2h build for hardcore + noob

I am looking for my 3rd build atm and realised that with my ranged char i really am into close combat all the time so i wanted to try a 2h build, which should/could be working better.

From my experience years ago i just remember that shaman was quite nice.
Is there any viable cold build?
I got no overview and also no items, so plz suggestions which don’t rely on any sets.

(I am not the biggest fan of soldier mastery…)

2h cold in general is meh, unless you got soulrend or Winter king. Soulrend is good for 2h reaper/spellbreaker and winter king is good for 2h tricksters. Much easier to do are 2h lightning and 2h vitality. You can use shaman for either and combine it with Inquisitor/Demo/Occultist/Soldier (lightning) or Necromancer/Occultist (vitality). I made a decent 2h vitality ritualist not too long ago: https://youtu.be/VuLQ6UsQVIs

Edit: Just saw your no items, no sets request: lightning shaman + 2h + primal strike works probably the best without any gear up to lvl 94 at least. Ritualist with 2h is ok, too, but would be a little more castery in playstyle with bone harvest and ravenous earth.

Basically only shaman if Soldier is out. Or you could play Eye of Reckoning with a two-hander, if you count it as a melee build.

Eye of Reckoning is something i despise…
What about bleeding? Shaman got aome bleed dmg as well?

Yes, there are 2H bleeding shamans, example:

Note that these are endgame builds. May be possible without gear, may be not so much.

Thx stupid dragon, to bad grim tools is not working.

Btw is there any build which utilises savagery - which is a good one atm?

Wrong, it’s working now. :slight_smile:

That’s the best Savagery build I know.
Meaningless without Avenger Crusher.

You could try lightning Savagery, it works okay, just people prefer Primal Strike.

Here’s malawiglenn’s Warder for beginners, Savagery version included:

Here’s my old beginner Savagery elementalist (but with Primal Strike levelling), not updated to FG

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That phys archon looks sexy, guess i will give it a try, already got a ranged lightning build, thx again stupid.