[] The Amateur Arsonist - Barrelsmith Elementalist

Updated for : not much changed, except a presentation overhaul.

Hello there, here’s my take on a Barrelsmith bomber, with balance offence and defence in mind.
Canister and Grenado provide a good mix of large scale AoE and single target for a very fun and active gameplay.

The gear is straight forward : 4-piece Ulzuin for everything, belt and relic for +1 demo, pants and medal to support Grenado further, and the rest bring core stats we need. 3 items are craftable so you can craft for freeze resist, 22% is low.
The pants can be replaced by the legendary Stormcage Pants but armour augments must fix the resistances ; the medal is farmable at the Blood Grove, get an Aggressive of Attack/Readiness/Squalls.

The devotion path incorporates my healing trifecta : Dryad + Behemoth + Chariot, which scale well with CDR and HP. I add Ultos and Tempest for more lightning damage and AoE, and the usual RR devotions that are Rhowan’s Crown and Widow.

:arrow_forward: Grimtools Link :arrow_backward:



Check @Stupid_Dragon’s guide to get tips about levelling a pure lightning elementalist :

What about levelling with bombs ? Considering the base damage of the skills, it would lean more into a fire/lightning hybrid, but you can simply focus on lightning, the fire part will get some collateral support. Dragon’s guide is then a good base to improvise from.

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Looks cool outside of Savagery onepointer. Not sure why do ou need it here, as can put onepointer intro flashbang for 110 OA and max BWC for 184DA and some dmg instead.
Also is High impact worth it over maxed thermite? 400 flat for 11 points don’t look so good on paper.
How about https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G0pnlV this point distribution. A reliable proccer BWC to make sure everyone get RR.

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Nice build, gratz. I suggest drop Savagery, this build can kite easily, should not facetank them even for few seconds. So you can invest more in Flame Touched and Blast Shield. For devotion path madlee and alkamoshater created the best one I think

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I wasn’t sure about Savagery too, I like to have something to spam but even with the attack speed and WPS of the set it doesn’t do much :thinking:
High Impact is maxed because the build was originally focusing on Grenado, skill points will get shifted to the mines if it’s actually better
I’ll consider adding Flashbang instead but I’m not a fan of BWC, especially with low CDR, and too much buttons make the build too clunky to play.

For devotion path madlee and alkamoshater created the best one I think

I don’t know about this path, it’s made for a sorcerer and relies on mirror and CDR, do you think it’d work with Blast Shield as well ? I can afford losing some tankiness especially if I go 100% kite.

I did some changes and you were right ptiro, the extra RR from the mines is way better. I removed Savagery and went full kite, it went very well, I killed Reaper and Maiden with neutral mutators pretty safely on the first run, where I even forgot to use Wendigo Totem so I got BWC instead, the damage reduction should cover bad mutators run.
Anyway the grimtools link is updated, thanks for the input guys, next update will be if/when I find a better devo path.

Casual run, second try after the changes. This is definitely great and fun to play too! Good job Monc and ptiro!


If you attach Aetherfire to CB, then use the Storm Shepherd belt and dual Storm Witch rings, you can get lots of fully converted Aetherfires. Just a thought.

Another tip is to have Grenado on LMB and Move To on RMB. That way, you can just hold down LMB for Grenados and pistol shots.

Good job on the Elementalist!

I like your alternative devotion route, since Elementalist can’t be sustained with Spear/Ultos one.

Here’s my idea for the class, focused around damage absorb.


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I used this as fire regen pury https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p257XMmZ . I think its not hard to respec it intro lightning path.

That would completely fuck up my resistances and skill points (which are extra tight) for some negligible AoE, when the build is already loaded with it.
You can actually shoot with the move click if you hold the “attack on place” button, dangerous when you kite but very useful for the energy leech, energy is barely manageable with energy pots now that I dropped Savagery.

Thanks Nery, I like alternative sustain methods, leeching bored me :stuck_out_tongue:
I tested a Templar with Phoenix + Ascension + Seal and only some leech on FoI, it’s surprisingly tanky and doesn’t cost an absurd amount of damage like regen does. Absorption is definitely an option worth exploring.
How tanky is your setup ?

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It’s tough to play Elementalist, but this configuration allowed to beat 150-170 without being insta killed by Nemeses. I would say with 14/12 Blast Shield and if you have some extra absorb from boots proc or at least Diamond in the head, should be sufficient for any lightning build for 150-170 and SR 66, maybe 75 as well. Phonix is actually decent devotion, converted damage via belt to Scales and Bat, also Ghoul. And twist is Crab, since it’s very rarely used devotion, because of weird requirements. I like Turtle as well, although is little redundant with Ghoul.

I think the main issue with Crab is the low CD coupled to a very low proc rate, the risk of being bursted before it procs it too high. Or if it procs you still get destroyed because it doesn’t cover phys damage. I’m very sceptic about it.

The main issiu with crab is devotion requirement. The proc is very good, and nodes are good too if you need flat elemental.

The requirements looked reasonable to me, I should actually try it to have an actual idea about the devotion.

Anyway, the build can defeat Crate, I’m impressed. Don’t ask about Cally, I hate her and won’t try.

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Against a single target, fully converted Aetherfire can yield 2113 flat damage per second for 3 seconds when bound to 22/12 CB, per cast. Granted, the target does need to stand relatively still.

Over time spent on elixir it can be predicted that it takes about 200s (~3m) to kill Ravager.
Too fast. Works well, good players.

That’s actually very long, I’m surprised I survived for so long without making a lethal piloting mistake.
If you think it’s fast, see how fast a melee build can kill it

hi, is this build still viable? i just got the 2 barrel set gun

Did you try the build? I’m new was wondering if this is still viable.

There should be better ways to build around Barrelsmith these days, but this build remains functional and not too hard to assemble. The biggest changes since then, would be the ability to gun to get energy back (probably clunky but energy was tight), and some slight buffs/nerfs to the main skills, probably for a small improvement overall.