[] PLAGUE MONK OF CLAN PESTILENS - Dunefiend EoR Dervish - 6:30 151-170 crucible


So with the recent buffs to Dunefiend EoR across 2 patches it looks decent now (even with EoR itself nerfed) tho the set still lacks stats by itself so I had to resort to greens for EZ capping. Too lazy to be creative nowadays. Onto the build:

The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs.


Build Explanations
  • What changed from old dunefiend? - Well, gave it lightning to acid conversion (was previously lightning to pierce) then gave it energy regen, which was one of the most requested buffs for dunefiend. Now it can sustain spinning for long periods as long as there are people with energy that can be leeched. Just don’t go spinning for long periods of time without hitting anyone and you’ll be fine. The major energy consumers now are really just blinks, tho it will still cause you to run out of mana since spinning and regen just balance out each other.
  • Dervish vs Sentinel - Haven’t really tried Sentinel but from my tests with this Dervish, it’s likely that Sentinel will still have energy problems unless you go out of your way to really fix it, which means either less damage or less defense. I like dervish better cause Veil.
  • Gear - Only dunefiend is really core here. Belt and Relic are common acid combo nowadays. Medal cause even with 11/12 post nerf anatomy and that medal, Alex is still a pain in the ass to kill. Peerless eye over essence cause I’m OA whoring. Green rings for EZ resists/stats. Since dunefiend lacks by itself, then I think at least 1 green with good affixes is mandatory, either the rings or a stoneplate boots. Go for Widow’s sting or Deathguard can be alternatives tho keep in mind the previous sentence. HOW DO I GET THOSE GREENS? JOIN THE CULT OF THE STASH! MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!
  • Stats - Figured DA is enough so just got required physique for pants and went with full cunning
  • Skill Choices - EoR, obviously. No DW blades skill cause I figured 25% phys res is enough. Adjust depending on your tastes. 11/12 Anatomy for the cunning dump. Mandate cause Slow Res is very valuable for EoR and while you can get it by items, it’ll make itemization more convoluted and I’m lazy enough not to find a better solution. Once you solve the slow res problem without Mandate then go Path (with this itemization, getting slow res bonus from crafting won’t get you anywhere since we only have 1 craftable item, so try another item setup if you wanna solve slow res that way). Legwraps of Tranquil mind exists but I prefer having Barbaros for the steroid.
  • Devotions - Pretty common for acid builds with deadly means. I removed Tainted Eruption proc since SS is the only skill I have to bind it and SS with dunefiend is kinda clunky. Low CD and when the CDR procs it never feels good. and you just lose DPS cause you’re not spinning while yo’re trying to figure out what’s happening to your SS. Removal of the proc actually made me gain around 30 seconds on my runs.
Cruci Performance and Video

Cruci cleartime is consistent around 6:30 mins with 3 buffs and 1 banner on my hardware. Video shows my best result at 6:20.

The build is great,Not in the same league as the new ranged builds you’re seeing or the usual casters but it’s not even minmaxed yet (it’s first draft) so a lot can be improved. Just not by me cause I wanna move onto other builds and games.

Anyway, you usually don’t die aside from chainstuns as stuns = no spin = no lifesteal. The only time I died with this build was when 2 Moosilaukes just chainfreezing me luckily and I never got to spin again. This was with other nemeses dead, so try avoiding stuns if you can.

Other Stuff * **Realms** - I don't like realms. I did have some spare realm sets back when I played it last patch tho. There's a shitton of them drops before it was moved to vendors so it wasn't a problem finding good rolled parts. - copied this from the previous thread again


Oh, wrong game…


Nice build! I like Sentinel version here, especially without you charging LA. I have questions about gear, Did you not know there are acid gloves in existence? :smile: But you have lot of trouble taking that pierce res. GD stash can help you with that. This cute green rings, yes I am looking at you :eyes:

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Not a SS build /10

Acid is green, build is green. Looks alright.

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The only acid gloves that could be considered is Vilescorn which has very bad stats. If I had LA I’d rather use Iceskorn over that. Other acid gloves don’t have attack speed. Justicar flat damage is at least fully converted and the other stats are great.

why the hell can’t I show that hydrochloric acid stuff I wanted to link :frowning:

Acid gloves lack speed, yes. I was thinking about the Sentinel and mods to BoD. But Dervish is different. But then again Nightblade have passive boost to attack speed, so one can’t complain here.

Interesting gloves choices! Though it’s actually quite logical. You can take iceskorn, but if you don’t take lethal assault, doesn’t matter I think.

Soooo, shadow strike + EoR is not really compatible in gameplay I presume? Sad :frowning:. I thought we can finally see a blink and spin works…

What really strike me here is how important CC res in EoR setup. :thinking:

Noice build, but I still can’t bring myself to like the dunefiend. Poison damage to EoR seems like suchawaste. :stuck_out_tongue:

My OCD also can’t handle 25/16 EoR.

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Too much DA for a Plague Monk. :^)

Glad to see a Dunefiend build up and running!

Bonus Offtopic

Only if you make a Clan Skryre build.

Without lethal, iceskorn isn’t ideal since the flat isn’t converted, unlike in venomblade.

Yeah. Blinking is just a dps loss. SS animation feels too long to be spammed.

Thanks! Actually, 1/3 of the sheet dps is dot damage. And it really is a waste. If only dunefiend was pure acid, this would be a lot stronger.


I also don’t have Ikit DLC :frowning:

Wait, what if we add more cd to SS so you disrupt EoR more seldom? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

During the time you vanish you probably already spinned 5 times in an area to deal an equivalent amount of damage to a single target. Not to mention the amount of skill points needed for that.

You still have to deal with energy, which is barely enough to sustain EoR + displacement + 1pt SS. At max SS it’s gonna be a disaster.


I was being sarcastic, man, just making fun of how Crate totally butchered SS part on Dunefiend and then just burried it by adding CD.

Cool build! Why no Path of the Three, though? Didn’t you know that CDR is the best stat in the game? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously. Since you already use greens to fix resists, why not add some impenetrable stoneplate greaves of arcane winds to fix your slow res, too, while you’re at it? :slight_smile:

Edit: you could even change some components + augments for more health+DA to make up for the loss in awesome Golemborn defense a little!

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Sadly, the cult still isn’t that popular with the local peasantry. We must take their sympathies little by little before we strike.

Hi, I meddled in Dunefiend some a while ago. Some feedback if I might:

Why Raven? You can take Spider with the crossroads point. And no Abomination proc? It’s over 300 poison a second for the whole screen. Check out these devos: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26qwLKN. You can also change back Spider to Raven (or Sailor to Eel) and get that 5% crit from Torch. With that little wpn dmg in EoR stacking raw flat (I mean Rat) is not that super great. And since you go for Mandate returns from oa are huge.

Also, Anatomy is now waste of points for acid. IMO cunning dump on non-pierce is not that great, either. Why the Justice gloves? No ranks, no nothing, except the flat. Unchained or Iceskorns better imo. And why not using ABB? It’s not a problem all. SS->ABB->spin. Not much slower than SS->spin. And ABB applies 131% of all your stacked DoT flat in AoE. The only other serious wpn dmg output is the single target SS.

Pretty sure I had spider. Gonna fix it when I’m home.

Read the OP. It’s dps loss when I played it.

Why do you guys always say that weapon damage don’t give good returns on EoR? On phys yes it’s true but acid doesn’t go through armor. If ABB wasn’t clunky I’d take it too. You’re looking at 38% weapon damage per hit and EoR hits 6 times per second at 100% attack speed. That’s 228% weapon damage. At 181% attack speed it’s way more than that, around 418% per second if my math is right. Don’t look at per hit damage since this isn’t cadence or a phys build.

Once you get enough defense from physique, cunning (or spirit) dump is always worth it. There’s no reason to go more physique when you already don’t die. Where to the points go? Of course on damage. Also Anatomy gives you better damage returns than other skills there except Lethal Assault but I don’t take that for convenience.

The flat which is useful. Unchained is something I overlooked. Should try that when I have time. Iceskorn is best when you have LA. I don’t want it here.

I still find it clunky. Just pure spinning is the smoothest route you can take. Most of these suggestions are best in theory but what’s theory when you can’t play it?

I don’t wanna piss you off in your thread, lol. Just giving my opinion. Anyway, like I said I meddled in Dunefiend a lot so it’s not just baseless theory.

Since you get no damage from cunning, all cunning gives you is oa+health. Physique gives you da+more health. Since da and oa are quite interchangable here, simple math. All this cunning dump gives you is having to use meh components like Enchanted Earth to fix da, and then Sanctified Bone to fix chaos res (Prismatic Diamond all the way, man, energy absorb), green rings to fix everything when you could keep it oldschool: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy9dgkZ. Before you go about the 200 oa less consider: 1) 150 da shred from Scorpio, 2) 10% rr, 3) 20% attack speed, 4) 3.2k wpn dmg on tooltip, 5) no-green, 6)ofc not polished like yours.

However, you’re right about the piano thing. I added two casts… And poor-ass armor…

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My internet is somehow becoming shit atm so i can only look at the gt probably when I get home. Some comments tho:

I’d use sanctified bone even if my chaos and vit were overcapped. This applies to most builds. The only exceptions are when energy is shit so go diamond (tho this one came close), we need more elemental/aether overcap (living armor/sacred plating), and when it’s so squishy I’m forced to go diamond.

All true. Matter of perspective. Or this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWOQBJV. With better oa/da and less slow res (fixable with craftables) and phys res. Check it out. Is all I’m saying. Not that it’s better. :wink:

Also, noteworthy, Pestilence ammy got chaos to acid now. Does wonders for the Eyes. Might even experiment with the other side of Abomination (I never did).

Last thing lol and I’m out before you ban me from your threads… :wink: If you can fix stun res with greens a little more, maybe Mantle of Dreeg? Except that stun res it’s much better than Radaggan.

Lmao why tho :rofl:

Probably won’t be able to try it out now. We’ve been discussing a few ranged builds and I wanna try some of it. Your choices make sense for a variant with lethal tho since that alone carries weapon damage and OA so you’ve go more freedom in it. Anyway Mantle of Dreeg? Dreeg set exists? :laughing: