[] The Blue Mamba - Stormserpent Based, Lightning/Electrocute Caster Vindicator

The Build

Screenshot with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, and Sitting on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Chillspikes.

Build Feature


  • Fucking Insane cruci clear speed
  • Super Massive AoE
  • Should be even better with’s global epic item buff :rofl:


  • Dunno… :crazy_face:
Build Overview

Back to thejabrixone’s thread with under utilized set. This time we are exploring the fucking stormserpent. This should be the first working stormserpent build in this forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stormserpent is a peculiar set. The set is supporting savagery, stun jacks, and shadow strike. I think shadow strike is impossible to work on. Stun jacks phys>lightning conversion need helm slot or full set light’s defender, thus stun jacks is also impossible to work. Savagery is possible, so I tried the set with Mythical Evoker of Elgoloth. Here is the GT. Looks decent on paper, DPS sheet is almost 200k, but non-FS ranged AA is lack on AoE. With all the trash mob carrying crazy debuff, the clear time is slow while also being unsafe.

So, I tried to emphasize the last unique features of the set, i.e. converting all of pierce to lightning and giving decent lightning/cold proc. The build is then build around lightning/electrocute caster with full blown storm totem, storm box of elgoloth, and wind devil. Chillspikes is chosen as a filler spam skill where its damage is almost fully converted to lightning. Itemization and devo is arranged to counter the inherent squishiness of the set.

Equipment Choices

Try to get as much Aether and Cold > Lightning conversion, get 100% pierce > lightning conversion. Craft all equipments for Slow Res.

Core Items:
The Stormserpent Set.
Main Hand: Mythical Spark of Ultos. [Converting up to 54% cold>lightning, %spirit, and fucking +400% lightning damage.]
Shoulder: Mythical Light’s Defender Epaulets. [Relevant +skills, good stats, and for good 2 piece bonus]
Gloves: Mythical Light’s Defender Gauntlets. [Relevant +skills, good stats, and for good 2 piece bonus]
Rings: 2xMythical Glyph of the Storm Witch [Converting up to 30% aether > Lightning, relevant skill bonus, decent stats.]

Supporting Items:
Off Hand: Farath’s Cube. [Just a nice offhand with good stats, relevant skill bonus, and more lightning RR to storm box.]
Pants: Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings. [+Spirit, disrupt res, craftable, really good stats and res]
Boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards. [Relevant skill bonus, good CCres and stats.]
Amulet: Aetherbolt Pendant. [Craftable amulet, giving more RR to stormbox]
Medal: Mark of the Shadow Queen. [Just a good elemental Inquisitor’s medal with a lot of OA and relevant Res]
Relic: Eye of the Storm. [Shaman lightning relic for more %lightning and cast speed. Completion bonus to raging tempest is the best, but I am just too lazy to craft another relic]
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use Rune of Amatok’s Breath currently.


Lightning Focus Devo with twin fangs

Twin Fangs > to Storm Totem
Arcane Bomb > to Storm Box of Elgoloth
Hand of Ultos > to Wind Devil
Raise the Dead > to Chillspikes
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff
Spear of the Heavens > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Chillspikes
RMB: Point to Move
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Storm Box of Elgoloth
Keyboard 3: Storm Totem
Keyboard 4: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 5: Wind Devil
Keyboard 6: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Always have Word of renewal active
Try to have 3 wind devils most of the time
Summon Storm totem in the middle of enemy’s horde. Try to have 3 always standing.
Summon Inquisitor Seal below you.
Hold Chillspikes button while giving storm box to all enemies.
You want to always be near your storm totem fort and lure enemies to there.

Build Performance Crucible: Video with 4 buff without banner:

5:45 clear time. Yes, this is a non banner run… :crazy_face:

This is current fastest run, slowest is 6:20, averaging at 6 minutes.
Cruci clear rate is 100%

Shattered Realm:
Haven’t checked yet. Should be good though.

One of the most insane build I made. Enjoy… :wink:


Great use of storm serpent here!

A real shame about stormserpent SS (haha…SS SS). Might be worth trying with 2x spark of ultos for global cold/lightning conversion.

Maybe you could use the frostburn on nightfall then

Quoting what I said on my full green vindicator:

Let’s just hope stormserpent buff will outweigh lightning nerfs

Really doubt if it can work. Making a non cold/pierce/acid/bleeding nightblade is super super hard. Especially with this little blue set that has no defensive properties. In the end it will just be a super niche build.

I really hope that lightning will not be nerfed anymore. Remember how RoH did with all of those consecutive nerfs? Among the three elements, I’d say fire and lightning is on par, cold is left behind.

Haha, this puzzle is beautifully done.
Nice combo of aoe dmg + solo dmg by chillstrifes. Perfect use of the set.

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I actually think lightning just barely survived AoM, due to the fact that stormreaver was discovered quite late. Nowadays zantai has been kinda tamer with nerfs so I think nothing new is gonna be unplayable for a few patches.

Is it? I thought one of the old builder has that, I forgot his name though. Madlee also made one as conjurer. So it definitely not that late at all. It’s just ppl discovered that the vindicator version as the best quite late in AoM.

was really hoping to see someone else make lightning rune build. bit disappointed, but very nice xD lightning caster just so lovely with all the cool different variations we can make, glad to see storm serpent can more than hold it’s own

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Thanks Tomo!
There is no item supporting lightning RoH. Also, crate is paranoid on giving more +skills and mod to RoH, afraid that it will go too crazy, though it will not be the case. I have tried a lot of cold/fire RoH/RoK variation and the performance is always not par to my taste. Slow due to that frickin 1.5 sec arming time. Also squishy.

With the current lightning itemization, storm box n totem is the most viable options for caster stormserpent vindicator.

whoa nice RR!!!

could get one skyshard instead of typhoon powder because oa is more fun than da :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Really well done, Jabrix!

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Ahhh, lightning and GD. Some kind of dev fixation.

Nice job.

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Immediate after released jajaja made one, as warder. Then DA meta happened and every creative build got lost in favor of DA stacking. After DA meta, it took some time before people started using stormreaver again. Didn’t help that stormreaver itself was bugged at the time of release, it had abnormally huge damage along with some other 2h weapons. When it got fixed it lost some attention, until a certain chinese guy came and did that record breaking ravager kill.

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When did you become such an OA whore, ya1? :thinking:
I am hesitating to drop my DA even further with that phys res… :rofl:

Wow, great build @thejabrixone! Excellent use of Stormserpent. :+1::+1:

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And that’s what’s getting you. Not the da. :wink:

Btw fun times. Dedicated aa sets which are crap (honestly…) turn out to be broken af as soon as you make casters out of them. Makes me wanna drop Savagery altogether on Stormreaver. Why bother? :rofl:

Stormserpent is also part caster actually, as it also support stun jacks and has little CDR.

That ugly light’s defender got nothing on this beautiful storm serpent! :couplekiss_man_woman:

Time for point blank penalty on Box and 50% lightning to aether on Censure :smiling_imp:

That’s entirely different mechanic than RoH… :rofl:


Hey, that’s crazy creative use of this petite little blue set. But moster results, how you make this builds :thinking: