[] Runic Rave Party - Tri-Elemental Runebinder Paladin [SR80] [Ravager of Souls, Mogdrogen]


~By the power of the elements combined~

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Stats with self-buffs, ascension, and ranged expertise. DPS shown is for Chain Lightning.

Reasoning behind the build

The Runebinder set looked like a lot of fun when I saw it, but I was put off by the almost complete lack of defensive stats. It has a pretty miserable amount of armor, health, physical resistance, etc. I tried working with the weapon for a while too, but eventually said F it and decided to try it out as a pure wand-and-board caster. I’m actually really pleased with how the result turned out.

The Oathkeeper class is here entirely as support, bolstering the build with some much-needed stats as well as elemental RR from the Guardians (ty, update).

This build is still far from tanky– I feel like every point of health I could give it was like blood squeezed from a stone, not joking-- but it kills extremely fast, is straightforward to play, and doesn’t fall over when hit by a stiff breeze.

  • Fully elemental runes. All the physical damage on Rune of Kalastor is converted to lightning via the medal, and all the pierce damage on Rune of Hagarrad is converted to elemental and fire damage via the scepter and belt, respectively. This is truly a tri-elemental build. :damage_fire: :damage_cold::damage_lightning:
  • Great AOE and single-target damage
  • Great CC - enemies susceptible to CC will be constantly stunned (RoK, Magi Fissure, Elemental Seekers), frozen (RoH, boot proc), confused (Hyrian proc, Horn of Gandarr), or knocked down (Bane relic proc).
  • Screen full of light explosions and colorful swirlies

Stand in your seal. Debuff with Word of Pain, toss out your two runes off cooldown; toot your party horn (aka Horn of Gandarr) and press Ascension occasionally. Use Chain Lightning as filler between all that. Enjoy the light show from all the procs.

Gear choices

Note: Gear was crafted for freeze res.

Here we are wearing 4-piece Runebinder, which gives massive buffs to Rune of Kalastor and Rune of Hagarrad, our two main skills.

  • Weapon - Mythical Spelldrinker gives us huge elemental damage and +1 to all skills in Inquisitor, but just as importantly, half of our conversion from pierce to elemental (important for Rune of Hagarrad). It also partially converts aether to elemental, which makes Arcane Currents from Attak Seru a bit stronger.

  • Shield - Obsidian Bulwark for the bonus to Rune of Kalastor. I would absolutely use a roll with physical resistance if you can get it - it’s basically the entire reason I’m using a shield in the first place, for the added defense. If you can’t, a Hyrian’s Bulwark is a good alternative, with a decent granted skill that visually fits the purple theme. :yum:

  • Gloves - Dawnshard Grip gives us a ton of %damage and flat elemental damage, health, and lets us hardcap Artifact Handling - very important. Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards are a very similar option that also come with Artifact Handling and health (and a proc), though no flat damage or points to Celestial Presence. Either is usable, however.

  • Pants - The Deathwhisper Leggings give us points to RoH, physical resistance, and a fully converted proc. Kubacabra’s Legguards can be an alternative with its bonus to Ignition, especially if you need the affixes to fix OA/DA or resistances.

  • Belt - A perfect match here for the conversion from pierce to fire. Necessary for full conversion - ideally, the values from this and the scepter should total 100%.

  • Boots - Points to Chillsurge, slow res, and another nice proc.

  • Rings - Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire is rather self-explanatory. I chose a Living Ring for the 2nd slot over the excellent Mythical Time-Flux Band because of the affixes rolled as well as the buff to %health. If you can balance out your OA/DA, Time-Flux may be used instead.

  • Medal - Martin’s Crest is required for its 100% pierce conversion on Rune of Kalastor. If you are lucky enough to get one to drop with the rare Mage Hunter’s prefix, specifically the one which gives a + to Rune of Hagarrad, all the better.

  • Relic - Bane for the lifesteal, primarily.


Shattered Realm 80

This build starts getting extremely squishy in high SR, so be careful. Don’t catch Alex’s meteors with your face, and so on. Make sure to aggro stuff with your seal already down.

Video of SR 80 Boss room (hi, double Bennies):


Easy, our elemental overcap is ridiculous so no lightning resistance potion is even needed.

Ravager of Souls
Final words I'm probably still a huge noob at build making, but man is it fun. There are so many possibilities.

Cheers to @powbam for the spicy tips on forum formatting :smiley:

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Anyway nice build, is it possible to get some SR gameplay footage ? I’m clueless about runes, I only ever used them to cheese totems

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I actually copied and pasted most of this format (from a post by grey_maybe actually), with attempted tweaks on my end :thinking: Which was probably not a good idea at 4 in the morning doing this for the first time lol.

To Monceaux, I haven’t tried recording before, but I will try in the future, I think. Also thank you!

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