out with Oleron, have you tested it perhaps? Would result quickly checked in loss of dire bear and scales tho

Was maybe doing thinking of going like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EYo672 with both Oleron and Azrakaa
But because I dont really like dropping ghoul, I might take four points out of Azrakaa again and keep Oleron

Yes it does.

After; it will be mandatory for all physical builds.

The problem with Oleron is, you don’t have any good proccer for it. You have to bind Assassin’s Mark to Cadence so there is nothing left to proc it. But I guess you can get Oleron instead of Azrakaa like this Witchblade, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Thanks for the clarification and advice. Its very much appreciated!

You’re right about the proccer on Olerons. I’ll take on the two setups and check them against SR75 for some comparison maybe, kind of underestimated WD on Scales tho :slight_smile:

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Added new SR 90 complete run for