State of Venomblade

Long story short

  1. With all the nerfs of OK and NB as well as enemies buffs, it’s superhard to play Venomblade even at SR 65. Dervish is strong witn SR set (It has to be said that SR set always outperforms dedicated sets on autoattackers ). So the deal is in Venomblade itself.
    Need some serious defensive buffs. Little more health and resists and lifeleech on weapons would be good.
  2. Sentinel’s side is heavily unsupported. Chaos->Acid conversion should be global as it was shown in devs stream earlier. Also reduce ABB mods to 15% on both hands, BUT add good mods for Righteous Fervor (15% WD as a full set bonus).

I should try my Witch Hunter in SR, but low health, DA and barely capped resistances aren’t giving me much confidence in success.

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I’m all for Vileblade buffs but this was specifically made to avoid Dervish getting insane amounts of flat damage. And also make Witch Hunter/Sentinel actual choices instead of just defaulting to Dervish.

Sentinels go for Path of the Three unfortunately as soon as they need to invest to full bar for RR in OK tree :disappointed:

But there’s very little to gain from Path of the Three for Vileblade Sentinel. I would had cut something else but got Possession for that sweet absorbtion and phys resist.

Sent has almost the same flat damage with Path of the Three and Possession. The deal is that there is a ton of flat already, so % damage scales supergood

Good thread. Dmt’s VBs were always the tankiest. So, if she complains, it means the situation must really be tragic.

My two cents: I’ve been making max dmg VBs since FG release including the ones that beat all-time records. My newest no-green VB update cannot clear crucible 3+1 without pharma despite being the tankiest of all the setups I made. Still pretty fast, though, but what does it matter if it’s not really playable with any serious consistency.

So, dervish is dead. Witch Hunter is ok thx to added defense but itemization for non-oathkeepers is tragedy. Sentinel will never be good.

15% wpn dmg to an autoattack replacer is too much. Taking away anything from ABB is death sentence to witch hunters. Sentinel will never be good. It’s a nightblade set.

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It doesn’t really. The conversion in Possession will convert the chaos in Witchfire and Possession itself and all other flat chaos sources like Abomination proc. Plus Possession has % acid damage, so really the only thing Path has over Possession here is CDR.

is this not a bit darmatic? :stuck_out_tongue:

You make me want to retry this set

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Actually, no need - I’ve tried mine (you know, our setup are petty similar) and imo, the best it can do are SR65-66. :frowning:


I have two 2h builds around chest+helm and they are ok so my money is on the problem is in weapons and 3, 4 piece bonuses

I absolutely LOVE how you make that sound like a “bad thing”. You people fuck me up with that sometimes.

Yup. Must be a #deadbuild :scorv:



@powbam - As much truth as there is in that statement, I think it’s moreso a reflection of how far VB dervish has fallen from its lofty heights.

It’s kinda like having a billion dollars, and losing 999 million to some unfortunate event.

You’re still rich af, but still… :confused:

The salt is reel

Here’s something for all you rich folk to lick on…


mate, i’m poor af. I get by on 6 bucks a day :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey… you’re rich in #deadbuilds. I can’t wait to see what else gets killed off in 1.5 for everyone.

I’m getting everything prepared for everyone. It’s gunna be lit!



Make infinite shards and waystones for SR 75+
Nerf build that it can’t go further than 65?

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Guess it’s time for the buddy system then. Just because he’s letting everyone more easily go past it doesn’t mean he intends to balance builds to be able to. He’s made it quite clear that a build doing shards 60-65 is doing just fine.

Venom was a proper acid top tier build after first wave of OK nerfs and before the wave of NB, OK and Venom nerfs.
Or is it a nonsense that some acid build (without SR set) can do 75 SR consistently?

Ask Zantai. Only he knows. Maybe he has plans for such builds… maybe he doesn’t. Guess we’ll find out.