Why so Few Witch Hunter Builds?

But why are there so few Witch Hunter builds? I was using one in AoM centered around pox/cof/dee as a poison/acid caster and I can’t find it or another like it anywhere. Ahhh. Coming back from a hiatus confused af.

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Hi, Witch Hunter is still viable class. You can continue playing with DEE, yesterday was posted this build [] The Belladonna - Full Dreeg Set, Acid/Poison Caster Witch Hunter

Or you can play Amarasta Vileblade as melee or vitality phantasmal blades with Demonslayer set. Both of these two builds are strong and fun.

Made a new thread since the compendium is only for builds.

If it was AoM then you might find it in here

My bad, thank you. I looked in the AoM compendium and couldn’t find it. Ironically I still had the Grim Tools page bookmarked, but not the guide itself. Looks like it isn’t all that strong of a build so I might just have to abandon that character altogether.
*here’s the grim tools link, if anyone thinks this is still a good plan to follow https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLzWdPN

Might just abandon. Which is unfortunate, it’s my highest character at 80 (I play when I can and thats why I rely on some guides) but it doesn’t look like acid/poison caster witch hunter is even strong enough to continue investing in.

If you know the title of the thread you might be able to find it.

witch hunter is one of the strongest class combinations


He did say

Which is really not strong. Jabrix spent all of his energy to try and minmax that one. DW tho…

He also said he’s only level 80 so I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s no where near doing end game content. Still lots of farming to do so talking about ‘abandoning the character’ seems a bit knee-jerk and over-the-top. The acid-poison build will carry him into mid game where he can farm for other sets I should think if he’s already been investing it up to this point.

My apologies. I must’ve missed this.

I saw “witch hunter not stronk” --> T R I G G E R E D

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I did happen to find the build page! @CaiusMartius was right as well, I haven’t been able to invest as much time in this game up until now as I would have hoped. So I’m gonna stick with the caster build for now, assuming that I can just swing into one of the stronger builds once I can start farming sets. The dream is to have one of each class…maybe some year. Thanks guys! Any advice on what and when to swing into another build would be appreciated for a relatively new player such as myself.

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This is a very fine goal. In fact, it was the first serious goal I had in the game. :smiley: You can do it as well!

Yup, a worthy goal. Mine is to use every single skill in the game. I have 2 or 3 still untested. But am getting close to see them all! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Horn of Gandarr?

I actually played Gandar with full Rimetongue set as Infiltrator. I managed to decrease CD to under 1second. Damage reduction and AoE damage was decent.

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Sorry, I didn’t submit all of my recent builds to compendium because their performances usually drop in a newer patch. And I rarely revisit my past build unless it’s a build that I really like. :slight_smile:

Here is another witch Hunter I recently made:

Not acid, but easier to play and stronger than dreeg.

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That’s the one I WAS following. I’m gonna shift either into that sweet lookin Chillwhisper build, or another more traditional.

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Looking forward to reading how the journey goes!

Haven’t updated that one unfortunately - acid and poison is not in a good place outside of Venomblade unfortunately.