[] 2H Callidor's Tempest Druid (C+) - Guide is WIP

Shoutout to:

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g9ojKZ
YT (3 + 1): https://youtu.be/2mJOgENJfkM <-- ~6min clear (though I think it could go faster)

Actual in-game GT with physique bonus on all craftable items: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy9lgbZ




Thanks for posting this build, it’s very good for the non popular and under supported damage type for CT spam!

Druid is interesting class, since Shaman have very good boost to lightning damage. Mage Hunter perhaps will be lot slower.

Do you have problems with survivability?

It’s CT nuke actually :stuck_out_tongue:

CT spam was significantly slower. Especially because it does about damage as stormfire, just with less AoE.

CT is used mainly as a big source of DoT.

A little, but I personally can outplay it. I’ll probably try to do a naked spec out of this one day, in which case I would use defensive items like grey magi’s, and DA augments.

Wait, didn’t pay attention. :sweat:

So nuke is better than spamming? That’s really interested. Only other case I saw this is for CT Templar but there’s different.

Yes. Significantly better. Because of how aether conversion is split ~50/50 to lightning/cold, and because I have near perfect fire/lightning conversion, spec is basically a cold/lightning build.

This means that overload does a tonne of DoT.

So it makes sense to go CT nuke.

What you think about Chain Lightning vs Stormfire?

Haven’t tested it on this spec.

I picked stormfire over chain lightning because:

  • I’ve never used stormfire before
  • Crit damage

Crit damage is indeed nice, although chain lightning will be suited here too. You never tried Stormfire? It’s very good component.

The thing I don’t like about chain lightning is that it’s not really a projectile. It works almost like SBoE.

Meaning that if I use forced attack and the enemy is not in range, nothing happens.

EDIT: It also means that my cursor needs to be on the target for it to actually attack enemies"

All this can be avoided with stormfire.

Another showcase of this big sword, what an eye candy!

I’ve been working on this sword for some time as well. Not sure why i didn’t post it, probably just got tired from polishing other stuff.

lots of AoE for a single target build, clears pretty fast for a two-hander autoattack. My time is 6.35. Should be below 6 with actual PC and some skills.

Why not ultos set?

P.S: I also think getting the skill bar up to fabric of reality will do wonders for the build

EDIT: Holy shit!!! NO GHOUL???


Ultos is weak on res and not anything special overall when used not completed. Fabric basically only gives racial, but aetherials are no problem for the build. Basically the only threat is Grava.

Good call on the sanctified bone. I’m going to try that.

You have to give up Dying God or Korvaak for Ghoul. Not sure if it’s worth it, Mirror seem to be sufficient for the survival. Look at that lol phys res. 53% on good rolls.

Also about your build. Consider softcapping null. It will actually boost your dps because you can strip dps debuffs or enemy tanky buffs more often.

Nah. Did you watch the video? I blink in, CT once, then walk away to let DoT do its sweet magic.

Null is for when I grouped up gainst 3 nems, healers in 161, MQ, and valatrexia.



'nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not talking about trash. Take Steward for instance. His 50% RD for 5 sec is unavoidable. Lots of other debuffs out there. It’s not like you are killing boss waves in 1 sec.

I’ll try it, but skill points are pretty tight tbh

I do save null for steward though

Personally i softcap Inner Focus if i don’t have OA problem. 3.1k + banner is a little over the board, not much crit chance gain up there.

Not true. Crit actually scales decently well into the 4k range now. It’s a bit absurd if you ask me.

Also, spirit is quite important.