[] Silvie the Squish - RoH/Melee Hybrid Infiltrator (c5:17) (sr75)

(all buffs, I think…)

Crucible 4b/VB (5:17): https://youtu.be/OeUkRvtv4fU

SR65: https://youtu.be/wvb1egaj3KQ

SR75: https://youtu.be/h4GC6G9GZ9I


This concept has a very long history… of plagiarism. First, I made a N&O hybrid in basically ripping John_Smith’s pure melee version . Now, I did the exact same thing with thejabrixone’s recent Bonemonger .


This is one of those builds that were argued not to exist in this thread . It’s a hybrid melee in a caster armor. One of the glassiest builds there is. Exposed and Afflicted mutators are alt+f4, Aethermarked and Tainted are very bad. Best played with Courageous Tincture (didn’t use in the vids for clarity).

It needs to be piloted really well. It can die at any moment, even to trash mobs. It used to make up for it with crazy RoH damage. Now… it’s 75% crazy RoH damage plus assorted nerfs to just about everything infiltratory… It can still kick ass when the stars align but it’s kind of a sad shadow of a glorious past. Maybe my favorite build ever, still. I really wish Crate didn’t try to decimate glass cannon meta, which is currently 99% accomplished.


Maxed cooldown on the rune, maxed pierce to cold, some melee for sustain and voila. You can imagine that RoH was never nerfed… :slightly_smiling_face:

For defense we got the Seal… and that’s it. Use your spider sense to disengage when the one-shot is just about to come.

What is notable is thejabrixone’s idea to stray from the generic cold melee devo path (DG, Revenant and Amatok) and go for Elemental Seekers. It affects defense (Revenant is a huge loss for any elemental melee) but gives a crazy offensive boost.


  • Add that 2% cdr on Silver helmet. Would be so nice to have 3 Seekers.

  • Buff Deathwhisper pants. 300-500 health would be spot on.

  • Energy regen on Silver would be nice. It’s a caster set after all. Being blue and only 3pc is no excuse.

  • Stop nerfing stuff just because someone somewhere achieved a time. Revive true glass cannon meta. Peace.



John kind of ripped my N&O Korba Trickster when he made his Infiltrator. But I partly ripped my Trickster off his N&O Rimetongue Sabouter. So the circle of TOP STARTER BUILDS creation.

My advice on making it tougher: fuck that weak Blind Sage devotion route shit. You want it to be consistent, make it more melee. Put some meat on it. Conduit + Undying Oath plus sturdy strong Revanant + DG + Amatok + Ultos combo in the devotions. With those stats it feels like you are exposing yourself more than supporting. Even if you can’t find relevant conduit, putting something like Night’s Embrace will make it hit much harder and as a result leech better.

What we say when nerfed skill it’s achieving under 6 minutes? Well done! But people that never played this kinda of build don’t know how vulnerable it feels. So kudos not just for the build, but for piloting as well.

PS, I agree with Lee about melee route. RoH isn’t really main attack, but nuke. It have AoE range and synergies well with Nightblade single target damage.

Noted. But I did all that. I respecced this from GDStashed Chillstrifes with classic devos, Undying Oath, etc. This is stronger even with no greens. Trust me. Besides:

  • Night’s Embrace is crap. Gives no res. The active skill does nothing.

  • What conduit do you have in mind?

  • Undying Oath, yeah, I’m a big fan, too. Going for DG, I’d take it every time. But oa is oa. I could probably shuffle some augments as I can take flat lightning and fire as well…

  • Stats… are ok, actually. 3k da, 22 phys res, decent res. Only armor, health and cc res. And that’s out of reach. Always was with Silver Sentinel. Can’t make it tanky. Gotta love it the way it is.

  • From classic devos I miss Revenant most. If only I could take it with the Seekers…

Thing with RoH is that if you’re not willing to take it to the max then it’s not worth it, imo. This is why it’s lacking. Too expensive. And Silver doesn’t have a single node cheap investment wonder like Chillwhisper got Blade Spirits… But once you do splurge, fully converted rune on 1.7s cooldown is quite powerful, still.

BTW when I talk about squishiness and randomness I talk about SR. In crucible it’s all good (unless Kuba + Fabius + mutators)_Maraph.zip (1.1 MB) Here it is if you wanna take a deeper look.

Damn, forgot how SS have god awful stats. Here is what I could come up with.

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Hmm… how did you figure this out…? :rofl:

This is ofc better but… that’s what I didn’t wanna do… Well, okay, I can meet you halfway: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQdppXZ

The return of RoH hybrid? Or not!!! :crazy_face:

I never ever thought to put any point in RoH anymore because the damage is not worth the clunkiness.

BTW, the power of elemental seeker is not its aura, it’s its explosion. CDR is good yes, but even with no CDR, doesn’t make it unviable.

So…ignaffar’s combustion? :rofl::joy:

Nah, I don’t think that 5% charity de-nerf changed much.

RoH used to be my favorite skill for a long time. It might be clunky but RoH is the most active, dynamic playstyle.

And once you max it it’s kinda worth it in the end. That’s how I made the build. Total support for the rune at all costs. I got RoH on 1.7s cooldown which is beautiful. Often I have time to set up two runes and wait for Reaper/Kuba to run into them. Or 2-3 runes for the 163 trio so they wake up with half the health!

But as demonstrated by Mad_Lee you can make it as a wannabe Deathmarked who took the rune for laughs. Will also work well, even better for more stability.

Agreed. Now, go convince Mad_Lee. But the true power of the Seekers IS when you reach 1s cooldown. Then your got the explosion itself as a 1-second tick, stacking with two auras from the other Seekers. It would be worth taking Word of Pain just for it. If that happens I swear I will never beg for buffs again. :wink:

BTW as you see I didn’t take the Box for Ultos. I tried, and didn’t like it. Things die too quickly and often there’s no active Box on anyone. Seal is slower but it’s fire and forget.

Started with it. But oa, adcth, attack speed, energy, and fully converted healing proc… All of it is needed. Bane beats Ignaffar on many builds now. But I don’t think it’s op or decidedly better. Ignaffar still got da and better damage beside the rr. What neither have, however, is crit damage which is low once you give up on the classic devos and DG. I’d take Nidalla if I could max the rune.

It’s your build, man, you can leave it as it is :slight_smile:

Personally, I love me some creative hybrids, but Crate made endgame so unforgiving so that you are basically forced to make same choices for melee if you want consistency.

Also, “Deathmarked wannabe” is actually Deathmarked now, after all the nerfs it seems like off-beat specs like yours or @thejabrixone’s are stronger (at least faster in Crucible) than actual Deathmarked.

BTW, I forgot to suggest to test Iceskorns vs Haggarad gloves if you go for melee oriented build.

@ya1: 1.2 and 1 sec is not noticeable. Stacking aura or not is also not matter. The explosion and aura stacking just got delayed 0.2 sec, that’s all.

In a high CDR build though, seeker is beautiful. Druid or sorcerer will be interesting with it, but I don’t know if they can afford this Devo map or not.

@mad_lee: I think crate hear all of your feedback regarding that endgame loud and clear. Didn’t they promise to adjust it again in this hotfix?

BTW, my bonemonger might be only better at cruci. Bonemonger is sturdy and fun, yeah, but QoL in campaign is less due to no energy Regen and full blown seal consume so much energy. Also overcapping res is always hard with it.

For SR, I bet deathmarked is still better. It’s far more sturdier. It just lack in AoE.

They already adjusted monsters hp and Fabius DA shred, I am not sure if they are making any further adjustments. You never know with Z. tho.

I wonder if Arcane Spark and maybe some extra regen can fix it?

Probably, yeah. You don’t need aoe in Shards. Problem is, playing Shards with melee is no fun at all.

I think it will need some energy cost reduction in inq seal and siphon souls. Or better yet, global energy cost reduction!

If it’s not fitting to the theme, flat energy Regen and leech will do…

EDIT: oh, you are talking about how to deal with it now. Personally I have done what you said. It’s not enough.

Well, I can only blame that corner of the devotion map that you chose. Usually when you go left you have Viper + Revenant which adds quite a bit of Energy absorb and Leech. Together with Arcane spark and ~20 energy regen it usually solves energy problem for any melee I have made.

It is. Because with one second cooldown you can bind Seekers to a ticking skill. And then they proc EXACTLY every second. Autoattack doesn’t have fixed frequency (unless you somehow manage to adjust attack speed to exactly 4.0 hits per second and ask the mobs nicely never to slow you). Without that you can’t have three Seekers at any time.

It’s especially apparent on the dummy. Bind it to BwC or Vire+Volcanic Stride and you got 2 auras and 1 explosion EXACTLY every second like a clock. And this is MIGHTY.

Now since LA was nerfed it’s hard to tell which is really better. I guess it depends how far you go with wps, Dual Blades and Arcane Empowerment. But on RoH Hagarrads are always BiS. Got lots of pierce to convert. Too much Deathmarked in your blood, my friend… :wink:

Alright, this one I overlook. If you have it in exactly 1 sec CD, then it will surely better to bind it to fixed ticking skills.

But surely It doesn’t matter if it 1 sec or 1.2 sec if you bind it to high freq skills like AA or spells that scaled to CS/AS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… correct! BTW, did you change Raven to Spider and Wolverine to Throne on yours?

Haven’t mess with it again. But I will surely exchange wolverine to throne.

I don’t really need spider as my AS is already capped.

Yeah but just look at those stats… Raven is there just for the affinities. Spider actually gives something like 40 oa/da, spirit, cunning, extra attack speed never hurts even after softcap.

I think it’s even more reason to go for the Seekers now instead of the classic Revenant + Amatok + DG.