[] Non-set Death Knight. SR 80, 2.100k crits .etc

I want to make a build out of the interesting items that I couldn’t mix in with normal set, so here we go.

Updated: SR 76 run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N_Qc3v78mU



>>>>No-greens version>>>>

The Build:

  • Standard 2H Cadence with Leviathan with 100% WPS, funny now Leviathan is pure DK item.
  • To do SR effectively, we’ll try to overcap everything to respectable level (30%+). With 16% life steal on top of that the build does fine in the 65-71 range.
  • I’m not sure if the devotion route is optimal, probably not.


  • The BiS for the head should be Ravager of Souls Dread Gaze for lifesteal, but I accidentally sold it and was to lazy to farm another one so I went with second best option which is Callagdra’s Visage.
  • Medal: SuperDuper Rylok Crest of OPness or Mythical Mark of the Dread Blade.
  • Shoulderguard: SuperDuper Nemesis Pauldrons of OPness or Titan Pauldrons.
  • Rings: Black Matriarch is BiS, the other should be SuperDuper Cronley’s Signet of OPness or Belgothian Sigil/ Coven Storm Seal.
  • Kirian’s shattered soul: Meme component? Not anymore, suckers.

Shattered Realm

  • This is my first try at shard 80, died once to goddamn Dusk Reaper, still finished the shard with 4 minutes left.
  • I do not recommend to go higher as at shard 80+, shattered bosses start to spawn and they hit way way harder than nemeses.

Big fuckoff crits:


I don’t do crucible anymore so I have no idea. My guess is that it can do Crucible in about 9 minutes, which in the current meta will put this build right above the shit tier and straight into the trash tier.


Very interesting concept! I tried in Crucible and times were bad with 3 parts Warborn set. Technically Bloodrager will probably provide more damage.

But in SR build look surprisingly very strong and SR 80 or so it’s an achievement.

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I think the difference between SR 80 and 81 is quite huge actually, that should be the point of unfairness for most builds :grinning:

Hey, Physical 2handers are always cool!

I have few suggestions tho if you don’t mind:

  • Markovian’s Advantage is no bueno for two-handers. It has something to do with slow animation that actually loses you damage
  • Fighting Form is worth softcapping. You need every bit of aoe you can get
  • Investing in WPS overcaps is never a good idea - gains are pretty minimal, it has been tested on multiple builds. I recommend keeping wps at 9/10 (but 12/12 for Necrotic Edge) and investing into Blade Arc with a transmuter. It’s a huge once in 5 seconds nuke with huge aoe.
  • Runebound topazes are worth then Bloodied Crystals, extra armor is never not needed

Forgot that there is a pretty cool amulet Bloodsurge - blueprint is sold at one of FG factions. I think it would fit this build better.

Nice bits about the WPS, I didn’t know about that.

I’m pretty sure I softcapped FF though, if you meant the no green setup then I think I just straight up swapped the two items without noticing it, haha.

Bloodsurge is a nice DPS boost however it will make it harder to overcap elemental resistance, maybe I’ll try to craft a Serenity with needed bonuses and see how it goes.

What is the reason for using the amu? The attack speed? The flat ele damage? I mean, isn’t a good rolled Kaisan’s Eldritch Eye superior?
Also, what is the reason everyone uses Serenity? The trigger or the resistances? I mean, sure, 1 all skill is pretty awesome, but most relics still have +1 to a class, which is still half as good…

Of course Eldritch Eye is better, but it’s also extremely hard to farm for a good one since you basically have to check half of the expansion for it. I’ll definitely put a Thunderstruck Eldritch Eye of Alacrity there if I got one dropped. This build is also nowhere fully optimized.
For Serenity, well you just mentioned all the reasons yourself.

nice but why leviathan ? for +2 soldier ?

Leviathan is THE weapon for 2h DK. It’s nit just for Cadence and Soldier boost, but also gives you WPS mod, convert half your cold from BH to physical. So with it and Gladiator belt you have preposterous flat damage from BH+Deadly momentum. Also physical WPS skills. And Necro WPS are better than Soldiers one, especially that ugly carrot, I mean Markovian disadvantage, a DPS loss for 2h builds.

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so if one days i want to ply dk i took leviathan without asking any question right ?

Leviathan is best for Cadence and Blade Arc, for Forcewave you have Stonefist Rebuke. Of course you can always get creative, a god-roll Steward Halberd or Obsidian Warcleaver can easily out-dps those items (while lacking other +skill bonuses).

Looks nice. Does it really outperform Death Herald, especially after recent Beronath nerf?

No offence. I don’t think this build is viable for SR 75+ runs. I tested your build with GD stash, crafted unnecessary parts with perfect rolled MIs. still I need 2~3 minutes to solo Kuba on SR 75 with serious kite. If kuba spawn in that small boss scene(not the scene with lava), the only option I left is rage quit. It’s not the problem of the build, its how Kuba defeat all physical builds in SR 75+. @Zantai we need serious nerfs for Kuba, it is way more strong that demolished every possible physical build( including physical retal).

No, it doesn’t. 2-handers are weaker than dual-wields in general and that build utilizes full Warborn set with cd reduction to War Cry.

Hmm, weird, Kuba is definitely a tough enemy for every auto-attack build, but I don’t remember him being down right impossible, maybe a combination of very bad mutators? I did several more 75-76 runs but couldn’t find him. Anyway I updated the build to be a bit more offensive.

Also you don’t have to tag Zantai because the answer is guaranteed to be NO. SR 60+ are supposed to be unfair. For most builds there are boss combos that you just can’t beat and that’s just the way it is.

Good to know, thanks. If that is what crate wants, so be it. Btw, only physical builds suffer from Kuba, at least other type of damage builds don’t have such a thing that is invincible.

Tagging Zantai. :woman_facepalming:

Um, I do not see the reason for using those green Benn shoulders. Is that the optimal MI to use in that slot? Am I missing something crucial?

The optimal MI is hard to find, this one is maybe not the best but still very good OA DA full resistances.