[] Cookie Dervish (SR80, Naked Crucible, C+)

Dervish - 1: a member of a Sufi religious order noted for devotional exercises such as bodily movements leading to a trance; 2: one that whirls or dances with or as if with the abandonment of a dervish

Cookie-cutter - 1: a device used to cut rolled cookie dough into shapes before baking; 2: marked by lack of originality or distinction


GT for Ultra Tankiness (on pic): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V03q1R2

GT for Faster Clears: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E45enN

  • 3b/VB Crucible: around 7:10 on the tanky setup, 6:30 on the faster one will upload some vids when I make good ones

thejabrixone for this version w/ double Misery

It’s my first polished SR set build. SR set is… a perfect cookie cutter. Painfully banal, auto-fix to all GD problems. Everything beyond SR set will always be missing something. There will always be some holes to fix. Not with SR set. You don’t know how to make builds in GD? SR set. Now you do.

Build is pretty much indestructible under a reasonable debuff density. SR set provides Ulo and Empyrion blessings to any build. 2 Mad Queen Claws make sure that your Belgothian Sheers hit like you’re on Ghoul, always, and themselves got a healing proc each. Bat is stronger than on all reasonable vitality builds I know. And then there’s Ghoul just in case but it feels redundant. Extras were selected to get warlord-tier armor which more than makes up for not-too-stellar phys res. Res could be better, true, but res could always be better, and here all key ones are well over 30% (aether, too, GT is freaking out).

This setup was not made with offense in mind because I don’t think this is the function of SR set. But even as is it qualifies for 2-2.5 crucible farming runs. No kiting, no thinking, no dying.

What’s more, 5 active skills (including 2 self-buffs) so with a good mouse it can be played with no keyboard. The advantages of having one hand free don’t have to be explained to any gamer and won’t be digressed upon in this guide.

Archmage Aleksader. Courtesy of the murder of Anatomy of Murder this patch, the guy has celestial-tier resilience. But all it takes is patience. His meteors are harmless before SR 75 (unless heavily debuffed like by Anasteria or immediately followed by an unlucky crit).

Grava and Slathazzar are always a pain for melee. But I got Slath at SR78 or 79 during the climb when the op vid was made and facetanked him without any problems. I got Grava at SR 80 and besides his null - no problems.

Offensively. IMO it gets very close but isn’t better than Misery. There is too much damage in the masteries to be bought with those few dozen extra points from Misery’s +1 to all.

But defensively Mad Queen Claws are way better.

Thanks for reading and comments and suggestions/crtiticisms always welcome.


I think you made it a bit too tanky. Like I would definitely find a way to use flat damage augments on each weapon and also use classic Scaled Hide + Prismatic Diamond + Skull combo. It would still be a lazy cookie cutter, but at least with a bit more Spice.

muslim’s dont do that men :slight_smile: we dont do bodily movements we just do our prayer so …

No offence to any religion, faith or belief in my threads. The Definition of dervish was taken from Merriam-Webster. It’s a little imprecise so I’ll change it.

But those are authentic Sufi dervishes. Sufism is Islamic mysticism. Not all Muslim are Sufi ofc. And that’s not a prayer, that’s a part of Sama ceremony, a kind of a meditative dance.

I agree. I wanted to get more damage at first. But then I decided to make it very tanky. It still does ok in crucible. And honestly, now crucible balance is so tight that to get that 20 seconds more you’d have to give up on a lot of SR consistency here. Vitriolic Gallstones alone - after rearranging resistances - would cost me like 300-400 armor and other things.

Could be done, sure. I’ll try later, maybe. But it won’t ever get even close to Venomblade,

noice naked cruci clear. What was the clear rate on naked?

EDIT: you could probably cut down the naked clear time by a minute if you pay attention to ghoul. Gotta go balls2thewall when ghoul’s up.

No retreat, no surrender!

(still v well done though!)

Well done with this build!

You build it tough for noobs like me playing, although my internal structure rebels against missing flat damage opportunity on melee build.

3/3 100%. Build is unsinkable like this. 100% cc res means you never stop attacking for more than a fraction of a second. And the heals are premium.

You still can’t do stupid things like tanking Mad Queen in the middle of a debuffing mob and that other boss dude or try to overpower Alex with Reaper and Fabio around, but amost…

Yeah… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E45enN this feels much better… 6:40 with bad mutators just now.

How about that for MOAR DAMAGE. Not sure about the gloves, but you probably tested it, if those are worse than blue ones than revert to the blue ones.

@jawa: Do you know what the acid res on aleksander is?

EDIT: Biggest solution to aleks for acid builds is AoM. (not saying nerfs are too harsh, or not harsh enough, I’m just expressing my understanding for ya’s perspective)

I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment mate. :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to be confrontational, or abrasive on my end.

But for what it’s worth…the 10% increase in killtime may seem miniscule in isolation, but in the crucible, 1-2 secons may be all the time you need to kill an isolated nem before getting surrounded, and being forced to kite.

Given how small human targets are, it becomes a huge pain trying to re-target someone like aleksander.

Problem is made worse by how aleks can always one shot you, regardless of how low her/his hp might be.

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I didn’t play DW yet so i don’t know how much dps gain does execution have but if i were you i’d try dropping it and Nightfall to max RoS. You are using it constantly anyway and with 20/16 those mob packs would die so much faster (cause you have full pierce conversion).

Also worth noting you will apply 211% WD dots to the whole pack.

@mad_lee Good idea with more crit and racial. Could use more oa…

But imo no reason to go for max dmg on this. There are better dw builds for that. Or… are there, still? :rofl:

Why would I spend 1 point for 1% racial if I don’t even have enough points to max out rr for 1% per point? Pushing AoM above 3/12 on non-cunning-dump and non-bleed/vit is no good. Unless it’s some Winter King build that is swimming in points.

AoM is dead for cold/acid.

Thx for the input. I do more than 211% on every Belgo Shear wps. RoS isn’t strong enough and I also need those point in the mastery. Could try some Basilisk Marks but I don’t like greens unless it’s a core item.

Actually still very viable for Cold since you can go Cunning dump there (due to non-shitty devotions)

The latest iteration of SR pierce BM I played clears 6:15 this patch :rofl:

RoS maxed is only worth it modded i.e. Reaver’s Claw and Korba.

If to max dmg on this one it’s possible to match it. But would have to give up on much of its defense and forget about naked crucible and deep shards. I got 6:30 best so far on the second setup which is still pretty tanky.

But no doubt blademaster is the best dw build in SR set. Doesn’t have to give up on anything to get that tankiness.

I wonder if infiltrator can best that tho. Either pierce or cold. With deathmark it was better even if beronath was bad. For pierce maybe beronath can still work since you’ll effectively have 90% pierce with derp slicers which is what blademaster also has with reavers.

I should forward my Infiltrator build with SR set. It’s interesting to compare it defensively against DM, because it’s clear as a day that offensively DM is still better. Also don’t forget that BM and Dervish have proper auto attacks that are doing real damage. Infiltrators need all that flat damage.

Pierce without Belgo should be meh.

Hmm… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p6mDyZ… 12-14k wpn dmg… looks like Deathmarked-next-patch… :rofl: or like Silver Sentinel but without the rune.

I feel so depressed, 12k WD :face_with_monocle:

It looks like a preparation for the future cold builds/Inquisitor nerfs :smile:

Dafuq are those stats :rofl: so this just means hide the bones. even the dead aren’t safe now