[] Pestilence - Acid DW Dervish - SR 75+ [Sr+]

Nice take on Dervish, @Drakhan

@powbam , passing 75 and posting screens don’t mean that everything is good. @thejabrixone passed 170 Cruci in 6:30 with Dreeg. It doesn’t mean that Dreeg set is in a good place.

You could always ask him to post vids perhaps, maybe ask some questions concerning consistency and so on.

anything Acid need support and revamp. I %100 agree but I didnt die at the boss fights during SR 75. It could be luck I came really close to dying couple times.

Not alot of legendaries support to acid conversion or has good effects with, hell sets dont even support specific melee DW acid damage when one of the main sources for acid RR is nightblade and its DW Melee based

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I guess I will finally have to find a recording program and actually record :confused:

I know that alot of people tend to use OBS. Me personally if I need to record something tho (and if you happen to have Nvidia Experience installed) I tend to use the recording tools available directly in Experience since it’s pretty simple to just up and record with it.

I can second this - it’s very easy to use if you have an Nvidia card. And it comes out pretty decent as well! :slight_smile:

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I never said that. My opinion of SR is that - below 80 - it’s doesn’t say anything about how good a build is. Any decent build can do 75 when played right. And even a half-assed build can do it when played wrong if lucky (not talking about the op build here, just in general).

It’s not about being cheap or holding anything against anyone (except the rhetoric - the only thing that’s cheap here - six rare affixes are hardly measly). Anyone should play the way the wanna. But balance discussions must revolve around certain standards, and green and no-green are two totally different standards. GDStashed greens can elevate a build way beyond what’s available in legit game. No build can ever be lacking - especially in the res department - if you allow an unlimited number of handpicked rare affixed. And no balance discussion makes any sense if no build is ever lacking.

And when it comes to DW Venomblade dervish, yes, it’s lacking in legit game.

Well, as far as you are concerned I was referring more to this I suppose:

Not looking quite so dead tho :wink: I just take exception to people perpetuating builds as being dead when they aren’t. It’s a bit extreme, a bit knee-jerk, a bit misleading.

The GD Stash aspect in balance discussions I can agree with. I’d like to see if he can take out the those three items and replace them with more “legit” items then and see if it still holds water. It’s hard for me to believe that he couldn’t.

I didnt knew there was such a post. This makes me happy ^^. Now I am working on Soulrend Reaper not sure how its going to work not many choices in there too :confused:

Alrighty. I’ll avoid the d-word in the future.

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