Lv 70 Necro Veteran

Hello there, I recently got Grim Dawn with AoM and FG and I am still on my first character, a lv 70 necro (no second class chosen yet) heavily depending on skellies, Blightbeast and Reap Spirit. I already finished act 7 and the base campaign and I am closing in on finishing AoM on veteran. So far things went smoothly playing in a completionist manner. A handful bosses took some tries, but since they don’t regenerate between deaths, there was no real roadblock (toughest enemy so far was a water ancient or something like that).

Right now I am wondering on how to go on. Staying with one class will severely hinder my attribute development, which in turn will be problematic when it comes to equipping gear. So I guess, I need some kind of a beginner guide for a necro-class-combination that utilizes only target-farmable and faction gear (obviously I won’t have access to one of the factions).

Since I am still a beginner, a guide with explanations, why certain skills are chosen would be very welcome. I am aware that many advanced players only need a grimtool-link to understand the concept of a given build. But I am not yet advanced.

I am not set on the pet play style. I only started out like that since I figured it would be easier without the immediate need for kiting enemies.

There are several beginner builds in the Compedium so see if any of them appeal to you.

If you are interested in pets, give this a read and see if anything catches your fancy: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

The guide’s Builds Section has GT links with faction gear and the Beginner’s section right after that has GT links for every 10 levels from 1-100 to help with leveling.

If you find something to your liking and have questions, feel free to let me know :3

Ok, thanks. Looks like I will go for Cabbalist. This way I can try a beginner pet build and a beginner caster with one character.

Just one thing. You can only go either Pet build or Caster. Not both at the same time. Pets are an all-in or nothing kind of deal.

Yeah I know. I would have to drink some respec potions and equip differently. But I was under the impression that this is quite doable or is it not?

It is doable and you don’t need a respec potion for changing your skills (nor does the game have one). You have to visit the Spirit Guide NPC and pay an amount of iron bits.


Thanks! I already did some skill and devotion respecs using this guy. But since there is a potion for devotion reset I assumed there is one for skills too (to avoid the increasing cost). Now I don’t have to go searching.

The others have covered lots of good options for you, so I will just point if you want to target-farm, going death knight (soldier) allows you to take full advantage of one of the only target farmable sets in the game (Krieg). This is a very common advice, but of course this kind of character may not appeal to you.

It might appeal to me and it was the reason I chose a necromancer to start with. But I couldn’t find a Death Knight Build using Krieg for FG and the current patch. Since patches often contain balance changes I have no idea whether the old build guides using Krieg are still valid. I admit I didn’t examine those very carefully, but Krieg Set is only a part of it. Many of those guides are mostly grimtool links filled with legendaries in the other slots. No word on what to use alternatively or what the concept of the build is (apart from using Krieg set obviously). I surely can assume that aether Death Knight focuses on aether damage but as said, there is no word on those builds where to get the aether damage from in the first place. Probably some kind of damage conversion through equipment. But then again, target-farmable alternatives? Still valid in current patch?