[] Hybris - FoI retaliation Purifier (g3) (vid)

  • [Caster] [] (g3) (vid) Hybris - FoI retaliation Purifier (wncm)

    • Damage: Elemental retaliation, physical retaliation
    • Active Skills: Flames of Ignaffar, Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewel, Thermite Mine, Blackwater Cocktail
    • Passive Skills: Aura of Censure, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame

So, I noticed that Mythical Pagar’s Betrayal and Mythical Consumption of Agrivix both give

8% of Retaliation Damage added to Attack to Flames of Ignaffar

Quick math: (8+8)*(200%/0.3)=106.(6)
Meaning ~107% of Retaliation Damage per second with maxed-out casting speed.

I like those numbers. Here is a rough attempt to achieve them: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwLoGXN

Demolitionist provides both amazing RR and some retaliation damage, so I tried to do a Purifier.
So far I’m struggling to find a balance between the amount of retaliation damage, casting speed, and not dying…

Current version rolls through the main content with ease, but will not survive crucible and SR - I even managed to die once on a 35th shard :slight_smile:

Anyway, here is a video of the Mad Queen burning and screaming for ~11s:

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nice one. but low OA.

@DEFO Retaliaiton builds should not rely on OA, as in get into Crit territory vs bosses. Good if you get it, alright if you don’t.



Definitely interesting concept!

But another territory where FoI sucks!

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Thanks um, for the input.
What exactly should I understand from the ???. If I am to venture a guess, it means you do not agree with my statement.
My Retal Warlord, @Maya variant, has 2.6k OA which would be pathetic on most toons but he is not Crit oriented. He cleared everything just fine and although damage is not bonkers it is notjing to scoff at vs. melee bosses like Grava I still get up to 4-500k DPS accordong to GI.You get hit and the Retaliation % damage added to attack happens, it doesn’t matter if the hit is a melee swing or a spell. Same here, so basically this Retal version simply relies on massive flat added via % of Retaliation damage added to attack. Since it is a ranged build you also do not need to get hit in melee for this damage to apply. You lose out on the Retaliatiom damage done to the melee attacker but it’s a lot safer this way.

First, cool concept but build is kinda all over the place. Is it lightning? Fire? Phys? Looks phys by the devos, fire by the skills and lightning by the gear… The only rr devo is Assassin, and phys is like 5-10% of total dmg output. Where’s Seal? Where’s Deadly Aim? What about sustain?

Why max Infernal Purge then? Anyway, full retal phys tanks deal good dmg on regular retal (not “added”), and oa/crit doesn’t apply to that so it isn’t that essential (until they realize they suck against ranged and casters). This one’s main source of dmg is retal added to FoI. OA and crit dmg is just as essential as anywhere else. Essential and imperative. Indispensable.

BTW that 16% retal added is fuckall so he should have hybridized with regular fire dmg like I did on that retal FoI paladin or thejabrixone did on his Hellborne retal Fervor (one of the best retal builds). Fire retal sucks on its own.

Negatory. You HIT and % retal dmg added to ATTACK happens. You get hit (by melee) and regular retal happens.

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i know retal builds not rely on oa im an old retal theorycrafter but from what i’ve seen is this build is based on retal damage added to attack if u know what im saying that why i said low oa for him :slight_smile:

Is it lightning? Fire? Phys?

I’m trying to do elemental. The core gear gives elemental and there are many items that both give + to Inquisitor skills and elemental retaliation. (I mean any of three kinds)

Lightning/fire/cold - doesn’t matter since +%retal usually applies to all kinds of damage, and my RR is elemental.

Phys is unintentional, Assassin was taken partially just for points.

Devos - I tried to get the ones that give +%retal and good defense (especially phys resist)

I tried to take Hyrian and Phoenix, as well as switching to Conviction, but got inconclusive results: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAwj47N

Where’s Seal?

:man_facepalming: thanks, I missed it somehow. It definitely helps with survivability.

What about sustain?

sustain? What is “sustain”?

This one’s main source of dmg is retal added to FoI.

It’s 50/50 between added to FoI and usual retal, right now. I do need more offensive ability.

BTW that 16% retal added is fuckall

To any other skill/attack - yes. But channeling skill hits up to 6.7 times a second - you can’t get it with any other kind of attack. That’s why I think it can be viable.

First, sorry if I sounded too criticky. I get like that sometimes.

Basically, the heals. Ways to heal up dmg taken.

By fuckall I meant ok but nothing to write home about. Getting hyperbolic. Best way to do this build is to hybridize between retal and regular dmg. Max that FoI and get a little from both worlds. Going all out with retal devos is too pricey with this little retal added output. And no phys to fire conversion.

But mixing up lightning retal there is interesting. There’s a lot of it on that gear. But I doubt you can fit in Widow in a fire devo path with some retal devotions as well. Witchfire, however, is a must.

My first thoughts were “that’s a lot of lightning retal”. So maybe you can focus more towards the lightning side and the last 3 nodes of FoI with Widow.

Idk if something of this tweak may work: more lightning focus

  • Some sustain from Bat + Ghoul (hate myself for this …but…it is a practical combo)
  • Arcane bomb for 35%RR (which impacts both the retaliation and non-retaliation damage) and Stormbox to put them down (or proc something else)
  • Switch out of BWC and into Revenant for Raise the Dead (you could possibly use crown on mines as an alternative). BWC and crown are kinda similiar in that you need the enemy to be in the radius initially.
  • Eye of the storm Relic and gloves reduce the FoI skill spam cost below 50% and adds some more lightning stuff, more lightning-oriented devotions with some retaliation hybrid, and chest with 25% fire->lit conversion.
  • And higher OA allows to take more advantage of the potential >100% crit on FoI (could probably could juggle some stats for more, perhaps). Note that both normal and retal->attack can crit.

Or something along those lines. Ultos for a little more RR - might also be a better fit than SoH, possibly…so lots of possible paths (Ultos path might look something like this: ultos instead of SoH )