[] The Judgmental Paladin - Massive AOE Judgement/Vire/Blazing Ends Hybrid

You are standing alone, in your corner, oblivious, far away from the eyes of others and yet, you start to feel something. At first it’s mildly bothersome but, it intensifies…Guilt…You’ve been Judged!!!

Judgment and Heart of Warth is a skill line I’m a bit obsessed with. I’m usually doing Shieldbreakers with it since it’s my favorite class however, in this case Paladin is best for Judgment.

Long story short Censure+ Empyrion Helm + Judgment are perfect for each other. They both have the same range in that combo and clear half the screen consistently. It’s a very comfortable build.

Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DRB7Yk0ZiM&feature=youtu.be 6:25 I get slowed at the start but the build does not really care and I will not be wearing mage tights to tell myself i’m doing great after visiting the illusionist…also brain fart at 1:07 judgment was on CD and I had to return :stuck_out_tongue:

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Bnmvz2Slow res is 28% in game with smithing.

If this does not fly for you then use either of these to increase Slow res and move gear augments a bit:

Mythical Final march
Magelord Greaves


I took Hyrian devo because:

  1. It’s my favourite proc in the Devotion tree
  2. It makes sense for this shield hybrid.
  3. The proc has great reach and good %WD for extra lifesteal + good synergy with far reaching Censure and Judgment

Luckily due to this builds high mobility and huge AoE slow res really makes alomst no difference… I’d maybe get 10% CS more. Sigh…I absolutely refuse to wear tight pants or something to get slow res again. This res type has been bothering me for some time.

I would take this build at face value. A fun mob destroyer with ok kills vs single target. I’m not sure i’m gonna mess with it in SR, unless next patch changes something with gear. I really enjoyed this build and Crucible is where it shines.

Edit: Oh and. funny thing. I forgot to buy health pots in teh video. Kept one for 170 where I usually need it :sweat_smile:


What a sad display.


Superfluff doing 6:25 with Judgment build :thinking:

Nice build and I love seeing Judgment used as crucial damage source!

love me some judgment builds. you tested it with phys2fire conversion on vire too and found this to be best? or did you just want maximum judgment?

bonus points for dredd pic
minus points for no nuclear fire fart ^_____^

nice build but for me this is an aura build

Interesting fluff. The damage is quite good with no spam skills spotted. Though if you use spam skills, you gonna need more slow res for sure.

Have you explored this same concept with offhand instead and some spam skills?

I wanted to keep it Judgment :smiley:

If i do off-hand then it will either become Kalastor build or vire build really. More CS and i’d use an attack component to spam with but that’s a bit easier to do with Demo or Arcanist. Slow res would not be enough i think

I’m gonna do a Vire build though, i’m starting to like it more

Indeed, crucible needs no pots almost. It is sad :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually tested with more vire but losing put on Judgment felt like a different build and needed rethinking from the ground up, otherwise i wouldn’t be as fast.

AS for nuke fire fart, that was actually my first draft with Crimson belt. But I really wanted Hyrian.
Also devotion binding is a bit of a nightmare on this build. I’ll keep the nukes for Dreegal :wink:

Targo would like that too :sweat_smile:

yes, you can look at it like that too. It kind of is

EDit: Added a couple of options for some slow res if more is needed

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Cool paladin, Fluff!

Few questions:

What’s your cd on Judgment in-game and why didn’t you take Mark of Ulzuin?

No way to fit in Bat there? Would be cool with all the Pierce to Fire conversion you have.

Unless i would die without it, i really don’t want to sacrifice another devotion like hyrian for bat

As for the medal, it sorta messes up the conversion for flat dmg

In game CDR currently it is 1.8 Sec. With medal it’s 1 sec, and yet i always get 20 sec worse with it.

Basically at 1.8 sec there is a very balanced cycling between vJudgment/Vire/Blazing ends and all their animations you get stuck into no matter your CS.

If you have judge at 1 sec you spam it more, but inevitably mess up the other two which to serve their purpose in kill times. Spamming the flat damage from Judment 0.8 sec more is not better than vire and blazing ends. At 1.8 sec you already have perma burns from it and perma heart of wrath

Apparently sometimes, less is more :upside_down_face:

Anything below 1.8 sec it’s either 0 sec CD and forget investing in other skills or nothing.

I hope I made sense, i know it’s weird, since it is a judgment build after all

That makes perfect sense, got ya

Do you think this is playable as a shieldbreaker as well? Love the demo tree. What would you change?

Yes you can of course.

Shiedbreaker is my favorite class in FG :slight_smile:

However I chose Paladin because Censure with Empyrion helm has the same radius as judgement. Perfect match.

You will have to cast mines around for RR and either go vindictive flame or

redisign the build to Infernal knight set. Get Judgement + BWC (transmuted BWC not spam ,you won’t have the energy for low cooldown Judgement and BWC spam).

Hope this helps and welcome :slight_smile: