[] Strife, Devilstongue DW Purifier SR 75+

Third Horseman is here, Strife with Dual Wield and WPS Glore. Build Has %92 WPS with Fire Strike Supporting it.

I have swapped my Hellborne build into DW pistols due to themed but I still think that hellborne version is better.

Thermite Mine and AoC provides enough RR for us. Inqusitor Deadly Aim and WPS’ also adds in our AoE. I am aware that build is squishy I did SR 75 without dying. Dmg output is so large that leech is good enough to carry. I can make a better stated version if anyone wants.


GT Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy9ReqZ
Edited GL link couple times.

SR 75:

EDIT: I have been testing the build for a bit special thanks to people on GD Discord and commentors down below. I have finalized the build. Still have to do the new SR run later on.

Special Thanks to Official Community GD Discord


faster fix it

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Done thanks, I was lazy didnt see it. tbh I just want to get done with this project

Urg. While I like the build, this cameraggrobuse thing is just soooo cheesy :rofl:

to be honest I accidentally pulled colasus and abomination at the same time on that run and face tanked it till both died some bosses are literally nothing

am I right?
Is it Kraken in the sky?

oh mate, i’m not disparaging your build. it’s cool to see double deviltongues. I just don’t like the camera cheese.

Don’t take it personally. <3

Never use it
Can you show video like example how it works

Thanks for the offer omni, I don’t use it too and I have hit SR 82 on some of my glassier builds.

EDIT: So I know how SR works too I guess. My point is just that the camera-abuse shit trivialises the entire end game challenge SR is supposed to bring.

Changing the kraken now I literally copy pasted my 2H hellbourne build XD

Not flame
I mean upper transmute at Fire Strike

no problem mate done and done :slight_smile:

I’m realy confusing

@Drakhan why is there a Fire Strike transmuter that only works with one-handed melee weapons in your build?

Also is there any reason why your build has both Rhowan’s Crown and Revenant? These are usually taken as a source of flat RR. Two sources of flat RR do not stack.

EDIT: and you took Word of Renewal transmuter as well, which only works with 2-handed.

Look, I understand that you re-used your Hellborne build to make this one, but that’s a really sloppy work here, especially with all the stuff mentioned above. I’ve already added this build into compendium and not going to remove it, but if your next one would be similarly sloppy it won’t be added until you clean it up properly.

didnt knew that flat RR doesnt stack

Your build still has Word of Renewal transmuter which only works with 2-handed.

In devotions Ultos proc and Revenant proc aren’t bound to anything.

done, done and done. I have just gotta retake the stats SS and re run the SR. Discord helped me to change the build quite a bit

It really goes to show how cheesy camera abuse is if a spec with 5 less devotions, and 3 less skill points can hit SR 75. :confused:

SR is like real life- random and unjust. Occasionally though instead of grinding, you can cheat yourself to the top.

PS, I like DW Deviltongues setup!

My problem with SR is when you get to boss room you try to pull them one by one. so why not flip the camera and pull them one by one anyways? Sometimes kuba charges at you even if you dont even take a step and if you miss step BOOM Alexander comes too. Either you are going to grind so you can get easy bosses/pull correctly or flip camera pull 1 by 1 any boss you face