Unimaginative Grenado + Canister Bomb Spam Purifier

As the title states, it didn’t take a lot of imagination to combine two sets that focus on bomb cooldown resets. All it took was the realization that with the addition of Cindertouch full fire–> Lightning conversion was possible. So, everything from thermite mines to the Ulzuin helmet proc add to DPS. The only inefficiency is the phys-> fire modifier for canister bomb (I am unclear on whether conversion is 50-50 or if one of the mutators takes precedent; I suspect the former)

EDIT: Elementalist will outperform what I have here by a stupid margin due to crit damage, better RR, and the addition of Storm Totems.

EDIT AGAIN: Tentative Final Spec in Grimtools, will test Elementalist and make a separate post. If anyone can recommend software for videos, that would be much appreciated.
Storm Shepherd makes 100% Aether -> Lightning conversion, which makes Imp + Arcane bomb do extra damage for us. Dropped Spear and added bat for sustain, got the 1st 3 nodes of torch for stat stick because I had met the requirements anyway.

Balanced Setup with Mark of Divinity
-116 Lightning Res + 25% reduced resists from Ultos, so Serenity is BIS for +1 to all skills and the circuit breaker (particularly phys res) over Ignaffar’s Combustion.

Glass Cannon Setup (kymon’s badge)
This setup gains pierce conversion on Grenado, and (ideally) some stun res, but loses the divinity proc.

My current, non-BIS setup.
I’m running a purifier, mostly because that’s the max level toon I had on hand. This is what I’ve tested. It capped out at 700k (most likely from grenado), screenshot upload pending. It would not surprise me in the least if the elementalist version of this broke 1 mil grenado crits.

  • Valdaran = Easily

  • Grava: Surprisingly painless. I lucked out and got multiple resets while he was casting his nullificaiton missile, which killed him during its flight.

  • Fabius. He died quickly, but would definitely be deadly if I lost track of him. If anyone has any ideas for +damage to humans I’m all ears.

  • Ravager: No. I got about 1/4 ~ 1/3 of his HP then he one-shot me through divinity. Better mechanics than mine + phys res (I’m running ignaffar) are required here.

  • Slathsarr was satisfyingly easy. Got him to stand on thermite mines & kited him to death.

  • Unfortunately, neither my piloting skills nor computer are sufficient to test this to its limits. I suspect quick Gladiator 150-170 clear and SR 60+ are possible. I will attempt to test this further.

  • 24s Dummy reset time, could be faster with reset rolls.

  • Moosilake Killed, just enough freeze res that an oil isn’t needed as long as distance is respected.

Elementalist Version(s).
1 fewer button press, but that button is the self-heal.
Mark of Divinity
Kymon’s Badge

Shieldbreaker Version with a much more aggressive devotion setup.
More mobility + Ascension + crit damage on divine mandate means this is just all around better than purifier for SR and Crucible. Wyrmbone Handguards are BiS on this to max thermite mines to compensate for loss of RR.

TL;DR: Skill transmuter is applied first. 100% Phys to lightning.

It’s also worth noting that the maximum conversion % on the barrelsmith pistols is 54%. So with good rolls you don’t need Cindertouch for that. Wyrmbone Handguards could be an option.

They are indeed, and I did consider them for buffing thermite mines with more lightning damage. I’m using Cindertouch mostly because the rolls on my Barrelsmith guns don’t add up to 100% and I like the proc. Looking back I didn’t include “without good rolls” in the original text.

That’s interesting, because my DPH tooltip still shows some burn damage. Could it be that the modifier from the helmet isn’t getting converted when it should?