[] [HC] Pet Conjurer - Super Safe for 96SR / Celestials [vids]


Hello, this my first time to share build here, and all my build are Summoner. I try challenge high level SR in HC, but dead so many times. Until I success reached the level96 with high survival and normal DPS.
the build are very high DA、AA、PR、(TR、FR、SR) to guaranteed survival. Dps little low
but comfortable for SR & all Celestials


SR 90 - 96
Grate celestials
Survival system:(Spring maiden、Dryad、Blood of dreeg、Wendigo totem、Tonic of mending、Boots granted skills)
and have high Element resistance reduction - 115%, so the dps output is medium. It’s little slow in SR, but other scenarios are relatively fast.
this set values of equipment if max is almost 4000DA
level 88 iron maiden only has 61% hit probability, without crit, so you can hit two iron maidens and an assassin at the same time with wendigo totem. There is no threat at all.

(sorry for my bad english and Im new user only can post one photo.pls check GTlinks for build details)


High Resist

Pet data



Rare belt is easy to get, in port valbury last map

I am going to interrupt you a bit, wait you really did SR 96 on HC? That’s really crazy!

Build is a tank, you can just skip pets even and still not die easily :smile:

in fact,PET is easy dead than character. but tank is only way for HC

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And I was just talking about this build 2 hours ago in my topic :sweat_smile:

Amazing, very impressive both record and build, didn’t it reach 98 shard later? I thought I saw screenshot.

88 level iron maiden

I will try later when v1150 . beacuse have stone for 90 - 160. no need form 75.u know very tired:joy:

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I know, I delved into 90s with some builds, very tiresome experience :smiley:

Btw what do you think about 1 point into Dreeg’s evil eye and Focused gaze? +18% reduced target physical damage for 4 seconds, 4 seconds cooldown, it’s very good for additional survivality imo.


Finally more Pet builds are making their way into the official forums. Congratulations on 96SR on HC :+1:

Also welcome to the forums :blush:


I just check ur GT again, I think is worthy, and Dreeg eye with Shepherd call is better than curse. because is 100% to trigger .
and Curse have 4point I think enough. can put point for totem to 5 have 3%/s or heart of wild is better for survival.

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thanks, I always came to forums and watch ur build, I like it :grinning:


I thought about totem and for sure it’s very good for additional defense but I have no more space to bind it, even for some 8-9 skill I was aiming with my mouse because I was afraid I can use some skill too early in bad moment :laughing: I have no good hotkeys.

Imo for Shepherd call curse > dreeg eye because it has 6 seconds cooldown, dreeg has 4s so there can be some delay - and sometimes dreeg eye shot can be missed, curse has 0 cooldown, it’s spamable.

Edit: I have checked procing in dummy, you are right! Dreeg eye > curse. Just 1 point into Vile Eruption for more area damage and it’s safe. Thanks for sugestion :smiley:

Both are actually fine since while DEE has a better proc chance in a single attack, CoF works like a DoT and each Tick has a chance to Proc the devotion. If you are against more than one enemy Each Tick on each enemy unit has a chance to Proc. It quickly adds up to being one of the best skills to proc devotions.

Another great skill for proc’ing stuff is Bloody Pox. It also works like CoF and spreads among enemies while having 0 CD.


I use B key to quick swith skill bar will get more skill space.
but for ur build , 2 birds have tons of damage , no need totem

Did you hear the loud noise?! My jaw just hit the floor! This is what I call a good HC SR farming build! Thank you for sharing.