[] The Ice Queen Saga - Chillwhisper Based, Cold Caster Witch Hunter

The Build

Screenshot with all permanent buff + Blood of Dreeg, and Pneumatic Burst.
DPS shown is Chillspikes

Build Feature


  • Insane cruci clear speed
  • Full spellcaster gameplay
  • Almost immortal, Crazy lifesteal and super tanky


  • Witch hunter has no good flat absorb skill (blade barrier doesn’t count), cannot facetank Mad Queen’s rage mode.
  • Not arcanist, cannot dump more points in spirit… :frowning:
  • Requires a lot of conversion.
Build Overview

Frankly speaking, Chillwhisper is not a good set. Very lacking in status, very lacking in defensive status, no additional RR for necro, and RoH mod is non-existent despite claiming to be a RoH set. Fortunately, there is one good thing about this set, which is Blade Spirit.

So the goal here is to make a pure blade spirit build. As RoH is trashy now and the set boasts Zero frickin phys res, I don’t want to make it as infiltrator. Well, it will be also quite boring as so many ppl has attempted the obvious way of chillwhisper infiltrator (and reaper). Thus, witch hunter is chosen because that mastery has almost no good build aside of Venomblade and Demonslayer. Also this build should be able to fill the rare breed of cold caster that is very lacking right now after RoH nerfs.

Occultist fix quite many holes in the set, which is mainly phys res. With a good vitality>cold conversion provided by the helm and the new gargoyle waistguard, sigil of consumption become a good support skills. Chillspikes is used as a support spam skill, strengthened by converting pierce>cold. Both of this conversion make twin fangs very fitting and leeching a lot. Other extra conversion aether>cold, is not that useful, but makes revenant’s skeleton in this build almost pure cold. All in all makes the build quite powerful and very pleasant to play.

Equipment Choices

Craft 2 pieces of equipments for stun res, craft others for phys res. Get as max pierce>cold conversion as possible, get as max aether>cold as possible, and get as max vitality > cold conversion as possible.

Core Items:
Chillwhisper Set.
Dread Sigils of Alkamos Set. [converting some pierce to cold, good stats overall, very good defensive proc, and filling the almost non-existent of OA in this build]
Off Hand: Mythical Grasp of the Dead. [Additional Blade spirit]
Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grip of Hagarrad. [Converting up to 30% pierce to cold, nice additional damaging mod to Veil of Shadow, and good stats overall]
Belt: Gargoyle Waistguard. [Freshly buffed at giving Vitality>Cold conversion and +Nightblade. Tempest prefix is BiS. Use whatever you like though.]
Amulet: Conduit of Night Whisper with + Blade Spirit summon. [Get either pierce or chaos resist]

Supporting Items:

Pants: Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind. [More Spirit, OA, and slow res. All the status we need]
Boots: Mythical Footpads of the Gray Magi. [We need a phys res and this boots provide a lot with acceptable active rate. Also provide relevant stats and skill bonus]
Medal: Mythical Mark of Dark Dreams. [Makes our passive RR almost have the same range as 22/12 Censure, which is crucial for this type of build, also has nice additional damaging mod.]
Relic: Nidalla’s Outbreak. [Current best Nightblade relic, especially because we are converting pierce damage. Completion bonus to night’s chill is the best, but I am just too lazy to craft another relic]
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use Rune of Amatok’s Breath currently.


Cold Devo with twin fangs

Twin Fangs > to Chillspikes
Rumor > to Curse of Frailty
Blizzard > to Blade Spirit
Hand of Ultos > to Sigil of Consumption
Raise the Dead > to Bloody Pox
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Chillspikes
RMB: Point to Move
Mouse scroll up: Curse of Frailty
Mouse scroll down: Bloody Pox
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Blade Barrier
Keyboard 3: Sigil of Consumption
Keyboard 4: Ring of Steel
Keyboard 5: Blood of Dreeg
Keyboard 6: Pneumatic Burst

Standard procedure:
Summon 4 blade spirits before action
Always have Word of renewal and Pneumatic Burst active
Scroll up and down to spread curse of frailty and bloody pox.
Movement rune in
Hold your Chillspikes button while mashing SoC and RoS button, also casting CoF to new incoming enemy.

In Trash waves, you want the enemies to surround you. In boss/nemesis wave, you want the enemies to be in front of you.


When she comes in wave 162, she will almost immediately goes in to rage mode. Cast CoF and blood pox to her and kite her while killing other enemies, after the red aura dies down, slaughter her. Easy.

Build Performance Crucible: For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

6:20 clear time. As usual, this is a NO BANNER run.

This is my current faster run with this build. With a lot of kuba, fabius, and moosi; it usually goes into almost 7 minutes. Average clear time without banner is 6:40.

This build has 100% cruci clear rate. Feels good making a tanky, fast, and reliable chillwhisper as witch hunter… :sunglasses:

Shattered Realm:
Haven’t checked yet. Should be good though.

Enjoy this funky chillwhisper… :wink:


WOW, cold Witch Hunter! That literally gives me chills!

Nice build and times are great, you can always surprise me with good times with funky concept. Also good use of conversions and that BoD physical resistance really covers the big hole in this set.


Use deathchill relic for additional swag points and flat damage.

@thejabrixone Excellent Chillwhisper Chillspikes build here - love it!

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I haven’t seen a non-acid non-vitality witch hunter since the base game. Congratulations!

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Flat damage is not that worth it in here spanks :stuck_out_tongue:
Umm, maybe I need to try fit in ignaffar relic. Just need to find aether res somewhere.
Damn, the set and class really have a lot of holes to fill.

Thanks Boro! :blush:
One build that I remember is @Superfluff’s cold PB WH in AoM. And yeah, not many non acid and vitality WH there.

TBH I previously wanted to make radaggan WH acid sigil works, but it’s hard to make it reliable and fast because acid itemization is not as good, also the set converting elemental to vitality instead. :sweat_smile:.

I know. But you do it for the swag and the street cred.

Now when we talk about wonky relics, glacier seems interesting.

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Not surprised at all :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s quite known in ru community that Chillwhisper is a set for blade spirits first and foremost. With the rest of the set being safe to ignore it makes sense that any class with cold RR would do. Trickster next? :smiley:

Cool build, Jabrix. No green mafia has put you on the list after that Gargoyle belt incident, so better watch out. :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

but respect for giving WH some more builds to play with


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@Stupid_Dragon Trickster is an easier task damage-wise since you have wind devils for a pure “pet build”. To survive you probably need to go DW, holding some wind devil weapon on the offhand so you can get dual blades phys res. I actually did it back in AoM but that was with my potato laptop and idk how it would fare on the speedruns. That was without chillwhisper tho so with it trickster should be better.

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Sad… Cold DE is still decent but gimp because of no cold RR necro. RoH mod in the set is infuriating and should be omitted completely instead. Better make it support different skill rather than half assing RoH.

Not sure, the playstyle will be so much different because a lot of stats in shaman is hidden in savagery. This is very detrimental as nightblade itself doesn’t give much OA DA in the first place, combine with the lack of stats in the set. Reason why you don’t see any spellcaster trickster except demonslayer. Though it’s also not the best options for that set.

So you will need to DW and take savagery and some WPS. Only 3 Blade spirit and harder to survive. Also the build will be lacking at +1 shaman, thus wind devil will not be that strong.

I previously want to make it as spellbreaker, but I havent level one :stuck_out_tongue:. And the itemization doesnt have much wiggle room for RR. so yeah, witch hunter is actually one of the most sensible options.

Green MI belts give a whole lot dimension for building, madlee! I cant live without it now… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gargoyle belt is so cool. I used it in Reaper before was added +1 Nightblade. Excellent conversion. Makes offensive procs+Bat on steroids. I am no part of the mafia, so good job there!

Cold DE, you need to ask Spanks. :smiling_imp:
I personally don’t like it.

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I have tried that. It is good. The modifier on DE is enough. You need to use the DE amulet and that shield cold DE though, so no more 4 BS.

It just needs proper RR. Only arcanist and soldier (not the combination of two) can carry a build despite having no RR.