[] Olexra's Nemesis: 6s Mad Queen, 6:30m Crucible, SR 75 no greens caster Infiltrator (+SB spec)

Amatok is a great caster’s devotion, because it benefits greatly from cooldown reduction which casters’ off-hands provide in buckets. Proc is pretty massive as well.

Yugol got pretty useless stats for a caster: adtch and flat damage it gives do not scale well on a low weapon damage spell such as transmuted Phantasmal Blades. And route to Yugol is absolutely horrendous, you have to take so much semi-useful crap to get all those green affinities.

Another thing, I have tried to amass as much energy regeneration as I could in this devotion map, Infiltrator needs it desperately.

Decided to work on this build a little more since it has lost quite a bit of its damage after Harra’s nerfs. Changed Rhowan’s Crown for Revenant. Build got much better mana sustain now and very high consistency. Unfortunately, because of the nerfs it can’t go faster then 6 minutes in Crucible Gladiator. Usual timer would be around 6:30-7 minutes.

Added new Grimtools link and John Smith’s run with the new spec (the fastest and luckiest one he had).

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Reinvented the spec a bit. Still a very strong top-tier build. With Arcanum Dusts in jewellery mana stopped being a problem. Added a video of 6:09 Crucible run.

And Mad Queen less than 6 seconds kill in boss killer spec.

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Any cold build I see on this forum doesn’t ever use Leviathan. Is that constellation so useless?

Constellation itself is very good. Unfortunately it’s the road to it that is really really bad. You lose a lot of OA/DA/resists by building affinity points to Leviathan.

Plus this particular build needs casting speed from Lantern and Revenant and Dying God and as any Infiltrator it has huge OA problems which become catastrophic when you go Leviathan route.

Yes I already did a bit of theory crafting trying to squeeze Leviathan into your build :smiley: No Way! 13 / 13 price tag is just too high. But I really getting a bit tired of Ghoul / Dying God in every second build

I like Leviathan but route is lacking. Ironically I saw Leviathan being used exactly by Lee in melee Infiltrator. I made similar map for Blademaster, check it out in this build!

that was just a test version. It had comparable damage to Amatok/Revenant/God/Ultos classic map, but was far less consistent.

Yes. It’s very hard to beat God / Ultos / Ghoul for cold builds. I like Leviathan visuals those whirlpools but I don’t want to handicap myself :frowning:

for the infiltrator spec how does the Iskandra’s balance relic stack up to others with relevant + skills? (how important is the -% skill energy cost)

Bane has OA and 2 energy/sec (probably best of these 3)
Ignaffar’s Combustion has -10% RR
Nemesis has damage to humans and DA shred

also are you planning to update this spec for 1.1.5 or not at this stage?

thanks for the guide.

I have updated this spec for and found its latest iteration to be perfectly balanced (as all things should be). And nothing really changed for this build in

Unfortunately, without cast cost reduction this build runs into huge mana problems, believe me, I have tried everything. 2 flat regen from Bane won’t solve it. From my experience of playing PB spammers, you need about 160+ flat regen to play comfortably (with some energy absorb of course, and even then in Crucible you will ocasionally pop energy potion here and there). So Iskandra is the only way if you want to keep this really strong Devotion map.

Ok, thanks for the reply, the 160 regeneration is without the cost reduction I assume?

Also what is the reasoning behind ghoul, as a caster that converts vitality to cold I would have thought bat would be better.

No, with “basic” -10% reduction from Seal of Annihilation of course.

We have no proccers for Bat, but mostly because Ghoul works great on casters with CDR and some (even tiny) weapon damage. It has shorter cooldown and during its duration our leech increases a lot and we get additional physical resist to withstand tough fights against multiple nemeses.

Ok, thankyou again. I did notice the lack of proc skills when I tried to fit it in. I was figuring for an Sr build the aura could be swapped for 15 phs res and murmur swapped for bat. Problem is then you’ve then lost a lot of RR, but then again in high shards defence seems to be king.

Edit - and medal for solemn mark (blue cold thing) f
or OA or consumption for ADctH to PB

no no no, don’t change exclusive skill, it’s going to be much worse in terms of tankiness with Conviction. You need this passive damage reduction and RR from Censure makes you leech better since you deal more damage. Same with Murmur, don’t change it for bat, or Kuba becomes actually unkillable.

The only reasonable change for Shards is trying Mark of Consumption.

Lol, yeah. RR enables the leech and makes ghoul so good ig. I figured that medal was best option to change, seeing as the current one doesn’t seem to be vital, just nice for the overcap to the aura.
Alright thanks for your time and have a good day, it’s always good to learn from the experienced.

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Hey there, I’ve recently starting to theorycraft a cold spellbreaker based on harra set and wanted to start a question from here…
@mad_lee I’m still not sure I’ve 100% got how conversion priority works in GD but don’t you lose the pierce to cold conversion on PB if you pick frenetic throw to remove cooldown from it? Shouldn’t the skill conversion apply first and then, since you can only convert damage types once, the pierce to cold of speaker of the dead be wasted?

So I thought I had to go with CT as spam and then use PB out of cooldown (which should be quite short, albeit not spammable)…?

Both conversions have the same priority so it happens at the same time and splits pierce into 50% Vitality and 50% Cold.

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