State of Venomblade

This and lvl 22 Repertoire which is sweet. Ravager breath on off hand

The idea was that you can’t say X build is bad because just because it can’t do 150+ without one buff.

150-170 is meant to be harsh not just farming grounds. The fact that a player goes there with our without buffs is really up to the player.

And the reason people do 150-170 over and over is not all for farming that area but for getting better kill times

Makes sense for more DoT from ABB. But the 10% chaos res on Dreeg’s Spinedust…

Anyways, greens make it heavenly. Just tested my setup:

GT GREEN SUICIDAL: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXmKqL2 (crafted all slow res)

But imo if a build can’t be made no green and viable for 170 3+1 then it’s de… deserving buffs. :wink:

I can agree to greens but not really the buff parts. I don’t think a build is BS if it’s more likely to be successful with a pair of Nemesis shoulders for example. A green is fine. If the build cannot do shit without more, like 3+ then it’s a big problem for that build

a bit more Chaos res could help Dervish a lot imo

As for misc buffs. We will have to wait and see :slight_smile:

i only added non-pet becuse i dunno anything about pets :stuck_out_tongue:

@Superfluff @ya1
Why are you arguing about Crucible? I didn’t say a word about it. My VB is invincible in current Crucbile even without greens. Watching your timers, you miss the whole picture. Sorry, if it sounds cocky.

I absolutely LOVE your fun and sarcasm, but sometimes it’s better to be a little more adult :wink: . However, I’ll follow your advice and give more detailed answer about VB state for @Zantai .

As I wrote in the guide:

The problem in SR is that you might be bursted and lose all safe abilities in a second. Active defence<passive defence, unfortunately.
That’s why I would like to exchange some offence for good defencive buffs.

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Indeed and I can “pretend” to be adult when the occasion calls for it. I wasn’t slamming you in here any, as you saw, as much as it was about slamming other outrageous claims.

You know how tedious these “State of” threads can be sometimes. I’m just here to liven it up and call bullshit when I see it is all.


I replied to what Ya said about crucible. And he did so first. So scold him for doing so first :stuck_out_tongue:

If your VB is truly invincible in crucible I don’t see why it would have so much issue at SR 65. I’ve played DW glass cannon at SR 75 and wasn’t 100% full proof but was doable for the most part.

At SR 65 a more defensive version should be alright.

Also if you have read all the posts, the next patch will be relevant to SR players not only crucible as far as various buffs go

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It’s was 100% ok in, I suppose. After first wave of OK nerfs, VB was in a good place. Then there was a wave of NB and OK nerfs :roll_eyes:


I put together this Venomblade for Crucible, and to have proper arguments. Conclusion is greens make an important difference. Build will be better in the future

I will then go to SR 75 with it today and see how it goes.


Sorry if I sound like a heretic, but honestly?

I feel like VB should be left as it is, HOWEVER there should be global buffs to acid damage.

Especially in terms of non-m.i items.

Maybe that’ll be sufficient to give VB the bump it needs, while not having it be one of the 2 competitive acid sets in the ultra-late game

The dmg is pretty high on VB, but it needs misc ninja buffs. Doesn’t even have to be on the set itself, but other properties that VB will use

It’s never been about the damage imo, moreso stats and resists - both of which are compensated for by ascension.

Regardless, let’s just leave this topic here mate. It’s not pertinent to DMT’s OP

EDIT: My bad for bringing it up ><

it is pertinent, just that i can’t say more so yes, it will be left alone :slight_smile:

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Freaking praets <3

If you only knew just how evil we really were.


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This guy is very creepy :scream:

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It kinda was. When DA meta ended and 170 got easier people were still using 4+1 but then the farming potential of 170 got realized so at first some people did 4+0 (and thejabrixone still does it to this day). The “accepted standard” was 12 mins 4+1, which allows you to do unli runs with tribute refilling after 2nd run. But then people who were still using banner reported super fast runs like sub-7 (which was still considered really fast at the time) using 3+1 so people thought 3+1 was just better and the majority just adopted that.

He’s Dr. Evil from Austin Powers!