[] Bleeding Glass Shards 2: The Laceration - 6:15m Crucible no greens Bleeding Trickster [cr+][sr][vid]

good build
funny picture))

N.I.C.E.L.Y done!

Deserved the nerf if you ask me

PSSSTTTTT. Use an axe.

I can say that axe is not the best in slot anymore even with berserker devotion

Why are you “psssttt”-ing me like you think you have a better spec? Because you do not. Double Bloodsong is bis, double Belgothian Sigils + Barabaross pants is superior to any combinations of thunderstruck greens of gdstashing you can get.

You haven’t even overcapped Whirling Death or Blade Spirit in your setup, dude.

duration is nutty, have you ever tested it? barb are overrated as fuck. I tested double bloodsong as well, this build had better times.
edit; if it wasn’t obvious 1K+ proc on bleed damage is /still/ insane. Belgos and barb are nice, but greens outpreform them because of duration. QQ more about using greens, please. It doesn’t make you look like an idiot or anything:rolleyes:

Yes, I have tested it. In fact, I found out that double Bloodsong is bis more than half a year ago. And about 5 months ago Shoot2033 figured out the trick with double Belgothian Sigils.

Duration is good , of course, but this not enough to change second bs to axe(If you can say that i tested var with axe and answer you : results slighty worse)

See previous edit. I tested both of these setups, plus a few others. Gore has the best time.

Okay,if you tested different setups, sort all weapons in best to worst in your time

Why should I QQ about using greens? My legit 1 green setup performs better than your 3 impossible gd stashed greens one. You come here saying that you actually tested yours and it’s better but I don’t see any videos or any proof that your setup is better. All I know is that both me and Shoot2033 tested it long ago and double Bloodsong is superior, case closed.

Also, funny how you claim that I look like an idiot when I am denying greens (I am not, but they are worse here), yet you are talking bullshit in my guide that currently has the record for fastest Crucible clear, a build that is min-maxed to death, tested and approved by THREE experienced builders/players.

So put your money where your mouth is and show me how your build performs or gtfo, seriously.

Not only that, but you share a GT link with 12/8 Whirling Death and 10-16 Blade Spirit. This is amateur hour, mate.

Also, what kind of “better duration” are you even talking about? This build could bleed out second stage Gargabol after taking him down to 90% HP and just running away. And that was pre duration buff. Why the heck would you need a bigger duration? To fight who exactly?

Sorry to ruin the party, but wtf does QQ mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Extra Whirling isn’t needed. The returns on maxing blade spirit arn’t as great IMO, i’ll absolutely test that again and tell you what I find.

As for the exp players; exp players arn’t always right and assuming you are because of your ego is silly. I don’t care about who you think you are.

If we want to talk about record cruc clears, my build ABSOLUTELY can fish for a faster clear by getting lucky with procs. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ That much should be obvious.

it’s slang for crying. As in “QQ more” would translate to “Cry more” It’s supposed to look like eyes with tears coming out of them, it’s a saying / emote as old as “Pwned.” It’s from the same era AFAIK.

I think I missed that one during my Diablo 2 bnet days

@ Malawiglenn:
Want some popcorn? :wink:


Nah I want a steak mate, rare