[] The Belladonna - Full Dreeg Set, Acid/Poison Caster Witch Hunter

Do report the results afterwards! :slight_smile:
Rotgheist should be even more difficult than dreeg because the stats are even worse.

I haven’t leveled a sentinel so can’t test. Also all of sentinel I’ve been theorycrafted, for some reason, doesn’t seem to be good on paper… :sweat_smile:

Hah! And here I was thinking you’d test it. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not playing much these days. (But I enjoy thinking about playing…)

Damn hamster, stop advocating for Nerf and play the fucking game instead! :rofl:

Acid caster is one of the most painful build I worked on. I need to build more elemental build to refill my energy.

That percentage absorb from possession playing its magic here.

Nice build, I played something similar way back before AoM but never got to finish it. I dropped that character around level 70ish IIRC.

I’m coming back to GD and thought about starting with this build again but I’m wondering if you could make a leveling guide?

At least for early levels and devotions since I tend to loose myself a little bit regarding devotion progression, it’s something I never quite understood about GD.


or you could headover to the guides/tutorial section :stuck_out_tongue:

Both are slightly outdated, but the underlying core principles remain ever true

P.S - welcome to the forum

Wich mod/tool are u using so you can see al the countdown timers from spells etc to the left of your screen?

grim internals

Thanks for answering @sir_spanksalot. :slight_smile:

On levelling, it really depends on what your preference. If you already have lokarr set + exp potions and want to level fast, use ABB with elemental storm devo proc bound to it. Get quill + hawk to reach rhowan’s crown. After reaching L94, re-spec to this.

If you want this to be your first char, I suggest don’t :laughing:. Witch Hunter is really not a good first char. Especially acid/poison in this current state…

I just build this to alleviate the community unrest due to the lack of acid/poison caster and witch hunter build overall.

@thejabrixone since you have experience with both, how do you compare this to Venomblade witch hunter (classic melee hybrid ABB)?

Frankly, dreeg is better because it’s a pure caster, isn’t affected by fumble/impaired aim, better AoE, more leech, and can easily take a step back if surrounded.

The debuff game is just too brutal now.

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Just curious, hoping you can clarify:
Where are you getting Word of Renewal from?
“Mashing RoS” refers to which skill?

Lol, it was copied from my other guide. I have fixed it for now.
Word of Renewal should be blood of dreeg. RoS (Ring of Steel) should be DEE (Dreeg’s Evil Eye).

that makes soooooooooooo much more sense ^^

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I will definitely try this!

I made this char last night (had a 100 WH already and the equip was on mules). Its a a ton of fun to play.

One question: is there a recommended way to make this build a bit more tanky (sacrificing some offensive power). The hp especially seems a bit low and there doesn’t seem to be much buffer to piloting mistakes (its quite robust when piloted well though). No prob if not though, I enjoy the build as is.

In this current patch, the build should have more damage with the buff on DEE and guardian’s gaze. It should feel tankier too.

New spec should use 1 of the new ring for acid to replace black matriarch. Other than that, not much I think.

If you want to be tankier, try to incorporate wendigo devo, need to sacrifice ghoul and scorpion though

Sorry to ask, but i’ve just try to use those new magi rings for DEE set, and end up building a sentinel around this set, here is my character: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M9qK42 (i try to copy your WH devotion btw, and the result is much better). With 2 magi rings, i finally get 100% vit converted to acid in global, so the DEE spam is really good with max 2 final node in DEE line. And 14% CDR bonus from PotT is awesome. But the problem is i cant tanky enough, always get destroyed before round 160 in cru, even when i get more defense/res/dam than your build. Can you give me some idea how to survive at high level cru with this glass build? I dont think sigil of consumption can really healp that much?

Don’t be sorry to asked… :slight_smile:

You need more DA, use ravager’s eye for both weapon augments.

Also, you sure that DEE spam is good? Would you mind taking a screenshot of sheet dps and DEE damage in the second page of stats window?

My main suggestion will be to make it as DEE bomb instead with biting blades spam. It synergize a lot with high CDR sentinel has.

Aside from your low DA, DEE cannot leech effectively because of the low %WD values. Giving up spam DEE will also free up a lot of points to be used on other things like sigil and clarity of purpose.

I play around with your GT for a while, try something like this:

or if with venomspine boots:

Adjust a lot of things including devotion binding. Potentially better than witch hunter. For crafting bonus, craft all for %physique.

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@thejabrixone tks so much for reply. I’ll definitely try your set up. Yeah with 100% vit to acid i think i can get max potential damage of spam DEE, but like you said, it cannot leech much. And CDR is really good.