[] Stronghold Fire RF Paladin - SR 85, Ravager of the Minds, Mogdrogen

DPS shown is Righteous Fervor

With temporary buffs (Word of Renewal, Ascension, Deadly Aim, and Arcane Empowerment and Consecration)



  • Weapon & Belt : Stronghold of the Legion. The core of the build.

  • Amulet :Alazra Ruby for that Righteous Fervor bonus as well as the conversion to fire.

  • Head : Gaze of Empyrion is probably BiS, it gives you +1 to both Inquisitor and Oathkeeper. Since this build is point starved

  • Rings : Two pieces of Gargabol rings for that Righteous Fervor bonus. Affixes don’t really matter much, but get something with OA or attack speed.

  • Boots : Wyrmscale for Aura of Censure and that sweet stun reduction bonus.

  • Chest & Shoulder: Went with two pieces Justicar for that armor absorption bonus. Gives me more freedom on choosing my components.

  • Gloves: Obsidian Grasp for that attack speed and Physical Resistance (7%) bonus.

  • Relic : Bane, for ADCtH sustain.

  • Legs : Probably the best pants for fire. Gives decent DA and good resistances.

  • Medal : Went with Mark of the Shadow Queen for the Aura of Censure and OA bonus. Synergizes well with the head gear.


  • Typical Magi + Ulzuin Torch route. But for the most part, I stacked devotions with physical resistance.





I think there are some room for improvements with this build. But I gotta say it was better than I expected. RektbyProtoss made a Stronghold Purifier, which inspired me to do a Paladin version. The core item will be buffed soon so I expect this would perform better.

EDIT : Changed some stuffs like component and skill distribution. Thanks to @ Svennihilator and DeputyChuck’s suggestions. Ravager kill and SR run is much faster now since it’s less reliant on ghoul proc.

I realized Arcane Spark is unnecessary since it has a decent energy regeneration anyway, replaced it with runebound topaz instead. Ranged Expertise were lowered until I reached attack speed cap. Skill points for this may vary. Hard capped Safeguard. Added Volcanic Stride and removed Chilling rounds.

Added SR 85 video, and Mogdrogen.


Pretty sure with FS, you could tune it for more DPS (with Okaloth headgear probably). Plus thanks to brimstone, It is a lot better for Crowd Control (which was my problem with this build), so I’m assuming it will get a faster clear on Crucible or SR than RF. RF is just more on defensive side and its easier to max Attack speed on it.

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You could greatly improve your damage with just a couple tweaks. Chilling rounds is actually lowering your damage output here. The 24/26 capstone on RF is usually the place to stop. The last two points are getting you 2% weapon damage. You could grab another amulet pretty safely. I often find it hard not taking Azrakaa’s Sands on a Paladin for the 4% max resists and +1 to both masteries but you may find the lack of %damage undesirable. You want Elemental Storm bound to something that can trigger it immediately. RR is the first thing you want to apply. Even if you’re dead-set on leaving it on a WPS, Stun Blast not only hits more targets but has a higher chance to Proc.


Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually debating myself on getting rid of chilling rounds because there’s too many WPS already. I initially bound my elemental storm in guardians, then meteor on stun blast. I just hate seeing that meteor proc on my status because I keep mistaking it for ghoul. But I agree. Anyway, I’ll try your suggestion and see where it goes

Personally, I’d bind Judgement to Elemental Storm, Guardians to Fissure and Meteor to whatever. Meteor is pretty meh but people usually take it because you’re already going Torch anyways. Judgement not only has a chance to proc on the initial use but on each tick of heart of wrath, so Elemental Storm should pretty much always be up.


Great build! I love Paladins, we need more builds like this

Question: Why not use the Justicar gloves for the 3-piece set bonus ?
More flat fire damage, more % fire damage, higher armor value, Higher health, +5 to Judgment, more OA and DA and higher attack speed… only thing you lose it the Physical resist and +2 to Tectonic shift

Also, Volcanic stride is an awesome devotion proccer (probably the best in the game). It deserves at least a single point, and you can bind something to it, like Elemental storm like mentioned earlier, or meteor :slight_smile:

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Mostly because I want the physical resistance as high as possible. a lot of defense here are flat so I wanted more percentage defense. Plus I dont think I need more DA and OA, 2.9k DA is high enough (well, for me at least). I don’t really need judgment, what I want is that DA shred from crushing verdict. Moreover, attack speed is already capped with 3% overcap IIRC

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This is correct, firestrike stronghold purifier setup runs circles around paladin for damage, RF can’t keep up. The way you did this is basically the way to go, which is to lean into tank on the paladin side. I think rekt has a SR set version queued up as well for even more tank.

Still holding out hope we get a physical to fire mod on RF that isn’t just on a sword, would help damage potential immensely with currently only like 68% max converted RF, smite, safeguard, bursting round physical damage. Otherwise I couldn’t get paladin up to crucible speed standards, estimating it’s still around 5:30ish selling out for damage

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True. Tried crucible with 4 buffs 1 banner and it took me 8 minutes :confused: Basically I need a different setup for it.

Can you tell me how to manage early game with this build,im newbie.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

You find a build for your class here

and then respec later into this one when you have the gear to play it. These are endgame builds and don’t have things like gear, levelling guides, etc, for new players to use as they progress.