[] The Doom God - The 0.6s CD Vitality Doom Bolter (Cr+, Naked farmer, SR 80)

I was and still am actually using possession with OK as support mastery :joy: just for %absorb in HC. It’s better defensively, but for offensive/balanced setup cdr is obviously better.

…with cdr? :thinking:

Actually I had one vitality caster with OK, where I used HoS over POT and changing exclusive lead to better results despite that I needed that cast speed. Usually CDR is so tempting. And in my experience it’s useful both offensively and defensively, since you have shorter CD on defensive spells.

But HC is different animal. If I ever play it, will surround myself with as much as possible passive defensive mechanisms. I am definitely not mocking your choose, it’s sound and viable option.

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I don’t know about HC, but I still feel it’s a balancing act.

I know, was mostly joking around :slight_smile:
I agree, overall the cdr is better, but both are viable.

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Mind sharing the GT?

Keep in mind I didn’t update mine in
Gotta give it to you though, I did not think sigil would be a viable option for leech, but you got so many +skills from gear it becomes really strong.

This change happend in 1.1.3 btw, whereas the belt change happend in 1.1.4.

Yea these don’t synergize well with possession indeed. Gotta use green pants with possession or Pot3 with arcane harmony.

Right. Ok. I’ll add your build into my OP if that’s ok?

P.S - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7eXjaN

try those changes.

I found judgment to be much worse than sigil

EDIT: Also, m. cursebearer is BiS if you happen to have it. Has +2 to vulnerability

The proc is also like ignaffar’s combustion, whereas those other 2 rings only affect 1 target

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Sigil is actually really powerful leech, because it stacks with each other, and most importantly - if you are disabled in anyway it still leeches for you, most important to keep you alive.

Sure thx for adding it.
Yea I’ve seen your sigil > judgement decision and it’s great for sustain.

Yea ik, just didn’t wanna pick it without any +skills. Still had bat for leech, which also leeches even when I’m ccd.

@RektbyProtoss: mate, you might also want to consider m. boneweave girdle. it’s been buffed significantly with large OA and 5-6% phys res

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Yea so many belts are much better now, also got not only old builds to update, but also new ones to make and try… give me more time pls! :rofl:

On a Pot3 setup it is, no doubt. On possession setup, voidheart lets me max out possession though. But maybe cursebearer is better than signet of the fallen? -3RR for more da shred?

Ah yea this might indeed make it better than signet of the fallen, thx!

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great job on making that axe work btw, i’ve tried many times to pull it off but never could.

the last attempt i made was with a rotgheist sentinel.

it was awful :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s the thing, in 1.1.3 you needed the axe. Now in 1.1.4 you don’t need it anymore as you can just use the belt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah. I know. I’ve been trying to make that axe work since AoM :stuck_out_tongue:

Now give the axe -0,5s cd to DB or a bigger area of effect. #cratepls

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with -100% energy cost to DB

crate plz.

That’s not even needed, but I’d take it as a bonus treat :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw what you think about DB as nuke skill and solid cast as spam?

Will it have chance or the whole charm of DB is in the low CD?

I mean…even with clairvoyant’s scepter, 0.6s CD on DB makes my energy run low from time to time

This. Doom bolt is best used as a spamming skill, or as a heavy support nuke as in harbinger set.

But still, it can’t compete with DB spam

@RektbyProtoss: I do use energy pots!

Just use energy pots :stuck_out_tongue: they are in the game after all.

Agree, nuke DB is a support damage skill, not a main damage skill, which spam DB is.