Looking for a Shield-based build with Inquisitor

Title says it all. Due to Legendaries that have dropped, game seems to want to push me into Inquisitor, a mastery I have not touched beyond Pistol builds. And I also have no characters that use Shields, so… was thinking Shield-based Paladin.

I assume you can’t build round Aegis due to cooldown?

You can because you have some other skills to support Aegis as Pally.

Here are Shield Paladin builds:

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Also since and update of Vine Ring maybe one could try to make Acid Aegis / Kalastor Paladin build.

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You can also build around the Virtue’s Light set for ranged Fire Aegis: Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Acid type with these rings could be interesting and it looks fairly flexible. I started to play around with TC and had a lot of fun - you can go from something like:

Full Kalastor/Aegis with Acid Purge filler. (Extra points can go into mix of Seal/Ascension as per individual preference)

to a ~Full Kalastor/Aegis more focused on defence, where you don’t want to bother with a filler skill or move around as much. Extra points go wherever - probably max Seal.

The nice part looks to be that the varied equipment covers enough resists, etc…that you can just enjoy finding a large variety of affixes and swapping them into the mix. (That is, if you enjoy the finding aspect of the game).