[] PhysRager - Physical Archon, 6.30 crucible, 75SR [g3][c+][vid]

like BloodRager, but PhysRager

Yo guys. It’s time to make physical two-handers great again.
This build can easily do cruci with 3b+1b in 6.30-7.00, best time - 6.07, and consistently farm 76SR. I reached 84 in Shattered Realm and I have only made one attempt to go beyond Shard 80 with this one.

Big thanks to Mad Lee for help with this guide translation.


>>>grimtools<<< 0 green items used

Build uses full BloodRager’s set with Avenger’s mace and belt. Sandreaver braces got perfect stats and proc for the build. Black Matriarch is a great ring for every physical build. Coven storm seal+direwolf gives better OA/DA/res balance, that for Mengirian+Bear King example.
Revenant, Dying God, Aeon’s Hourglass and 3 Spear of Heaven nodes. Great stats, great AS, amazing crits. That devotions were used for Avenger’s warder (possible w/o Revenant) before FG and they became even better with the new Revenant.

Important stuff:

  1. build uses 2 Kymon’s chosen armor auguments, so be friendly with them
  2. 30 in cunning. Not a joke. Build relies on crit dmg and life steal, with below 3k OA you lose more survavability despite that Physique gives you additional HP/DA.
  3. Irrah’s patience jewerly augument, Bloodied crystal in medal, Machinist Powder in mace, 10/10 Oak Skin for armor. Without it build has much more problems even with trash mobs and Grava in SR.
  4. craft helm for armor or freeze res. IMO more stun res not needed, build can easily facetank both Maiden and Valdaran in SR with 30%+ascension.

Gameplay is simple and exciting. I use RF for buff, it’s very strong and is really important. And it’s less annoying than using ABB. At start the battle stack Savagery and Fervor chargs, when RF activates DG use Ascension and Judgment for Time Dilation. That gives you 10/18 sec Ascension. DG has close to 100% uptime. Also use Judgment on gropus of humans and beasts heroes, or just for trash mobs. With Smite/Feral hunger they die fast. For example, crabs and basilisks on 152, humans on 161, 163. But don’t use it when Ascension cd has 2 sec to the end - it’s a waste of Time Dilation. Two great mobility skills, ascension, judgment and tons of crits, what else do you need? :smiley:

I used BloodRager before FG on physical warder and it had serious damage, but lacked survivability compared to full Avenger’s and its on-death proc. But this Bloodrager Archon has:

  1. Bloodrager’s helm lost +2 to Savagery, so full Avenger’s have serious problems with getting 24/16 savagery
  2. 12% permanent phys res on the set
  3. new Revenant gives 25 RR and GoE gives 36% RR to both phys and bleed dmg, we got 60RR for bleeding doing literally nothing
  4. even more crit dmg due to an OK exclusive
  5. time dilation has great synergy with Ascension.
  6. better Bloodrage proc activation+new bloodfrenzy => tons of AS
    In-game AS
    Savagery+fervor+bloodrage 182
    +god 190
    +bloodfrenzy 198
    +barbaros’ 200+
    +prismatic rage + ghoul …

Damage breakdown

As you can see, build has up to 300k dot damage ticks on a dummy.
I have tested, that I kill dummy in 17 sec which is 13kk dmg. With average ~230k dot ticks I assume that build has about 30% of its dmg in dots: about 15% as trauma and 15% as bleed. Approximately.


cruci with 3 buffs+1 banner
3 runs 6.35 6.28 6.37
3 runs 6.26 6.07 7.00 with slightly different auguments, best time 6.07 in second run

170 with extra naked, really hard waves, 10.20
SR75-80 full run with 1 death
Shattered Realm Who is stronger: 84SR bosses or yellow mobs? Spec with lower armor

Some vids from first tests with green boots, really not big difference (almost none), gt in vids descriptions
Lokarr 21 sec
Avatar 2.46 with abuse, used only for DPS test
170 with extra naked, easy waves

The End

Thanks for your attention.
Other my builds you can find in russian-speaking comunity compendium. Thanks to Safarel stream discord comunity for support.


first build guide on new forum
nice done =)

Good shit, John.

Prob it’s the best 2hander build in FG

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Nice one! As always :wink:

I will pray patch nerfs will not kill this build

Do any physical builds actually use physical tier 3 devotions or what? All this dying god everywhere, still :thinking:

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I don’t care for the dying god devotion either.

You really need the ADctH and the +1 to Shaman from Massacre, right?

Otherwise, Azrakaa´s Epoch could have been an alternative; the Sand Devils are pretty good and you would have 5 up nearly all of the time with your Crits.

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@omnitrio @Autentist Thank you, guys.
@Dmt don’t think “the best”, but strong and funny
@malawiglenn Thank you!
@Avyctes @Fooee not god, new revenant. This build don’t have this RR type, revenant is supergood here. And with 8 red it’s simple to get blue nodes.
@Rhylthar Massacre is too good, and point needed, and LL needed, and proc doesn’t lose to much compared to Azraka

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looks great and i love ze devotion setup, well done my son. kinda surprised you need all that extra armor stuff

Very nice, using an extremely similar gear devo/setup on my Warder but didn’t want to spend time changing it to an Archon so I’ll just copy this. :+1:

Very cool, I was tinkering with Warder Avenger a lot and theorycrafting Archon version too, but for some reason it never occured to me that I could just throw away two Avenger pieces and get full Bloodrager. :cry:

just testing youtube links

test test test

@TomoDaK Thank you. W/o evasion/fumble/serious dmg reduction char takes full dmg to his face and need extra defence compared to NB/soldier/inq
@jinsaotomex4 you are welcome :grinning:
@Stupid_Dragon Avenger’s warder evolution :sunglasses:

Another build from my senpai
Love it

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I’ve seen phys bloodrager before on blade arc spam. Never thought about it ln savagery tho. Nice job!

Thank you.
I played bloodrager’s+ leviathan witchblade in 1061. IMO spam arc is not effective, too much manacost. Using cadence+arc as nuke(with Aeon’s) gave +50%+ dmg, still serious AoE and no mana problems.

Seems DG+Aeon is the new way of for all oathkeepers.

Really nice build, maestro. Can’t find a single thing I don’t like. Maybe except that Machinist Powder… but then I look again and even that Powder makes sense.

BTW that DPS is on a dummy, right? So no Barbaros proc, no Bloodfrenzy, no Ghoul?

Thank you!
Yep, it’s dummy dps in “dmg breakdown” section.

IMO spam arc is not effective, too much manacost. Using cadence+arc as nuke(with Aeon’s) gave +50%+ dmg, still serious AoE and no mana problems.

Oh, how the turn tables!

By the way, this Archon is trully a great build, it started putting two-handers back on the map!