Discuss:about PET Conjuere / Cabalist / Ritualist conception build

very high AOE damage for Nemesis spawn pets. after SR90 pets have 1W+ damage are very dangerous without AOE damage. if need to challenge high SR change green belt for slow & chaos RR
if u guys have any ideas or advise for PET build pls reply post.:smiley:

note:HC Highest survival way lightning Conjuere 96SR

oleron + primal spirit
meteor + briarthorn
crown + hellhound or wind
Green belt

GT link?

What’s your logic for taking Oleron over Mogdrogen?

just for try, I think AOE better than Mogdrogen.


If you’re going Elemental, I’d recommend this devotion setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M94772

and other Lost souls base on your build
SR72 Kuba

I know this one ,my bysmeil set Build base on that devotion. I want try different

P.S., lack of decent AoE for Pets is a bit troubling past SR76. It becomes a lot more tactful and slow due to how slow some of the dangerous mobs die.

Yes, like 90+ Reaper summon Spiteful Wraith if not kill fast are very dangerous.
that’s why need high AOE

Interesting build. But Mogdrogen even though it lacks the damage of Oleron’s Proc, should end up doing more dps due to that +%Total Speed to pets.

Also, how are Primal Instinct Pets on higher Shards? Do they contribute significantly to the DPS or is it only a small amount?

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check this .for higher SR https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKdQPp2

What was the highest shard it reached?

u r right , ur devotion AOE better . check this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKdQPp2
I plan to use this for higher SR .
Mend Flesh and Wendigo totem for PET and self survival
and Entangling Vines、Curse、WD、Whirlpool all for control Nemesis Celestial Maggot、Ancient Wraith
Equipment have 6 item can smith made. which mean if im luck can get 24% Physique and around 3500 DA will very safe

I didnt try. Im do SC new for this build to higher SR.
I think at least 100

Primal Instinct Pets provide lots of DPS. like Iron maiden. Fabius or some other Nemesis cant kill it . and swarm hvae 80+RR. stronger than skeleton with totem and mendflesh

Interesting. Will look towards the results :slight_smile:

I’ve been messing around with a few other ideas.
I think I like this one better for SR: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbPKWkN
But if you don’t care about Giant’s Blood, you could try this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV97nW6N

I already try ur second way before, Meteo Dps is better thank Ultos for single Nemesis
and ur first way run speed very low and AOE may unstable, but i will try it, is interesting

otherway for HC very high survival lost souls 100% vit damage
and hellhound can explode to increases the damage