[] Storm Boss of Elgoloth - 6min buffed/bannered clear, 10min naked clear, 15s dummy kill time

I tried using stormfire and chain lightning from seal pre-nerf actually. I also had ghoul in that set up. But with the CDR, SBoE has like a 0.4s CD. You really don’t have time to maximize said seal granted skills.

As for casting speed - totally agree. But the only way to maximize CS is to use light’s defender so you can get more relevant resists + restless remains.

DPS loss isn’t worth the trade off in my experience.

So it would increase the build’s speed if maybe two restless remains are used iand the boots are replaced with some green ones? I can really see the worth in replacing the trousers so. Maybe the medal slot can be used here as well? Used to be the cyclone mark in the build of @thejabrixone:

this build heavily relied on the aether conversion as well

I personally don’t think do. Pants gives +2 to maelstrom and raging tempest. Hug imo. Has a pretty decent proc, relevant %damage, oa, da, spirit.

I think it’s BiS.

Maybe you can change the boots, but i like +2 to censure for better radius to AoC. As it stands, aoe of censure is larger than ignaffar’s combustion. also, stun/petrify res is very nice

btw, thanks for sharing jabby’s post. I’ll mention it in OP.

woopsy I wanted to say that I can not see the worth in replacing the trousers since they are a very good fit here. And BAne as the other relic options , does not have RR but some Casting Speed. I’ll switch around some items, keep ba(n)e and green boots to use some restless remains and let you know of the results .

You could try restless remains if you want to go for green shoes. But personally, I play very mobile builds. If you watch the YT, I’m constantly moving around those pillars in the center of the crucible because all my attacks can go through them, but few attacks from enemy can. This is especially true for nems and mad queen. That’s how I personally try to keep enemies within the radius of AoC without dying.

And if I’m movin’, I ain’t casting. Hence my decision for the shoes to give me a little more wriggle room.

yeah I am not so much a man of moving much :slight_smile:
Another build which went along the same line of vindicator caster but a bit more lazy with storm totem,was from mad lee:

EDIT: fixed

Wrong link mate. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the sake of curiosity has anyone recently tested vindicator with stormcallers instead of censure? I’m curious how overtuned far ahead censure still is.

Yes. 0 survivability. AoC gives too much, and stun res isn’t beneficial here. You really only benefit from the crits, but the RR from AoC more than compensates for it as explained under the ‘funky mechanics’ section.

I’m asking about details. X:XX crucible times vs the 6:00 you are getting with censure. What does it cost to match censure’s durability when you’re using SCP?

Can’t give crucible clear times because I didn’t record those, and I usually test my builds in naked crucible prior to buffed/bannered. And that in turn means I can’t comment on how SCP will perform in buffed/bannered runs.

But in my experience, SCP is on par with AoC when looked at in isolation. However, going SCP means that you’re forced to find other means of staying alive (i.e. devotions).

Personally, I would go for SCP if I can’t fix my stun res on lightning/cold vindicators without giving up something important, and AoC if my CC res are fine.

*** CENSURED *** by Meme Security Bureau. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If I’m being honest though, my old school 2H savagery vindicator used SCP. Would probably still build it the same way.

Maybe add a little flat flightning to SCP?

SCP has dot, stun res, crits

HoS has flat, DoT, adcth, and AS/CS

EDIT: @xervous - I’ve been giving what you said more thought and you’ve got me questioning myself. Will do 2-3x quick buffed bannered runs tonight and post the results

They added flat vitality to HoS, cause vitality melee is very weak. Lightning as damage is very strong though. But my cold Trickster with full conversion certainly will like the flat lightning on Stormcaller. :wink:

In a similar vein how many other exclusives can you look at and say “well it could also use X”? Or maybe it’s easier to gather the short list of the amazing exclusives.

Short list of amazing exclusives? I don’t know about that…

Possession - one of my favorites
Starpact - great
SCP - not the best, but not bad
AoC - great
Conviction - not bad, best for pierce
Olerons rage - great
Divine mandate - great
Mog pact - best for bleeds/pets
PoT3 - best acid exvlusive (edited)

That’s me going off the top of my head, so I’m probably overlooking some.

@xervous: I’ve been wrecking my brain over the build, can’t seem to find the OA needed to make good use of SCP’s crit without skimping on defense. Any suggestions?

How much OA are you shooting for and what content are you shoving this into under what conditions?

Well. I figured that if I was going to test SCP vs AoC I should build it in a way which maximizes SCP. Like just changing the skill points isn’t a fair test imo, since the build was designed with AoC in mind

So I’ve changed the shoes to stormbearers for more points to maelstrom, and am trying to find a way to capitalize on SCP’s crits.

How good a build am I trying to make? As good as a one SCP can do so I can compare apples with apples.

Some questions spring to mind like “are we doing a cruci run on this?” because if that is the benchmark we can bank on the free OA that numerous builds have relied on for their published and nerfed times

If it’s SR I’m just going to laugh and agree that you pick the “me die less” skill.