[] The Doom God - The 0.6s CD Vitality Doom Bolter (Cr+, Naked farmer, SR 80)

GT (naked, 3+1, SR 75+): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZq3eO92
YT (SR 75 - 76): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSXzaYRDDcw&t=
YT (3+1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRRoclPLW8M&t
YT (naked): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMS3JB7-eRw&t


Shoutout to:

  • @sephelutis for challenging me to make a top tier DB spec
  • @superfluff for making the first DB spammer
  • @rektbyprotoss for making the first vit DB spammer which is HC viable
  • @PlagueMirth for spending hours brainstorming with me the various DB possibilities
  • And finally…the person after whom the spec is named: @adoomgod for constantly all his effort in trying to buff underperforming skills/items


This is by far the HARDEST spec I’ve ever piloted

  • DO NOT play this spec if you hate an active playstyle
  • DO NOT play this spec if you hate precision piloting
  • DO NOT play this spec if you hate piano builds

That being said…once I mastered the spec, it began raining blood.

How to pilot the spec (READ THIS) I don't normally do this, but I feel a breakdown on the actual gameplay of this spec is necessary

Abusing DB’s AoE

As you can see, you have quite a bit of leeway with clairvoyant’s modifier. Given DB’s direct strike mechanic, what you should do is to focus direct-striking the tankiest enemy in the mob and let the AoE take care of trash.

If all enemies are equally tanky, alternative between them helps to distribute the damage evenly, so that you’re always maximizing your DPS

Abusing DB’s range

DB has the longest range of any spell that I know of - capable of hitting targets just shy of the top of your screen. Couple this with its increased radius, and you can snipe targets before they even come into view.

What this means is that you should think of yourself as a sniper - skating from cover to cover as you fire off devastating shots at priority targets

Pulling this off safely and consistently


40% CDR + Vire’s might + will of fallen kings = Ultimate sk8rboi

You’ll rarely need to walk.

So stay at the periphery of mobs. Fire 2-3 shots while dropping sigils, skate off, rinse and repeat.


Given the crazy number of active spells this spec has…:

  • Pox
  • DB
  • Sigil
  • CoF
  • Vire’s might
  • fallen kings augment
  • Plague of corruption
  • Blood of dreeg

…having an optimal keybinding lay out matters.

What I use is: QWER, ASDF, rmb, lmb, and my little side mouse button.

QWE are debuffs: pox, CoF, plague of corruption
AS are skills used for sustain: A for BoD, S for sigil
D is bound to Doom bolt, and its almost always held down whenever I’m not moving

LMB is for movement; RMB for vire’s might; Side mouse button for fallen kings

R for energy pot, F for health pot.

So just hold down D, and tap away at the other things you need, when you need to.

IMPORTANT - @thejabrixone asked me why DB isn’t bound to my LMB. Here’s why:

  1. It’s hard to consistently use double skate with precision, so sometimes minor correction is needed. Binding DB to your LMB may cause it to misfire, not only sending it into CD, but may result in your death due to the spec being out of position.

  2. Furthermore, if bound there, holding down the LMB will cause your character to autoattack between DB strikes. This will result in you decreasing the frequency of DB casts as you cannot use DB in the middle of an attack animation, and will also cause your spec to move closer to the enemy.

What's the DPS like?

I’ve seen direct strikes crit for 600k in naked crucible.

With buffs/banners, expect to be able to pound reaper into the dust with 3 - 4 strikes…in other words, you can tear reaper apart in less than 2.5 seconds with consistent 800k - 1.1mil crits

What defences does the spec have?

Aside from killing things before they kill you, this spec relies predominantly on 4 things to stay alive:

  1. Mobility
  2. Reduced racial damage: a. 10% less from beasts, b. 10% less from undead, c. 6% less from cthonics, d. And while it isn’t really the same thing…86% aether res with huge overcaps
  3. Resilience, grey magi’s, prismatic diamond
  4. Multiple lifesteal sources with hardcapped Haven to maximize their potency: Sigil, Wendigo, Bat
Alternative itemization


M. Lifeblaze mantle: Great well-rounded stats with casting speed and phys res. Use this for more defence.


Valguur’s raiment: Let’s you hardcap Sigil. But the loss of phys res isn’t worth it.


I still like rylok crest the best because you can get quite a bit of flexibility with affixes.

Honestly, the only thing you need on the rylok crest is pierce resists, and there are PLENTY of affixes which give it:

  • Impervious
  • Impenetrable
  • General’s
  • etc.

Basically, use whatever patches up your OA/DA, and resists.

As you can see, due to the lack of OA/DA provided by the affixes I chose, I went crazy with triple wratih’s scream augments, and 7x DA augments.

2x scaled hides were used to maximize armor absorption, and with 2 enchated earths for more tankiness.

That’s how much wriggle room you have with your augments and suffixes.

I’m also 100% convinced that the “of hungering rifts” suffix on my medal actually gimps the build. Despite the +2 to sigil, the lack of %vit damage doesn’t benefit Doom Bolt.

Because of its direct strike mechanic, Doom Bolt is able to utilize %damage twice as efficiently as all other spells.


A previous iteration of the build used voidwalker’s for hardcapped sigil + destruction, and for %vit damage.

However, the defensive proc on Grey Magi’s is absolutely HUGE.

It’s essentially ghoul on bath salts (minus the adcth).

Being able to facetank more consistently in turns translates into more consistent direct strikes.

Another very competitive option which leans towards the side of DPS is boneshatter

I honestly go back and forth between grey magi’s and boneshatter.

I would, however, recommend boneshatter treads if you need an easy way to fix slow res without crafting bonuses. I find 40-50% slow res to be more than adequate on this spec.

Hope ya’ll liked the guide!


Congratz on making this work. Gameplay wise it looks a lot like a chaos TSS build with the targeting and burst.

Sadly i guess posession wont work with this build? With that and sigil you can usually pilot while snooze.

Edit: i honestly think Doombolt could use an energy reduction buff, that consumption on it is insane for a proper build like this, which shouldnt be when TSS builds never suffer from energy issues.

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TL; DR: Possession might work better in shattered realm where face tanking 1 enemy at a time is the modus operandi, but it certainly doesn’t for naked crucible where its wave after wave of enemies.

I did try possession in my first iteration of the naked crucible build, but found it to be incredibly dangerous simply because the defence gained isn’t worth the DPS loss.

Quik math:

  1. Doom bolt’s CD increases from 0.6s to 0.7s (i.e. 16% dps loss)
  2. Ascension’s downtime increases from 4.4s to 7s (i.e. effective up time decreases from 69% to 58%)

Enemies stayed alive significantly longer, leading to more piloting error on my end.

Also, IMO, arcane harmony pants are the best possible pants for this build, providing:

  • %All damage
  • Disrupt res
  • Huge DA
  • Huge spirit (which means more physique for more HP/DA)
  • Crafting bonus

Using possession renders the disrupt res on the pants useless, and I can’t think of better alternative for pants which doesn’t rely on greens.

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good but to many activ skill :’( like u said piano build xD

It’s not too bad once you get used to it, because pox and plague of corruption is literally just cast once a wave.

CoF and BoD occasionally.

Sigil, and DB are the 2 things you are predominantly spamming

I actually do have a sentinel so will keep an eye on this and probably start gather some gears to try this out.

How necessary are the greens? I guess as long as you get the base item the other stuff are just cherry on top?

Nvm ignore my second question - your path is needed for Rattosh…

Also you can give middle finger to fumble which is GREAT!

Belt is needed for the conversion. It’s literally the only way to make DB pure vitality. Affixes don’t matter.

You can read more about the affixes under “alternative itemization”

2 items I have yet to include are:

I still like rylok crest the best because you can get quite a bit of flexibility with affixes.

honestly, the only thing you need on the rylok crest is pierce resists, and there are PLENTY of affixes which give it:

  • Impervious
  • Impenetrable
  • General’s
  • etc.

The “of hungering rifts” actually gimps the build as I explained above, but I was to lazy to GDstash a new one, and I also wanted to see how the build would perform without BiS gear.

Just read this…yeah. Honestly, most spells in the occultist mastery could use with energy reduction. Everything on it is literally unsustainable:

  • Spam DEE L. O. L.
  • Sigil
  • Doom bolt
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-1 no bloodsworn gun :stuck_out_tongue:

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-1. No crest of winter fortitude.

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If the energy consumption gets rebalanced, i think this build would be a really nice alternative to TSS. And it has its own niche too, you live via leeching rather than CDR mirror, and you do just as good single target if not more. You also become more mobile.

I’d say this combo is even worth getting another set support for.

lul. No set can compete with this to quote plaguemirth garbage burrito.

Honestly, the 2 items literally holding the build together is clairvoyant’s scepter (energy proc on it is build enabling), and lunal’valgoth belt.

But this is what I think needs to be addressed first, before discussing DB spam:

Because, at the end of the day, DB spam is a very niche build, whereas TSS spam is a lot more accessible.

Set wise the devs just need to go for the Trojan philosophy and make sigil a compliment to Doombolt, with full set having a powerful proc or alter the skill for main damage. I can imagine each set providing minor CDR or weapon damage to Doombolt, with head providing CDR and -10% rr to Sigil. Then full set provide a third strike at 75% damage with previous two strikes now spreading to the area. But at same time the CD is not as short as your build.

I’m not sure if you read my other feedback post on the DB sets, but it does seem that the devs are intentionally trying to prevent a set aimed at supporting DB spam because it’ll probably end up being too strong.

E.g. if my spec could benefit from below average set bonuses like…:

  • +120% vit damage
  • 5% DA
  • +3 to DB
  • etc.

It would be hitting the sub-6 timing.

Currently, the set which come closest to what you’re suggesting is aether DB via clairvoyant’s.

But again, you can’t use violent rift offhand if you want vit/aether conversion, and you can’t use covenant of the three helm.

You also can’t use starpact or PoT3 for CDR due to absent aether support.

So right off the bat, you’ve lost -1.5s CD to DB, and a potential 12% CDR.

Last but not least, reap spirit mod on clairvoyant’s is trash.

@sephelutis: PM’d you

well this is why you make a set that goes around this build so it wont overlap and become OP. Frankly i dont see doombolt will become OP since this build is already a miracle of work and relies on high piloting skill to do dps. Similar builds likely end up less damage but more consistent or just worse overall.

Trozan is managing fine, theres the offhand that allows you to cast more meteor but iskander offers ele RR so the choice is there. hence, i think alot of potential here. Theres this trade off of harder hitting doombolt vs rapid hitting doombolt after all. And theres full conversion vs more base damage.

Come to think of it, the harbringer set for doombolt is great, now we just need the caster variant.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for DB buffs +/- a new DB set/ :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s my one of my favorite skills in the game.


I’m flattered and of course, approve.

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Again, beautiful build spanks! But I assume you craft all equipment for slow res? :laughing:

BTW, I am sure you have tested it but I want to know your reasoning.
Doom bolt can be bound to LMB, why didn’t you do it? I think it will increase your chances on directly hitting the enemies.

Also, can’t help to think that points to overcap solael’s witchfire will be better on CoF instead to increase its radius and duration. Will increase the build QoL a lot and reduce the piano.

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I actually had it bound to LMB initially, but it can be quite difficult to very precisely manage vire’s might + fallen king movement skills, so minor correction with walking is needed.

This is especially important in nem waves with aleksander, because you need to get directly below the arc.

Having DB bound to LMB sometimes causes you to misfire it when things get in the way, and I’m just not used to using the forced move button, because I only found out about it relatively late, when all my piloting habits had already been formed.

But if you can manage forced movement well, then it does make more sense to bind DB to LMB

I tried that actually. But I could literally feel the drop in DB’s damage:

So, 5 points away from solael’s is basically -100% vit damage to DB


Nice build!

It’s required grandé piloting skills to achieve your results. And I haven’t got idea how you manage to complete these builds naked. Oh and WTF is Doom Bolt build being good?

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And I have no idea how you speed devils get your crazy clear times :rofl:

Different piloting habits I guess. I’m constantly moving from one spot to another in naked crucible.

Piloting in naked cruci is like herding sheep.

You want to gather all the enemies in the middle, while circling around them so only the ones closest to you can attack you.

And when those guys are starting their attack animation, you want to move away to avoid taking damage.

So this means naked cruci is all about hugging the outer rim of the crucible.

buffed bannered cruci is the opposite - you want to bring all enemies to you right in the middle to kill them asap. So knowing how to aggro everything at once is important.

2 very different piloting styles.

Yeah. I was surprised too. Didn’t expect it to perform this well