[] Meme's police open doors day-Chaos Blade Arc Witchblade+Health regen Elementalist


There was topic recently about chaos Witchblade, so behold the true Blade Arc build, one and only Chaos master. And before anyone wonder the color isn’t brown as poop, but sienna. It looks brown, because the background font is dark. So OK, that settles every possible build problem or question. Next…



  • only permanet buffs


  • now fully buffed

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk6lzQZ

Rah Zin is here for stats and RR. Juggernaut is the only good weapon. It doesn’t have attack speed like Tenebris, but RR proc and so much skill points. Combustion relic for even more RR, this build despite no RR from either class is fine at that regard. Boots look weird, but stats are kinda needed.

Devotions, took both DG and abomination, but had to make sacrifices. Really missed that Ghoul :cry:

Build is good on paper, but can’t complete Crucible. Too squishy against Nemesis waves- 160 and 170, 169 too. If completed, times will be decent, for sure under 8 minutes, maybe something like 7-30-7.45. For my surprise was able to squat Mad Queen.

Video from MQ :arrows_counterclockwise:



  • perma buffs

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRO0bBN

The concept here is to have Elementalist that have only one form of sustain-the massive health regen. Gear and Devotions are focused around it. For offense it’s used Stun Jacks. They scale with cast speed, and don’t have WD, so they are my perfect lab rats.

Don’t have video from Crucible, umm my :dog: ate it. In SR was able to complete SR 75 and 76 with consumables for extra regen. As whole build is tough, but can’t survive against burst damage. Better to aggro abuse bosse. Then it will be as pleasant as walk in the park or in the meme police station, during the open doors day!


this is great again but the boot magelord i think u can change it by a better one + devotion why imp ? fiend is better i guess or solemn watcher.

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I need Imp for affinity points-green and blue. Magelord are needed for slow, both OA are and DA are low and also I need energy regen to sustain Blade Arc. You can make suggestion for devotions of course!

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That chaos Blade arc is super meme. Have you tried to build it around the granted skill from gammer instead?

In my experience, the proc from Eldritch gaze is quite damaging. I wanted to build around it but chaos proc build is super meme, I am afraid to get arrested.

Oh, how beautiful it is if CoF has chaos RR. Warlock, pyromancer, deceiver will be so beautiful. Chaos cabalist pet will wreak havoc but it will be a worthy sacrifice. Lol…

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Valinov have made decent Deciever with Obsidian Tremor granted skill.

Chaos is really bad damage type. I personally wanted to try pure Oblivion with WD stacking.

Stupid pet builds are to blame, apparently if you give CoF Chaos res then some pet builds will become completely ungodly. But yeah, if only one more mastery had Chaos RR, then Chaos would have stopped being a meme.

Nice builds, Nery, but as a meme police sheriff I have to take you to the police station for questioning.


Just don’t punish me with prison time :smile: Pets, uh…

How about chaos RR on Possession if possible? Pets have to take other exclusive skills, so you can have RR without making pets overpowered.

That’s not possible unless it’s a useless flat RR. Those kinda questions affect your possible prison time and not in a good way! Meme builds prison is a harsh place!

Love that elementalist, going to make it some day.

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Thanks, Elementalist is the real star!

Rah’Zin is here for what? :wink:

For stats I said. Like energy regen. Read carefully, sigh. Ah you mean is missing a little OA and DA, haven’t noticed. :smile:

I’m pretty sure pet builds are not to blame for that. After all it’s super easy to nerf Witching Hour and Dying God bonuses into oblivion.

But I honestly don’t know which other mastery having chaos RR would be making chaos non-meme. If only Arcanist perhaps, but well, it’s Arcanist.

Well, 25% stackable chaos RR is technically a stat :rofl:

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I’ve been asking for it for ages. It’s superfitting there. Also, gotta love the racial to Chthonians.

But what I meant is the truth is people take Rah’Zin because they gotta not because they wanna. Nothing else gives reasonable rr.

Considering the RR to CoF alone is worth it. And chaos don’t have much tools anyway. Dagalon? Without the full set you don’t have RR, so yeah.

Why no points in Zolhan’s Technique, given that Rah’Zin boosts it significantly?

Because it’s not a default attack build. Touch of Chaos is only used sporadically for the debuffs.
If for example it’s used once every 2 seconds then Zolhan’s Technique would fire once every 8 seconds :wink:

Btw the build is a perfect candidate for GDAutocaster tool:

  • you move Touch of Chaos from Right Click to 5
  • run the program with the following config


And now Touch of Chaos fires automatically every 2 seconds when you hold Left Click and spam Blade Arc (most players would probably skip Touch of Chaos altogether because having to spam it every 2 seconds manually doesn’t seem too comfy).

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That Chaos Witchblade scares me :frowning_face:. Especially AS, ADctH, Armor and DA values. And no Ghoul with Hourglass… And yes, stun resistance is also very low. Do the damage output and defence layers like Bloody Pox and BA lifesteal modifiers provide enough sustenance? :thinking: