[] ShatteredBarrels - Canister Mementalist, mini-guide [g3][c+][vid]

Yo guys.
Totay I’ll show you one more canister build. It isn’t superpowerful, and not so easy as builds with inq or OK. It can do cruci and SR, but requires some microcontrol and piloting skills.
But I made some lucky runs in crucible, SR and Crate and we don’t see SR set caster builds often, so I’ll share it just for fun. Because I can :gorilla:


>>>grimtools<<< 0 green items used

About build.
Don’t know what to write. SR set+barrelsmith’s set. All craft for armor.
Phoenix helps Elementalist a lot.

Slightly improved full Ulzuin’s Crate time, now it’s my best Crate time.

Also it’s my best 75-76 SR time, lucky run, It’s usualla about 9.30-10.00

Lucky run in crucible. Average run about 5.50, such builds depends on enemies a lot.

The End


Nice build and always is scary to see your times!

Cool music cool build.GJ!

Interesting build, John…
This is actually one of the fastest SR build. But is it due to your OP piloting? :thinking:

Looks like with the demo revamp, even elementalist can be good now. The lack of stats looks quite real though.

Congrats for another beastly build!

It’s fucking John Smith. John_smith > Crucible.

'nuff said.

@John_Smith: Love the build mate. <3

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@Nery @xOMOCHIx @thejabrixone @sir_spanksalot thank you, guys :smiley:

@thejabrixone Nothing OP in my piloting. Just canister clears trash fast without additional preparation (like totems, winds, mortars etc) :firecracker:

I am still going to go with “Nerf John_Smith!” :stuck_out_tongue:

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J_S’s 5:50? Ok, so build is like 7 minutes. Buff Barrelsmith.

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I too, am incredibly humble. Got any excuses for non-bomb builds?

That said, well freaking done. It’s crazy how the Crate kill time is shorter than pre-nerf full Ulzuin while doing quite a bit less damage on paper. Lightning > Fire and Maelstrom are making the difference I suppose.

Hm, interesting thought. I should ask him to play my builds and with 6+ minutes by him there would be a new dawn for Bleeding Builds. :partying_face::joy:

awesome build as usual. hope this build will not nerfed like the other ulzuin shieldbreaker :sweat_smile:

Sick Elementalist, John! And welcome back.