[] Silvie the Squish - RoH/Melee Hybrid Infiltrator (c5:17) (sr75)

Haven’t mess with it again. But I will surely exchange wolverine to throne.

I don’t really need spider as my AS is already capped.

Yeah but just look at those stats… Raven is there just for the affinities. Spider actually gives something like 40 oa/da, spirit, cunning, extra attack speed never hurts even after softcap.

I think it’s even more reason to go for the Seekers now instead of the classic Revenant + Amatok + DG.

Yup. Will do some more theorycrafting either tonight or tomorrow. Hawk still got crit damage that I want. Am I using Raven though? I don’t remember

What I am not sure is undying oath vs mark of shadow queen now. Putting point in anatomy of murder is not really attractive now in a cold build. Not sure if it can be much faster than my previous spec now because while the newer spec has more flat, reliability is less with less da

On pure melee I’d go for Oath unless oa was real terrible and crit dmg was really high. Especially when that 500 heath from Oath does make a difference when you hardly have 10k.

BTW I put together that melee version with classic devos we talked about (different for Mad_Lee’s a bit). It’s ok, actually it’s fucking amazing, but I can’t solve the da problem. It’s at 2750 and won’t budge. This build needs a hard 3k or one-shots keep rolling, and you can hardly survive 1.5s with Mad Queen before the rune explodes. I’ll post a gt once I’m back home.

Updated with pride nailed a perfect run :sunglasses:

5:20 woah. Now you have shattered my dream to have the RoH’s nerf lessen. Also, very good run! what about its reliability now?
So my devo is still better. Suck it @mad_lee!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will need to theorycraft another RoH hybrid.

EDIT: BTW, it seems the first and second setup are exactly the same

Huh? I don’t know what that is… :joy: (speedrunning is nerve wrecking but if you don’t care about the time it’s ok)

Anyway, weird things are happening in GD. I just did SR65 no pharma no shrines with Fabius, Marked (-100da) and Exposed (-20% armor) and some other bullshit mutators ON THE FIRST TRY. But in Crucible full blessings and banner I die all the time on all kinds of mutators.

Really feels like some secret changes were made to Crucible. Like he doesn’t leech so well, and gets one-shot all the time despite the blessings. Density of debuffs, maybe? But it doesn’t happen with other builds… Any clue?

Grrrr, at least you need to tell the reliability so RoH Will not get nerfed again!

On the suspect bug thingies. I really don’t know man. I do cruci run only by feels, never really bother with mutator and stuff… :crazy_face:

@thejabrixone @ya1 I am confused, which version is faster now?

The one in the vid the fastest. But the one inspired by your suggestions (classic devotions) is more consistent and generally more Crucible friendly. Both are in op.

so suck it @thejabrixone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How much slower is “classic” devotions?

It’s still sub 6. 5:50 was my best. 5:30 should be achievable.

Path to Seekers got buffed so it might even have made up for the Anatomy nerf. I insist that the original is better (for my taste) but truth be told in current meta there’s little room for builds like this.

I am still a bit confused as two why your devotion path is faster though. Maybe it’s the power of fully converted Blind Sage, or maybe something else, always hard to say when you are not testing yourself.

Perhaps the answer lies not so much in the raw damage of seekers but in their functionality. As mobile pets they are free to chase down stragglers and they’re doing this constantly. A ghost here and a late-to-the-party skeleton there add up to time savings.

It’s because of the amulet. 0.5s cdr to the rune + 6% global cdr is huge. Great DoTs in AoE more often. Always time to set up a rune before a mob arrives (auto 270da shred).

Second reason is Seekers.

Jesus. /10char

Please do not touch rune of Hagarrad itself. The skill is fine :pleading_face:

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Not sure if people remember my CW DW infiltrator. Was my second build post for FG.

Made a thread for buffing RoH. If you want, you should continue the discussion here.

@medea_fleecestealer: Maybe you can splinter off the thread starting from…

^here, and move it to here :point_down:

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