[] Pestilence - Acid DW Dervish - SR 75+ [Sr+]

Today I bring you one of the four horseman
Dualwield Dervish with Acid Damage,
Builds Life steal due to mad queens claws are insane, it both modifies shears and has in build life leech mechanic.

Oathkeepers and nightblades both RRs are stacked together insanely. You also will have whrilng blades and Guardians at the same time which allows you to kite bosses if needed. 2X2 set pieces for %120 Acid dmg.

With GI I get to see 1 million dps to 1.5.
Sheet OA and DA looks low but once you proc the both bursts and ascension, I got to see 3700 OA and 3100 DA Max during combat.

Deathguard sigils can be used instead of the green ones but hands is a must because there isnt any good acid/poison gloves

GT Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26qx3pN
Special Shoutout to : @RxJunkie for fine tunning the build and @Valinov due to changes on skills, @ya1 did some more skill point tune up and Official Community GD Discord

SR 75:

SR 76:


So much for those dead Dervishes. DW even. And Shard 75. Congratulations to the OP. Guess noone told you yet but I hear your build is dead. Dead dead. Good for nothing :wink:

Congrats on getting through SR75 @Drakhan. Happy to help out when I can!


I would recommend this…https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j1EexN
i didnt do much, just changed a couple skill points to better hit break points. Pulled 2 points from veil of shadows (16 enemy Oa shred) and 2 from haven (2%healing bonus)… added 2 more in dual blades for 2%phys res. more in righteous fury (for another charge level) 1 more in path of three for another 1% cdr

edit changed link. Noticed you werent using pestilence of dreeg :eyes: should be huge buff to character. I fixed resist by changing ring augments

also +1 Fashion Dawn on the transmog.

I wanted to get away from streamline sets to be honest with you.

thanks man it was a huge help <3

So many people made so many builds that it is hard to make an original build that can clear 75. I character started as sentinel 2hander cuz I like to smash things. modified it quite a bit. Didnt knew class was dead tho makes me even more happier.

Nice work! I really like builds that don’t use full sets but mix things up a litte bit.

Better not pay too much attention to what people deem “dead”, you’d miss out on a lot of fun :wink:

Hey, I realized that pestilence of dreeg changed acid dmg to chaos wouldnt that decrease the dmg of the entire build?

How would you say this build performs compared to the Shattered Realm/dual Pandemic Acid Dervish? That could roll OG Crucible without any problems.

You even look at the gt? Got 3 fantasy greens. Besides SR is no measure of anything. You can do 75 by a fluke with anything.

@Drakhan Some suggestions if I may… 1) You got Smite untaken for 1p. It’s cheap&good. 2) You can drop Jackal for 4th Ghoul and take oa from Torch. Would save you some of that cunning dump that makes little sense on acid. 3) Those pants and gloves are no good. You need attack speed on the gloves above all. Since you got no slow res I’d take Tranquil Mind for the pants there. 4) Since it’s full melee (not like a hybrid like Venomblade) 1% attack speed for 1 point is always a good investment. Like Pneumatic Burst at 6 or Consecration at 13. 5) I see you can hardcap Merciless but you didn’t. Last ranks are so worth it. 6) You can get to 21 in PotT, worth it. 7) You can one-point Retribution. Major poison dmg from there. 8) You can pull points from: Whirling Death, Shadow Dance, Veil of Shadow (why 11???), lastly from Night’s Chill, Celestial Presence and Ascension. 9) Why in the world aren’t you using Shadow Strike? 10) (last one, don’t worry…) Amatok Breath is better than Fallen Kings. You convert some of its cold to acid and can freeze some heroes on apprach.

I dont do crucible no idea how it would perform in it

to be honest, sadly Acid is not supported by legendary items, both ring and glove choices are shit.

also thank you for the feed back, Updated GT link. I have just started playing the game like a month ago, still trying to theorycraft/learn some conversions mechanics etc

True… It might screw up your resistances but 2 main choices for gloves are blue Vilescorn Braces or purple cold Iceskorn Talons. As for the ring, again, screwing up your stats, but a good choice is Deathguard Sigil or Matriarch ring. Good acid pants are no existent, sadly. DA shred of Venomskins is obsolete since you got Scorpion Sting.

Also, check out some of this: [] Cookie Dervish (SR80, Naked Crucible, C+). Alternative use of the great weapons MQ Claws.

I did indeed. 3 greens hardly condemns the build. Sorry. I don’t buy into that philosophy. As for SR - people were talking (you among them) that DW Dervish was dead and no longer able to achieve anything past 65… I bet you can only imagine my surprise that this gets posted while that conversation is going on.

Kinda… shoots that idea right in the foot, doesn’t it? I already knew you guys were going to be cheap and try to hold his “measly” 3 greens against him.

bro, I dont care build is there. He gave good feedback too. Did I complete 76? Yes thats all I care about. I agree with you too might as well lynch and remove every single build that has greens in it. Do you know how much build diversity would just get recked? most of the conversions for not intended dmg types comes from green belts and such. Plus its not like %90 of the people who are making builds for community are not using grimtools or defiler

Sadly some builders try to put a lil hate on greens being in a person’s build. I agree… they are part of the game and if someone wants to use them, use them. As far as I’m concerned your post shows readily enough that DW Dervish is far from dead.

well I am going to go and try to push to 80, changes were good enough that I feel like I can hit 80 with the build

Nice take on Dervish, @Drakhan

@powbam , passing 75 and posting screens don’t mean that everything is good. @thejabrixone passed 170 Cruci in 6:30 with Dreeg. It doesn’t mean that Dreeg set is in a good place.