[] DEVOID OF SOUL - Voidsoul FoI/Aegis Paladin (c+) (sr+)


(with Deadly Aim and Ascension)

GT: Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (crafted with 2x stun res and 1 x slow res)
GT 1.1.9 fantasy theorycraft Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Crucible 3+1 6:38: 1 1 5 0 Voidsoul Paladin 6 38 - YouTube
SR77: 1 1 5 0 Voidsoul Paladin SR77 - YouTube (got to 80 with first death at 78 and got bored)


FoI buffs are noticeable but not mindblowing. Weapon dmg buff is very nice. AoE buff, though… I did not notice any improvement at all.

WoP buffs are minimal. Word of Agony at 6/12 is still worse than CoF at 2/10. But better something than nothing.

Enemy chaos resistance nerfs are hardly noticeable. Chaos is what is always was. Still struggling with resistant enemies. Still can’t hold dmg spikes for long. Still have a long long time to think about your next lightning dps machine as your chaos toon struggles and struggles and struggles and struggles…

In a word, I expected much better. But I guess this kinda performance is what Crate is aiming for as golden standard. I did not grind the runs, just made sure I’m not gimped but shitators, so mid-six is best, seven plus is average. I don’t think it’s possible to go under six.


(all buffs save Resilience and devos)

So, I’m done with strong builds as posting them gets them nerfed. Here is another mid-tier build that can still hack it:

Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (crafted with 3x stun res)

Crucible of Death 3B/VB (7:07): Voidsoul Paladin 7 07 - YouTube

Shattered Realm 75: Voidsoul Paladin SR75 - YouTube (cosmetic changes: put 2 from Word of Agony to Vigor and changed medal rune to Rune of Dark Desires for oa shred)

First of all, including Aegis in this build is 90% gimmick. It contributes little to the overall performance, considering the investment. Why not deceiver, then? Did that, too, Here it is: Deceiver, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. It’s slightly better but the Doombolt part, even if there were points for it, is also not that great. Doombolt needs good weapon damage mods and/or solid cdr. Anyway, I wanted to make it about the oathkeeper.

The good stuff about Voidsoul is the mods to FoI and ele to chaos conversion. But still… it’s FoI on a no-DoT dmg type. These mods could still be better. And that ele to chaos conversion looks extremely strong but honestly… there is little elemental around to really make use of it once fire to chaos is stacked from the Void ring and the Bloodlord belt. Also, the extra casting cost reduction is golden. It really helps the deceiver that would hardly be viable without it.


Problem 1: It tries to be vitality. It cannot be vitality. It’s a chaos set. Although vitality tries to fill the hole of chaos not having a DoT, in this case it weakens Aegis by converting the first node’s fire to vit.

Problem 2: It’s a chaos set with a shield and not an off-hand. The absence of 19%-ish cdr makes chaos weak. This is because the two chaos enablers - Dying God and Abomination - have only 65% uptime.

Problem 3: Outside FoI it’s a nuker set. Not only does it not have any cdr but it actually adds cooldown to one of its nukes. Cooldown is the most important stat on direct damage nukes.

Problem 4: It’s a chaos set with no rr except the proc on the shield which is quite… good. Or would be if it wasn’t for the fact that it has only 30% on block. Stacking block chance is not gonna happen on chaos but this is not a problem - under the avalanche of hits you will block sooner or later no matter the chance. The problem is that chaos has access to 0% block recovery (no one will go for Shielmaiden on this, come on, go for non-chaos relics or use up a weapon component for some recovery when other block stats are zero-ish…), and once you do block you got 70% chance for the proc to miss. And then you gotta wait full recovery for the next chance.

Problem 5: It’s a chaos set. Period. Going full chaos gear+devos leaves you stat-less almost always.


  • remove fire to vit to Aegis. Investing in the third node of Aegis for burn converted to vit decay does not pay. And extra chaos from the first node would make the skill stronger.

  • add - (minus) in front of this Aegis cooldown mod (I’m exaggerating, just remove this thing). No need to say that chaos is a no-DoT dmg type, and cooldown on the nukes is the most important thing.

  • buff the rr proc on the shield. I’d say 50% on block would be nice.

  • add some oa/da. There’s that 110 on 3pc but that’s not enough. Chaos rr rings are mandatory and they hardly have any oa/da. I thought of Bane but… it’s chaos. Needs RR. And paladin has little global %chaos.

  • for the love of the Three, add some pierce res already PLEASE!

  • add cdr… I know it’s much to ask but cdr is really needed here. Even at the peak this build is not so great. When low it’s rather bad.



Sad But True

Aegis and FoI don’t really complement each other, especially with a non-dot damage type, as you noted. Unless you mix the damage types…as there is no dot otherwise. I think this set is strongest on the chaos side.

So Imho your build should max only one of the skills.

What I see as the current strengths of the set:

  • I think the FoI part of Voidsoul can work ok as a Purifier = BWC, mines, and FoI. Big Chaos RR for one damage type.

  • Also, really don’t need OA, as Inquisitor has deadly aim cheese, and 3K DA seems not much to complain about.

However, there are currently 2 sets and one 2H weapon that promote chaos FoI, so maybe this set could be reworked much more towards the vitality side, which might require a change in the RR proc due to the lack of RR in Inquisitor for Vitality.

Z disagree with this

I did theorycraft a purifier (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9zGQaZ) but I gave up. None of the chaos FoI gear support anything demo. And energy regen would be a problem outside crucible trash waves where energy absorb is good.

Aegis is crap here but it’s not nothing. This build is overall best Voidsoul I can conceive of. Would love to see some gt if someone has a different opinion. Peace.

FoI’s high crit damage uses oa to the last drop. And no cdr makes Deadly aim less deadly. Reason why I took Conviction for Mandate. Oa is king here.

I agree. Can be as well vitality. But, seriously, cannot be both. Also, the shield proc gives -15% vit rr, too. But it should be about -35% to make a vitality paladin viable. The only vitality build that can exist without double rr is PB, and FoI is no PB… Nor is Aegis.

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This can be said for basically every single chaos gear in the game.

For some reason they just had to tack on vitality that is poorly supported and worst damage type in the entire game.

The worst part of this set is that the shield has -RR skills and you proc by blocking.
It is not compatible with FoI fumble. At the very least, you should change the trigger condition to When hit instead of block.

I’ve made a Deceiver with voidsoul, which works just fine, I havent tried the Aegis side of things so cant really compare completely to that, but my doombolts top-end crit 5-600k and FoI crits up to 60k per tick, seems fine to me.

GT link for reference: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXWB1PZ

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The gameplay video doesnt look too bad though… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have theorycrafted voidsoul paladin before but focusing only on aegis and RF instead. Never goes to testing because it looks obscenely bad on paper:

If going to chaos aegis, the helm is just bringing more harm than good because as you said, the full set modifier just make it worse for a set with no CDR.

Good job on making the build somewhat works though. I am really liking your style trying to raise concern on set/items problem after optimizing it to the max and giving video gameplay… :slight_smile:

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Voidsoul is weak and weird set. It would be so cool to have proper chaos Phantasmal blades Witch Hunter set or chaos Sentinel set around Aegis and without amulet slot occupied. Well you play and build with what’s available. But definitely not coincidence that we haven’t see before build posted with that set.

I think you’d want to profit off of the 2nd and 3rd node of BWC. The 25reduced RR will likely make up any lost damage from less points in FoI or Arcane Empowerment. I saw it as such : purifier version

Same basic energy regen as your paladin. Throwing a BWC is less energy than Aegis and mines essentially cost little.

As far a OA is concerned…well not every item in the game is going to spoon-feed OA. You can up the second node of FoI for ~more OA. The vit conversion isn’t that useful here but the build does have -40% energy to FoI

Also, Imho you want the FoI transmuter for the 10% bonus damage to chaos.

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Thx for sharing. Now, critique! :smiling_imp:

Doombolt does those nice crits, yeah, but it does them every 4.5 seconds here… You know how many FoI hits you get when channeling for 4.5 seconds? 15. At 100% cast speed. So if you got 200% cast speed… Do the math. BTW on Harbinger Doombolt can crit for 2 mil. That’s because of the 220% wpn dmg and flat chaos everywhere. And Harbinger got global cdr as well. Voidsoul Doombolt is just about the worst Doombolt in the game. Like I said, either fat wpn dmg or cdr, preferably both, otherwise Doombolt isn’t worth it. Max that FoI first and see if you got any points left.

Besides, Dark Flame dagger is kinda useless as FoI transmuter already converts 100% fire to chaos and you have neither much flat fire nor any other wpn dmg output for it. BTW, record you gameplay and see how often that Stone Form procs with 40% block chance 0% recovery (clue: hardly ever). Also, flat rr from the Star medal doesn’t work. I mean it does but in 36% capacity (whole 5 rr) as this is your highest wpn damage output. Also, slow res… Hope this helps.

Thx a lot. Means a lot to get positive feedback from you. Yeah, that paladin there won’t fly. This chaos Aegis is gimmicky. It does something but it’s mostly satisfaction from maxing a skill. And chaos gun and shield Fervor… you’d need points for attack speed and wps… That Aeon there is an interesting idea, though. I thought about it. But then I saw how poor that Aegis was even with Abomination and gave up.

Personally, I’m not too big on going for shield stats on a non-soldier (and even on soldier after the Big Warlord Nerfs). Without soldier shields are just glorified off-hands, imo.

I agree that this concept could’ve been better utilized. Voidsoul is weak but it has strong points. Those mods to FoI are pretty good. Kinda makes me wanna actually finish that purifier.


Since when does %weapon damage matter for procced skills? Black star gives full RR always, it doesnt add it to your weapon attacks its from the proc.

Stoneform triggers here and there, but definitely not always which is something I could change around yeah, and slow res will definitely be neccessary at some point, just didnt find the need for it in sr60+ for now.

The 80 flat chaos from black flame dagger outscales vampirris in terms of damage output, you get less adcth but that doesnt matter since you already get a ton from the set bonus anyway.
Casting doombolt here and there doesnt interrupt your FoI that much, sure its on a cooldown and whatnot but still adds some damage. (dps is higher according to GI with doombolt casts compared to without, but not by much)

Appreciate the feedback, and will change some things around to see if I can make my build a bit better. I just wanted 3k+ armor minimum because I play HC.

Revenant’s skele cover the flat rr department. But I like the idea of going for Solemn Watcher and Ghoul instead. This is probably better.

Yup. I see. Nice job. But I don’t have the heart to dump 150 armor from the Crystals…

Transmuter and no transmuter is actually very close. With max rolls converted lightning from the second node can make up for the 10% total (very very close according to my calculations, and depending on min-max dmg range), and fire is already about 96% converted. When you got a lot of chaos flat like with an occultist, the transmuter is a no-brainer. And I like that da shred.

But on purifier the transmuter is better as you need those points from the second node FoI…

I like the pants there. Disrupt res is something that I love to have.

My bad, I remembered it wrong. Thought it was an item stat.

No it does not. On my paladin here at the peak this 22% wpn dmg from Vampiris is worth close to 120 chaos flat to FoI. And deceiver has even more flat chaos.

And once you get close to SR75 you eat so much dmg that every percent adcth counts. As does every percent wpn dmg to FoI. I stick to Vampirris.

Yeah, that’s nice. I would try: dropping that Behemoth and switching Panther to Shieldmaiden as well as trying Serrated Shell on your shield. I wouldn’t expect miracles but it might make your Stone Form more consistent. Or not. Like I said: shield - soldier = glorified off-hand

Hmm, now that you mention it I never really looked at all sources flat and only considered the raw weapon, this changes things a bit yeah.

As much as people dont like behemoth cause regen is kinda bad in small numbers, it still saves my ass from time to time so I’m hesitant to drop it. I’d rather drop the inconsistent stone form and see what else I can do.

Thanks for the input! Appreciate it.

This need a buff? Christ…

It’s not doing Crucible in 5 minutes, so it’s crap. :scorv:

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